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Mats Wedberg

In response to: GreenGeeks Review

Mats Wedberg [Visitor]

I was with them 2 times and both times canceled they continued to charge me for 1 1/2 year. When I noticed it I had to cancel my credit card which messed up all my bills and they refused to reinburse me. Their canelation form didn’t work, probably still doesn’t. If you don’t get an email
they’ll continue to charge you.

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John Vincent

In response to: HostPapa review

John Vincent [Visitor]

Have been with Host Papa one year now - very happy with switch from previous provider - love that Host Papa is a green company.

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In response to: HostPapa review

Brandon [Visitor]

My experience so far has been great. The support is solid and the services/features are exactly what I require. I haven’t experienced any notable downtime, or service interruptions. I’ve been a customer for approximately half a year now, and would recommend to anyone looking for quick, easy-to-use, and well-supported hosting at a good cost.

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Martin Duquette

In response to: HostPapa review

Martin Duquette [Visitor]

i have been with hostpapa for about 2 years now. So far everything has been great (For price point and reliability).

Great support and service, i refer all of my clients to use them.

Keep up the great work and service.

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In response to: HostGator review

Tim [Visitor]

My company website has been down for more than three days due to issue with Hostgator. I opened a ticket over 40 hours ago and still have not received any help or a reply from IT. I talked to customer service to get an update on my ticket and all they could tell me was they take issues in the order they are received. The 24/7 customer support is nothing more than an answering service. Could not help me. If you have your own personal website and don’t care if it is up or not, I guess they are fine. I am now looking for a new hosting service.

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In response to: HostGator review

brent [Visitor]

I was impressed buy hostgator, The layout of their control panel was a little screwy and and I am sure that a newbie would find it very frustrating if they did not know what DNS services are.

I am impressed by the uptime, never had any downtime with their business plan. The business plan comes with a dedicated IP and presumably is less overloaded than their standard offering.

Hostgator gives you a wealth of choices to choose from. It a bit haphazard, but it is fun to go fishing around and trying out all three of the the different stats programs that they offer

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peter bucciarelli

In response to: HostPapa review

peter bucciarelli [Visitor]

i have been with hostpapa for about 5 years now. thus far has been great. For price point and reliability we have not seen anyone better to date, great support and service, i refer all of my clients to use them.

Keep up the greate work and service.

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Giovanni Naclerio

In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Giovanni Naclerio [Visitor]

I woul like my best compliments for the excellent support by Alicia H.
Tks a lot for your support
Giovanni Naclerio

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Jose Bolanos MD

In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Jose Bolanos MD [Visitor]

I have been with inmotion hosting for the past 10 years and have seen a significant improvement in their ease-of-use. Your support has been five star and commendable. I am very pleased and would recommend them for your hosting needs.

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In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Mike [Visitor]

These guys are awesome. Not only has there service grown with my small web design company over the last 2 years, but when I finally ran into an issue regarding a technical issue, I was met with a pleasant and capable employee who had my problem solved within a matter of minutes.

Big thumbs up to these guys!

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In response to: BlueHost Review

Namita [Visitor]

This article discuss all detail about Bluehost company. This company offers VPS and Dedicated server hosting. This article is helpful in selecting hosting.

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Wayne Clavering

In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Wayne Clavering [Visitor]

Yet again, my great decision to use InMotionHosting for my provider has been validated.I was in a stuck spot with email for one of my clients and Alex K was extremely quick at getting to the bottom of the issue and resolving it. It’s clear, these guys know what they are doing.

Thanks again Alex and InMotionHosting!

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In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Kurt [Visitor]

Edward P helped me VERY PATIENTLY through a very unusual problem of a temporary dynamic blacklisted IP which caused me not to be able to access my addon domain. After multiple tries of different techniques, when I followed his last instructions, my problem was solved. He was patient, coupled with web template tools he sent me to follow thru, it was smooth and guided. I am very satisfied customer.

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In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Kerri-Anne [Visitor]

I was pleased to work with InMotion Hosting’s customer support, they were quick, helpful, and articulate.

Thank you for providing the professional assistance!

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In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Michael [Visitor]

Ed P. gave me great service today. He fixed my login problem and provided me useful information about how to optimize Wordpress so that I don’t have resource usage problems. InMotion is always so great with customer service!

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In response to: How to improve your website performance with a CDN

Vick [Visitor]

Another CDN network that i would consider for my websites is Edgecast. MaxCDN, for sure, performs very well for a lot of sites but i think, that Edgecast is anyway one of the leaders of the industry, so if i were looking at it along with MaxCDN i’d most of all prefer Edgecast for my websites. Only during comparing the quantity of websites that use these two CDN networks you can see that 144,005 use the first network and 26,652 use the second one. Though to be fair about the same quantity of websites using both network are in Alexa Top10K. Sure, there are more things you should take in consideration while choosing the CDN for the websites. The whole performance comparison of Edgecast vs MaxCDN at

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Faruk Bursal

In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Faruk Bursal [Visitor]

I recently had need for Tech Support because our site
had been hacked.

I had a very positive experience overall. The phone was answered quickly (despite the obligatory “high call volume” message), and I got to speak to a live human being who was a native speaker, courteous, and capable. This is a rarity in today’s world, and is the principal reason why our site is hosted by InMotion.

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Beth Hawkes

In response to: InMotion Hosting Review

Beth Hawkes [Visitor]

Very happy with the customer service! As a new blogger, and non-techy person, I was initially very needy and they gave me all the support I needed! The person on the phone had very good phone etiquette and persona.

Thanks much!

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In response to: HostPapa review

Jean-Luc [Visitor]

I’ve been using HostPapa for a few years now. So far so good I like the services, support is usually pretty fast. They are comprehensive. Shared hosting is good enough for light Joomla like website. Servers are fast, FTP uploads, PHP, MySQL, Emails, almost no downtime, and they tell us when they do maintenance. Eerything running over my expectation.
Thank you.

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In response to: HostPapa review

Sanjay [Visitor]

Host Papa is delivering a great service! We are happy with the excellent response / uptimes our websites get and the cPanel is easy to use. The very few times we have had to contact the Texh support team ? they have been fast in responding to us and very supportive.
Overall, a great experience and we hope to continue working with them in the future?

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Jeffery S.

In response to: HostPapa review

Jeffery S. [Visitor]

Great Service! Great Price! & Green! :D HostPapa ticks all my boxes!
& their easy to use cPanel interface catered for all my needs & more!

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Jeff S.

In response to: HostPapa review

Jeff S. [Visitor]

Great green & affordable service! Easy to use cPanel user interface! Catered for everything that I needed! :D
Great for hosting multiple small websites! Thanks HostPapa!

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In response to: GreenGeeks Review

chadman [Visitor]

I’ve been with greengeeks for for about 4 years now. They recently removed support for own the owncloud app from their shared hosting plans and that was a final straw for me.

Bye Bye Green Geeks.

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Markus Urelious

In response to: HostPapa review

Markus Urelious [Visitor]

Hostpapa is a great hosting choice. I use them for all the websites I maintain. Great price and their tech support is top notch!

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Hydoho Web Hosting Hyderabad

In response to: How to improve your website performance with a CDN

Hydoho Web Hosting Hyderabad [Visitor]

hi thanks for the post what if web site is made of word press , can u tell me ,

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In response to: HostPapa review

Nasir [Visitor]

Host Papa offers all the tools and resources to run an online business and personal website. I find it secure and reliable web hosting providers that offers best customer support at very reasonable price.

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Hydoho Web Hosting Hyderabad

In response to: How to improve your website performance with a CDN

Hydoho Web Hosting Hyderabad [Visitor]

after reading whole article i came to know how cdn works , thanks for the post

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In response to: Web hosting test sites

Dwayne [Visitor]

Just host has too many hidden clauses

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In response to: HostPapa review

ivan [Visitor]

I love the ease of use. When it comes to issues, questions, or billing process…..Host Papa makes it so easy to use. Very user friendly!

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In response to: HostPapa review

Guy [Visitor]

Been with hostpapa for years, never got any issues, love all the tools they provide. I recommended (and still do) their services to all my colleagues and clients.

5 stars all the way !

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Richard Aumais

In response to: HostPapa review

Richard Aumais [Visitor]

Great service. Always ready to solve my problems when needed. Cust service: french and english.
Price is also low for the type of services offered. Highly recommanded

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iPage Client

In response to: iPage Review

iPage Client [Visitor]

In my experience … Good price for hosting. Decent service. Green, which is good. But - Very, very, very slow server response times. May just be that my site is hosted on a badly overloaded server, but we are talking glacially slow response times. It is as if the server must wait for the next wind gust to generate power to respond.

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In response to: HostPapa review

Rick [Visitor]

Hostpapa is a nickle and dime back yard outfit, they seem more interested in charging you for every service under the sun but not interested in customer service. One gets the feeling they are calling a third world call center when trying to sort out an issue. My web server was hacked and I went to do a restore from a backup - another service I pay for, however their software restore did not work. I called support and its been over a week and I am still waiting for them to do a manual restore for me. Meantime I am losing money on my web site every day that it is down, I am paying web developers to sit around and do nothing, I had an app disapproved during the testing phase because my site is down. If you have a website business I would not recommend hostpapa due to their support being almost non existent!

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In response to: HostPapa review

MIRAI ( ) [Visitor]

Well first off I chose this hosting service for my company website because of its unique GREEN stance (data centres powered by 100% renewable green energy sources!). As a progressive company this matches our 21st century philosophy geared to moving away from oil/gas/nuclear to solar/wind and geo-thermal. Well done for making that very important stance.

As for performance, unlike other companies, I can?t remember when we have ever had a fault or ever needed to contact support? (perhaps once in 3 years?). It?s reliable, non-expensive, unlimited data with preset CMS installers (Joomla etc.). As for speed I think depends how you have coded your website. I recently created at HTML5/CSS3 new mock up for our site and it was instantaneous, whereas our Joomla site has a slow load up.

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In response to: HostPapa review

Prue [Visitor]

I have been with Host Papa for over a year now. They are fast to respond to any questions and concerns. Highly recommend!

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Houston Silverthorne

In response to: HostPapa review

Houston Silverthorne [Visitor]

When I moved my website to HostPapa I have nothing but complements for there staff. They have helped me a lot of times when I was stuck and there ticket system is awesome.

I have told others about there service and know for a fact that 4 of my friends now use HostPapa.

In the future I plan on opening up an Mopar Enthusiast forum and I will be using HostPapa once more.


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Callum Stewart

In response to: HostPapa review

Callum Stewart [Visitor]

I’ve been with HostPapa since 2008 and can happily say they’ve been great. Their tech support is quick to respond and very helpful and have helped me out on a good few occasions. Even as their company has grown over the years they still put the customer first. Their pricing is great (I save a good bit on their 3 year hosting plan) and I hope to benefit from their reseller package soon. All in all its been one of my good decisions choosing HostPapa.

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Smith Cole

In response to: HostPapa review

Smith Cole [Visitor]

Great post!!!! really Eye opener for me and astonished to see such an application made with web hosting. I must say your blog is very helpful. I found another website named which provides Free MVC Hosting,Free ASP.NET Hosting and other Hosting services .

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In response to: iPage Review

Gus [Visitor]

Tier I support has been good; however, Tier II support has been less than adequate; in that, they never find a problem, they attempt to make you look stupid, and then the trouble just magically disappears. Server response has been acceptable but I’ve hit a real bog-down at least 6 times during the contract interval and they are very slow to locate the source (which usually is caused by a poorly designed website on the same server). All in all, I’ve seen worse but I’m looking for better at a reasonable price. Good luck to you!

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In response to: HostPapa review

Mike [Visitor]

I have been using hostpapa for about three years now and my experience has been great. I have never had any technical problems with the site and whenever I needed to contact them for help they have always been quick to respond. I love the fact that they do green hosting as well! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a website.

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In response to: HostPapa review

Dan [Visitor]

We are seriously considering moving our domain out of HP. I’ve always loved the focus on green energy and such, but we have had constant issues and problems with email, including having it marked as spam (apparently because HP’s servers blast a bunch of junk–but I don’t know, because they were never very forthcoming about what the issue was), email getting stuck on the server (therefore showing as “sent” to us but not actually sent), and other random issues, and HP support has generally been unhelpful and unresponsive and ALWAYS is slow to react. Taking a week to even just respond (not fix, respond) to an issue that is costing us clients and money is NOT acceptable.

By the way, if you see a bunch of positive reviews around the same time as this one, it’s because HP mass emailed all of us and said that if we wrote a positive review, we’d get a USB drive. I’m pretty sure that violates whatever policies govern this evaluating site, and even if it doesn’t, it certainly undercuts the whole purpose of it. (It obviously backfired with me though.)

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In response to: HostPapa review

slimane [Visitor]

I am with Hostpapa since 2012. every time i had a probleme, the tech support were there to give help to me as soon as possible. i didn’t got many issues to be honnest. it is just wonderfull. good job.

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In response to: HostPapa review

Brett [Visitor]

tech support and online support are totally useless. They can’t setup a simple cron job within 7 days! All issue MUST go through their trouble ticket system and takes days to resolve.

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M Shane David

In response to: HostPapa review

M Shane David [Visitor]

HostPapa always looks out for us. We feel the sites hosted on HostPapa are rock solid and we have dozens hosted there. HostPapa always is ahead of the curve and their procedural knowledge is second to none.

Sites have the software & security updates the minute they get the notice. Have had a couple issues with new software we installed on sites and they have a great ticket system which they jump to and begin to resolve the problem with us instantly. Love the great team and the great hosting.

Best regards,
M. Shane David

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In response to: GoDaddy review

Juan [Visitor]

Godaddy is the worst of the worst! Stay far far away of this company!

My website was a joomla website about cheapest products of a market. Nothing illegal or for adult. Nothing wrong with my content. This is what happened with this very bad hosting company Godaddy:
1) You buy a web hosting.
2) You spend time to set it up
3) You start to promote it

4) They put down your website without any reason
5) They don’t inform you at all
6) You cannot login in cpanel anymore
7) You cannot fix anything
8)They don’t have livechat support
9) You send a mail and you wait…wait….wait….

Tell me what worst could happen to a webmaster!

Avoid Godaddy!

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In response to: HostPapa review

Ron [Visitor]

They couldn’t be worse.
Stay away from them!
They have a horrible support. Every time I open a support ticket with them, they close it without doing anything. They always tell me they can’t find any problem. Well, I always find problems and so my clients.
The guys from support are very rude and close the live chat if you start asking so many questions. They only reply after ages and never help you out.
Besides it all, their servers are a big joke, and google can’t even find my sitemap because their response time is too long.
My site is down EVERY DAY and they say there’s nothing wrong.
My advice: although they have low prices, if you host with them, you’re throwing away your money.

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Mike Z

In response to: Moniker DNS down again: an alternative solution!

Mike Z [Visitor]

To respond to Mike’s comment, as a sysadmin, I have had web hosting companies break email because they change the Nameservers without knowing what the entire zone file contains. If you do leave it up to your web hosting company, make sure they know all the records are correct.

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Ian Snyder

In response to: HostPapa review

Ian Snyder [Visitor]

I had some problems reaching my site off and on for a while, not enough to bother reporting, but it slowly got worse, so I opened a support ticket. I had to keep opening new support tickets and wasn’t getting clear answers as to what was going on with my domain hosting.

Eventually my website wasn’t working at all and I was unable to even access my cPanel. After more unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the support team I finally said I wanted a refund for my remaining hosting that I’d paid for, as my site was now completely unreachable. This finally prompted someone from HostPapa to contact me and they figured out my IP was blocked. This was given as a one sentence response after weeks of having problems. I didn’t get an apology, or an explanation of WHY my IP got blocked in the first place, how I could avoid the problem in the future, etc.

Very disappointed with the service I was provided. I will definitely be switching hosts at the end of my service period.

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Tania M

In response to: HostPapa review

Tania M [Visitor]

I am not a tech savvy person and when I started my business, a friend recommended I use HostPapa for my website. I am so happy I did, it was so easy to use, I got my webpage up and running in no time and when I had a problem HostPapa’s tech support was awesome - the attendant was friendly and very helpful.

Thank you so much for running such as great service. I have recommended you to everyone!

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In response to: HostPapa review

Seb [Visitor]

Best web hosting service! Been using them for years and with multiple accounts. Had an issue once with a complete hosting account, had to erase it all…. was up and running with 4 websites within the hour!! Great job!

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