• Blog Meta Data

    ‘’b2evolution 2.4.1′’ This fieldset is part of the Blog Properties? Short Description This is is used in meta tag description and RSS feeds. NO HTML! Keywords This is is used in meta tag keywords. NO HTML! Blog footer… more »
  • Site Template List

    This panel allows you to quickly create new collections by using existing collections as templates or models. Adding an existing collection as a Model To allow users to use an existing collection as a model or template, go to the Advanced Collection… more »
  • Automation Step Details

    This screen allows to edit the details of each automation step. Please note each step can have a different type / perform a different kind of action. Details about each type of action can be found here: Step / Action details Users queued This panel… more »
  • Automation Steps

    This screen shows the steps of the automation. Normal execution Steps are executed by a scheduled job. When the scheduled job runs, it executes all steps that have users queued for execution. Each user is processed individually. You can see the… more »
  • Automation Queued Users

    This screen shows all users that are part of the automation. For each user you can see: What the next step will be At which date & time that step will execute (approximately, depending on the task scheduler) You might also alter the automation for a… more »
  • IP Range Editing

    This screen allows you to edit the properties of an IP Range and see which users have registered though this IP range as well as which sessions have connected from this IP range. more »
  • Invitation Code Edit Form

    This is the form you use to create or edit an invitation code. more »
  • Aggregation

    This allows you to aggregate the contents of multiple Collections into one. This may be used for scenarios like: Having a Site Home Page that shows an aggregate news feed from all other Collections/Sections of the site; Having a newsfeed that includes… more »
  • Invitation Codes List

    Copy the link from the "Link" column and send it to your users in order to invite them through a link. more »
  • Campaign Compose Panel

    This is where you compose the email to be sent out. Email title This is what users will see in their inbox Default destination This destination URL can be used by various buttons that you can place into your email message. See below. HTML Message Body… more »
  • How to add custom CSS

    With CSS code, you can easily change the colors, sizes, margin, fonts and other presentation attributes of your web pages. Each b2evolution Skin comes with a CSS file that defines the presentation styles of that skin. Most b2evolution skins also offer… more »
  • Where are the skin files?

    All the files related to Skins/Themes are located in a sub-folder called /skins/ at the root of your b2evolution installation. In this folder, you will find on sub-folder for each skin. For example, if you use the EvoPress skin, you will want to look i… more »
  • Organization Tab

    The "Organizations tab" is meant to be a another way to classify users inside the site, from this view could be created as many organization as wished, and the stored information for anyone of them is: the name of the organization and the URL… more »
  • Evobar & Back-office

    This allows to set whether or not users see the evoBar at the top of their screen when they are logged-in, and furthermore, whether or not they can access the Back Office (which is generally access through the evoBar). Restricted Back-Office access… more »
  • List Subscriptions Panel

    Newslettering is an option offered by b2evolution which users with the specific permissions are able to send massive messages to another users that they have previously selected (to read more about newsletters). In this section, you are able to control… more »
  • Search Keywords List

    This tab shows you a list of all keyphrases that have been uses to search content on your site. Refered searches This is the number of times a keyphrase has been searched through a search engine. It is important to note that b2evolution can only record… more »
  • Recent Hits Panel

    This displays the recent hits on your b2evolution installation and you can filter or search them in multiple ways. more »
  • Top referring search engines

    This shows you which search engines have been referring the most visitors to your web site after they searched for something on their engine. more »
  • API Hits

  • Poll Option Form

    This form allows you to create or edit a poll option/ answer. The form has the following fields: Option: the answer text. Required field. Order: the order in which the answer will appear in the poll. Required field. more »
  • Comments Awaiting Moderation Panel

    This collection dashboard panel will show up to five (5) comments awaiting moderation. Which comments are considered awaiting moderation depends on the "Require moderation" statuses setting found in the Comment Features and under the Comment… more »
  • Recently Edited Posts Panel

    This panel displays a list of recently edited posts for the current collection. more »
  • Error message not by b2evolution

    If you encounter an error message that… Is not a PHP error Does not have your site header Is not an error message stating "This message was generated by b2evolution" …then it is an error that happens BEFORE b2evolution is involved.… more »
  • mod_security

    mod_security (http://www.modsecurity.org/) is a PITA. We do not recommend its use. mod_security will scan requests in the most "stupid way" and block them. (We made tests with the OWASP core basic rules and they logged tons of false positives… more »
  • Search & Referers Hits

  • Template Panel

    This panel contains the option to allow users, even if they do not have permission for the collection, to use it as a model or template for their new collection. If enabled, the collection will appear in the Site Template List. more »
  • Workflow

    By enabling the workflow features in a collection, you will be able to assign additional information to items in the collection to aid in the information management processes. These additional workflow fields are: Priority: items can be assigned a… more »
  • Item Statuses allowed for this Item Type

    This list will let you manage which Item Statuses will be assignable to the current Item Type when using the Workflow View for example. more »
  • Tag Pages Panel

    This panel allows you to configure how posts are displayed per page on disp_detail = posts-tag. more »
  • Category Pages Panel

    This panel allows you to configure how posts are displayed per page on disp_detail = posts-cat and disp_detail = posts-subcat. more »