• Advanced Group Permissions

    This screen allows you to set Membership and/or individual Advanced Permissions for each User Group on the current Collection. See List of Permissions for details on each of the possible permissions. You can create as many User Groups as you want, which… more »
  • Advanced User Permissions

    This screen allows you to set Membership and/or individual Advanced Permissions for each User on the current Collection. This is useful when you really need to give one specific permission to one specific user. However, most of the time, the best… more »
  • Access the File Root of another User

    If you have edit permissions over ALL files, then you can type in the login of any user’s File Root you may want to access through the following menu option: more »
  • File properties

    This panel displays the properties and metadata of the file. Properties File name: Changing this value, the file will be renamed. Don't worry, this is a safe way to do it, so, in general, you will not break anything in your site. Type: This information… more »
  • Accessing the File Manager

    There are several ways to access the file manager. more »
  • New Collection Created!

    Congratulations! At this point your collection is now live! You can see it in the Front Office. You can start adding content to it or continue customizing it some more using the tabs you see on this screen… more »
  • 3. Specifying the New Collection Settings

    Once you have selected the type of the collection and the skin to use with it, you can now configure it to your liking. You can opt to initialize the new collection with demo contents, organization and users. This can be useful if you just want to test… more »
  • 2. Picking a skin for your collection

    The next step is simply to pick a skin to use with your new collection: Different skins can present the same information with different designs. Sometimes they can be radically different. b2evolution comes with a set of pre-installed skins. There are… more »
  • 1. Selecting a type for the new collection

    The first step is to select the kind / type of collection you want to create. What you select here will preset many of your collection settings in order for your collection to behave a certain way. Nothing will be set in stone though. In b2evolution,… more »
  • Default Skins for New Collections

    This panel allows you to change your default skin for standard, mobile phone, and tablet viewing (yes, they can be different skins). This is used when a collection is automatically created for a new user. more »
  • Subscribing to new blogs

    If you want to get more followers on your blogs, you may want your readers to subscribe to new blogs once created. You have three options for this section: [image:619:] From blog page only allows your readers to subscribe to the new blog only on one… more »
  • Cross posting

    This panel contains options for allowing cross-posting between collections and redirection based on requested item slug. more »
  • _basic_config.php

    /conf/_basic_config.php is b2evolution’s main config file. This file is created during the installation process, using the file /conf/_basic_config.template.php as a model. If you wish, you can also do this manually and enter correct settings b… more »
  • Categories Global Settings

    This panel contains settings that affect the use of categories in all of your collections. more »
  • After each new post or comment...

    This is the panel where you can control how outbound pings and notifications are sent out when a new post or a new comment gets published on your b2evolution installation. more »
  • Caching

    Enable general cache Checking this option allows you to cache rendered pages that are not controlled by your skin. This option is checked by default. See your Collection Cache Settings for the existing skin output caching. Enable for new blogs There are… more »
  • Display Options

    This section contains thee fields that you can set to change your display settings. Default blog to display This blog will be displayed on index.php. Create new blog » Order blogs by Select default blog list order. Order direction Select defaul… more »
  • Plugin / Apply Rendering

    Apply rendering defines if and when a Renderer Plugin should apply its rendering method. more »
  • Plugin Settings (Per Collection / Blog)

    The Plugin Settings tab shows a panel for each installed plugin which offers collection/blog specific settings. All installed and enabled renderer plugins are by default included in this list. Also those plugins that support specific "by… more »
  • Renderer Plugins

    Renderer plugins are plugins that will process the text of a blog Post or Item and render it in a more complex way than just plain text. Examples of this include: creating paragraphs, creating bold text, creating links, inserting images, inserting vide… more »
  • Introduction to Plugins

    Plugins allow you to extend b2evolution with features that are not included in the the core. Plugins provide additional functionality by taping into hooks that are provided by the b2evolution core. more »
  • List of Permissions

    These permissions operate on posts of the current Blog/Collection. This means posts that have their main category in this Blog. Attila: are extra categories used? Permissions Explained Is member This permission allows the User(s) to see posts pu… more »
  • Skin and style

    This section lets you to control some code-level features such as adding custom CSS and/or custom JavaScript to your skins without needing to touch/modify any core b2evolution files. (Which will keep upgrades easy for you down the line). more »
  • Software credits

    You can specify how many credits links you are willing to show at the footer of your website. Including our credits in your website is one way of showing us your support for providing you with a free and powerful tool as b2evolution. You are free to… more »
  • Media directory location

    This section is meant to let the administrators to decide where to place the media directory of each collection. By default, the media folder is created in an special directory inside the b2evolution’s files structure. This special directory is… more »
  • Antispam WHOIS Tool

    PRO Support WHOIS is a query and response protocol that is used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block or an autonomous system. The WHOIS tool that comes… more »
  • Must Read Items menu link widget

    PRO Feature This will display a "Must Read" button or menu link, including a badge of how many Posts/Items the current User still must read. This feature requires that you enable tracking of unread content and, after that, that you tag some… more »
  • Meta Comments / Internal Comments

    Meta comments / Internal Comments are non-public comments visible only by editors of a given post (Users who have permission to edit that post). The meta-comments allow editors to discuss the contents of the posts when a team discussion is needed to… more »
  • Collection Admin

    A User who has permission to edit all settings (including admin settings) of a Collection. The settings that can only be edited by Collection admins are identified with a "Coll. Admin" badge. Who gets this permission 1. The Collection owner As… more »
  • Choose a (different) skin

    This screen shows recommended skins currently installed on the system and that can be used for your current collection. more »