• Getting Help

    Got a question? Got a problem? Where can you find help? more »
  • Crumbs (nonces)

    Principle The goal of crumbs is to prevent a hacker from being able to blindly carry out actions on your blog by tricking you into clicking on a link. For example, let’s suppose a hacker sends you an email containing a link saying "click h… more »
  • Installing on Linux

    If your computer is running Linux it may very well already include a local web server. If not, you may install XAMPP from this site: http://www.apachefriends.org/download.html Once you have a local webserver (Apache, PHP & MySQL) installed, you can… more »
  • Windows Scheduled Task Setup

    Warning: The following assumes you have administrative access to the Windows server where b2Evolution is served from and that the Task Scheduler service is enabled. These instructions are valid for Windows Server 2000 and 2003. They will probably work… more »
  • I upgraded and now feature X doesn't work any more

    It happens frequently that some third party skins or plugins are not designed to use only the official API of b2evolution. Many are hacking into the core which creates problems on upgrade. If you are using a custom skin, start by switching back to a st… more »
  • Auto-Upgrade Procedure

    There is a built in automatic upgrade feature in recent versions of b2evolution. However this is still experimental and we still encounter some bugs here. Thus, at this point we still recommend you use the Standard Upgarde Procedure? until this has p… more »
  • Spam Detection Relevance Weight

    This is relevant if you have spam detection plugins installed. You will be able to define the weight of each installed and enabled antispam plugin in relation with the other plugins. more »
  • User Links Widget

    This is typically used for "Social Link Icons". It can displays logos linking to twitter, facebook, Google+, etc. This widget displays icons that link to the URLs defined on a user profile. Each URL that is defined in a user profile field and… more »
  • Calendar Widget

    This widget displays a calendar where each day that has posts is a link. Clicking on a day displays the post list (post "archives") for that day. The current day is also highlighted. Settings [image:8837] Block title: specify the title that… more »
  • Top referring search engines

    This shows you which search engines have been referring the most visitors to your web site after they searched for something on their engine. more »
  • _application.php

    /conf/_application.php configure the b2evolution application. You typically shouldn’t edit this file and replace it with the new version at each upgrade. This file especially contains the version number and date used to compare versions during… more »
  • Current Filters Widget

    This widget will display a list of currently applied filters on the current view of the collection. It will also have "remove" buttons to remove the filters we don’t want to apply. [image:8759:Current filters widget on the top of the… more »
  • Assumed User Skills

    Skills that someone should ideally have prior to installation. more »
  • Terms Used in this Manual

    Collections vs Blogs, Items vs Posts, etc. more »
  • Using Multiple Domains

    See: Setting up multiple domains Multi Domain Test Environment Additionally: If you use Google Analytics, you may want to read their section about Tracking Multiple Domains more »
  • Localizing Plugins

    Plugins that do not get shipped with b2evolution have to provide their own translations. Inside your plugin’s directory (e.g. <code>example_plugin/</code>), create a directory called <code>locales</code>, where you create… more »
  • XML Feeds (RSS / Atom) Widget

    This widget displays links to the RSS and/or Atom feeds for Post and/or Comments of the current collection. Settings [image:8881] Title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection. Help link: check this to display… more »
  • _basic_config.template.php

    /conf/_basic_config.template.php is not used by b2evolution after installation. It is only here to serve as a starting point to create _basic_config.php more »
  • Install all test features

    When option "Also install all test features." is selected on install screen b2evolution installs additional test features with informing with yellow message like what you can see on the image: [image:8710] Full list of the test features: On… more »
  • Local / test / intranet installation

    When checkbox "This is a local / test / intranet installation." is enabled on the installer screen: Turn off gravatar for user profiles Setting "Default gravatars" is set to "Gravatar", otherwise "Default… more »
  • Intranet setup

    Using b2evolution on an intranet isn’t much different from a regular internet installation. However, in some cases there might be specifics, which we will list below. During Setup The installer screen has a checkbox for intranet installs. Make… more »
  • Localization FAQ

    THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED. In a newer release, my language file contains translations that do not make sense... Yes, this is normal. These translations are automatic guesses for new strings you haven't translated yet. They marked as fuzzy and they ar… more »
  • Migrating from Another System

    Importing Posts and Comments b2evolution has some built in importing features which you can use or modify to help import your blog from another blogging system. Importing from Movable Type # Use MT’s export functionality to create a .TXT file co… more »
  • Renderer Plugins

    Renderer plugins are plugins that will process the text of a blog Post or Item and render it in a more complex way than just plain text. Examples of this include: creating paragraphs, creating bold text, creating links, inserting images, inserting vide… more »
  • Common Navigation Links Widget

    This widget displays common navigation links such as "Home", "Recently", "Archives", "Categories", "Latest Comments"… This widget is not very useful any more since we have a "Menu"… more »
  • Recent Hits Panel

    This displays the recent hits on your b2evolution installation and you can filter or search them in multiple ways. more »
  • User List Widget

    This widget will display a list of profile pictures (typically random) registered on the site. Clicking on a profile will lead to the user’s page (disp = user). [image:5419:Example with specific parameters] Settings [image:8886] Block title:… more »
  • Intro and Featured Posts

    Intro posts and featured posts both appear before regular posts on skins that support this feature (typically b2evolution 3.0+). more »
  • Top IPs Tab

    This table shows a quick analyzed view of the IP addresses that have visited your site. more »
  • _config.php

    /conf/_config.php is the "main" configuration file which is called by b2evolution to, in turn, include all the other config files it needs. It also includes some high level initializations. You typically should never edit this file and replace… more »