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In response to: Web Hosting 101: How to Get Started FAST!

Comment from: Anne [Visitor]

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That’s a very good explanation of most of the things that a person should have in mind when deciding how to get started with hosting. Each step has its importance – from choosing between Linux and Windows hosting, to choosing among hosting providers.

2017-02-13 @ 13:18

In response to: HostMetro Review

Comment from: MP [Visitor]

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This is the worst hosting service I’ve ever had the sad fate of using. They suspended my service because I had a cron job sending emails within my organization. They called it mail abuse. They wouldn’t un-suspend my account. I couldn’t talk to anyone because their phones don’t work. No one answers the online chat. Finally, I spoke with someone via their online chat and they said that they couldn’t help me. I received random emails from the admin asking me obscure questions like, “What are you going to do about this?” But they wouldn’t let me access my account to do anything about it. I know you’re thinking, this is a cheap service, but I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET USING HOSTMETRO!

2016-11-30 @ 05:25

In response to: Web Hosting 101: How to Get Started FAST!

Comment from: Paul [Visitor]

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Nice blog in this my question which hosting is best for eCommerce because the all are have different specification so kindly give any guide lline

2016-10-05 @ 14:25

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Comment from: Shaun [Visitor]

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This is NOT a UK based hosting company.
The email support is a joke, if, and that’s a big IF, they reply, they do not answer your query.
The live chat is not much better, the operatives have little understanding and even worse English.

2016-06-02 @ 11:10

In response to: HostGator review

Comment from: [Member]

EzzyTech Networks

Hostgator Support panel is too much lazy as they take minimum 1 day to resolve the issues.

2016-05-08 @ 13:10

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Comment from: gary odom [Visitor]

gary odom
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I have been with Hostgator since their beginning and I have watched service and support slip year by year. It has finally reached the stage that I must change Web Hosts. I do not know what has happened to them, perhaps spread too thin trying to do too much, but in any case nothing is being done well. The really big let down is support. It is non-existent. Days go by with no response to tickets. Phone support? Forget it. Chat you say? Maybe after 30 min a know nothing will answer. They never bother to read what you write and when they do, they generally do not pay attention to what they read. When you finally get them to understand they still do not know what to do about it. I get it, one person is chatting with many people at the same time. It is little wonder they can’t keep straight the conversation at hand. So sad, they used to be a great company to do business.

2015-12-17 @ 13:47

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Comment from: Allen Peter [Visitor]

Allen Peter
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Got lot of information related to start a website. The article is really helpful in providing information of how web hosting service works and its importance. From here I got to know information about different factors needs to keep in mind while taking a web hosting services. Thanks for providing such a nice article.

2015-10-23 @ 09:21

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Comment from: dkdexter [Visitor]

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Been with JustHost for over 5 years. Manage 3 separate accounts with 6 domains, and 10 websites. In the last 5 months, every one of the websites I manage have been hit with long term DDoS attacks of over 5 days each. In addition, each hosting account has had outages including server malfunctions, database corruptions, and direct account server login failures! I made the last complaint tonight and now am planing my moves. It’s not going to be easy but I am not about to stake my reputation on them. Seems like a long term customer would be valued but now I don’t feel obligated to recommend anything about them.

2015-09-26 @ 07:21

In response to: HostGator review

Comment from: Sean [Visitor]

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Avoid if you can. If your website is any part of generating your income they are not reliable enough. This companies’ tech support is lacking in basic web hosting knowledge, is under-trained and incapable. If you read reviews done at a cursory level, they do well. If you read actual customer reviews, they are rated horribly. Don’t make the mistake of using them.

2015-08-06 @ 16:04

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Comment from: amit [Visitor]

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Worst webhost ever! Their servers can’t even run simple WordPress sites properly. Every 2-3 days my website stopped working. Often MySQL database would stop working. My last year with them was worst suffering. I wasted a lot of time emailing them tickets and calling them. Rankings of my website went became poor due to their server problems. Please don’t go for it. Choose only reputed hosting provider, never trust such liars and their promises.

2015-06-05 @ 07:56

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Comment from: Joshua [Visitor]

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The actual terms of service are a much different story. Upon sign up, many users simply agree to the terms without reviewing the actual information.

2015-03-30 @ 11:31