• Installing a new Skin

    This screen displays a gallery of skins that are available for installation. The gallery of skins can be filtered based on skin type and collection kind. more »
  • Single post pages / "Permalink" pages

    These are the SEO settings that apply when a specific ((Item))/((Post)) is displayed ([[disp-single]]). more »
  • Advanced Group Permissions

    This screen allows you to set Membership and/or individual Advanced Permissions for each User Group on the current Collection. See List of Permissions for details on each of the possible permissions. You can create as many User Groups as you want, which… more »
  • Display Options

    This section contains thee fields that you can set to change your display settings. Default blog to display This blog will be displayed on index.php. Create new blog ยป Order blogs by Select default blog list order. Order direction Select defaul… more »
  • Receiving Private Messages Panel

    This panel allows you to edit whether or not you want to receive private messages and emails from other users. more »
  • Editing a slug

    [image:1430:] In the action column of the slugs list you will find a pair of control icons for each row of the table. Those icons are: [image:1431:] to edit the slug and [image:1432:] to delete it. more »
  • Process the return path inbox

    When emails sent by b2evolution cannot reach their destination (wrong address, mailbox full, rejected as spam) they will be returned to the Return-Path address you specified. This task will connect to that mailbox through IMAP and extract useful inform… more »
  • After each new post

    You can set up your collection to notify various services when you publish a new post in this panel. See weblogs.com and blo.gs for information about such services. more »
  • Subscriptions Panel

    In this panel, you can allow users to subscribe to new content notifications. more »
  • Date archive URLs

    This panel allows you to choose between using a query param or extra path for date archive URLs. more »
  • Latest Comments Panel

    This panel lets you determine how many comments are displayed on disp = comments. more »
  • List Posts (REST)

    GET|POST /api/v1/collections//posts? This is the API equivalent of disp = posts. See: URL Parameters. Note: It doesn’t support param types, because it keeps only content post types, and excludes pages, intros, sidebar… more »
  • System Skin Properties

    This screen shows the system properties of a skin. These properties apply to the skin globally, regardless of how many times it is used and in which collections it is used. more »
  • Automation Settings

    This form lets you define the settings or properties of an automation. more »
  • Email Plugins Settings

    This allows admins to define which renderer plugins will be applied to Email Campaigns. See: Plugin / Apply Rendering more »
  • Collection Demo Contents

    This panel lets you create some demo content to try out when creating a new collection. more »
  • List of Permissions

    These permissions operate on posts of the current Blog/Collection. This means posts that have their main category in this Blog. Attila: are extra categories used? Permissions Explained Is member This permission allows the User(s) to see posts pu… more »
  • External Feeds

    ‘’b2evolution version 2.4.6′’ The External Feeds fieldset is part of the Blog Properties since b2evo version 2.4.6. This is useful when you use an external service such as Feedburner to manage your RSS feeds. In this case, ent… more »
  • Caching

    Enable general cache Checking this option allows you to cache rendered pages that are not controlled by your skin. This option is checked by default. See your Collection Cache Settings for the existing skin output caching. Enable for new blogs There are… more »
  • Collection General Parameters

    Main configuration parameters for the current collection. Settings that can be configured in this panel includes: collection logo/image, title, short name, URL "filename", favicon, and collection section. more »
  • "By date" archives

    The following parameters could be set for the archive pages of your site: Date archive URLs: how to format the URL of the archive directories Use param: E-g: http://example.com/index.php?m=20191231 Use extra-path: E-g:… more »
  • Archive Pages Panel

    This panel allows you to configure how archived posts are displayed per page on disp_detail = posts-date. more »
  • Category URLs

    This defines the URLs used for disp_detail = posts-cat, disp_detail = posts-topcat and disp_detail = posts-subcat. more »
  • List Items (REST)

    GET|POST /api/v1/collections//items? See: URL Parameters. more »
  • Choose a (different) skin

    This screen shows recommended skins currently installed on the system and that can be used for your current collection. more »
  • Automation Steps

    This screen shows the steps of the automation. more »
  • Search & Referers Hits Summary

    For each collection, you can get a graph of browser hits broken down by refered searches (from search engines) and other referers. more »
  • Manage email address statuses

    Email addresses that have a warning or suspicious status will be changed to unknown status if the email address has met the following criteria: Minimum delay since last error: the minimum time since the last error for the email address has occurred.… more »
  • After each new post or comment...

    This is the panel where you can control how outbound pings and notifications are sent out when a new post or a new comment gets published on your b2evolution installation. more »
  • Send reminders about non-activated accounts

    When people register but do not activate their account, this task can send them (a limited number of) reminders to activate by email. more »