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GreenGeeks Reseller Web Hosting

GreenGeeks Reseller Web Hosting

$ 29.95/mo

GreenGeeks Reseller Web Hosting

Green Reseller Web Hosting offers developers and designers the most cost effective way to host their clients in an eco-friendly environment. Fast servers 24x7x365 support, Free WHM & billing software for resellers, Free cPanel & Fantastico scripts for end users. 5 packages to choose from and grow with. Host sites for as little as $.39/mo!

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Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 29.95 /mo$ 359.40

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Monthly$ 29.95
12 Month Contract $ 359.40
Monthly for 12 mo $ 29.95


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Comment from: Rusty Visitor


I gave them a star because there’s not choice to give them no stars! See the other comments - I had those issues too. I am pretty sure that they’re based in India - and that would explain it all… I’ve been living in India for a year and their attitude is typically Indian. Take what they can get, give as little as possible in return and always agree that they ‘will’ do something. ‘Will’ being in the future, kind of like the Mexican ‘manana’… Tomorrow NEVER comes… because tomorrow they STILL say they ‘will’ do it.

And they only THINK they speak English - but the words and sentences have different meanings. To put it in words they will understand: Your service is terrible and needs improvement. DO THE NEEDFUL.

2015-05-29 @ 11:34

Comment from: Umar Soaries Visitor

Umar Soaries

This is the worse customer service with really shady business practices. I made a mistake and paid a bill twice. When I called to get it corrected they refused to give me my money back, instead gave me a credit I did not ask for. They don’t care about the customer no matter how long you’ve been with them. Their ads are written as if they are a responsible and green oriented company when they are a bunch of money grubbing twits who treat their customers as if they don’t matter. If you are thinking of doing any business with them, don’t. Run like hell and never look back. They are not worth it at all.

2015-02-05 @ 00:15

Comment from: David Norman Visitor

David Norman

They offer great features, but their billing and customer service make them one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with any company in my life. If there’s any technical or other issue with the billing process, you and ALL OF YOUR SITES ARE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. The customer service has been aggressive and even belligerent. I do not advise dealing with Green Geeks. You’re far better off paying more elsewhere. Because you really do get what you pay for.

2015-01-13 @ 07:12

Comment from: Greg Visitor


See previous comment. It’s mine. After the last fiasco, I prepaid my account $40 to prevent a similar disruption from ever happening again. I called the billing people in June 2013 and told them exactly what I was doing … prepaying my account to make sure bookeeping errors never interrupted service again. I told Greengeek$ to keep the account prepaid and continue taking my monthly payments automatically. They continued to take the monthly payments alright but did nothing with my $40 prepayment. Bought pizza maybe?

So, I get an email a couple days ago that says my payment for January 2014 failed. I replied to the dude that says he’s there to help and explained that the account is prepaid by $40 so just take January payment from that. I included my Paypal invoice from June of last year and asked him to take the necessary steps to correct THEIR error. The oh so helpful (p)Rick doesn’t do a thing. He replies and says ‘oh you need to contact billing.’ Thanks for nothing.

So I send the whole email chain to billing and ask them to correct their paperwork. No response. Then, without further notice, all my sites go dark.

Called the toll free and talked with another guy. He could not get his head around the scenario. He could not understand that my account was prepaid. He said stuff like ‘how can you make a (pre)payment without an invoice?’ I gave him the invoice reference number from June 2013. Told him I discussed this personally with Greengeek$ billing when my sites went dark last June. Told him they agreed to keep my account prepaid and continue to take monthly payments as a precaution for having sites go dark again should we have monthly payment confusion. If that was ever to happen again, they were take a payment from the prepaid amount. Gave the new guy the PayPal transaction ID. He says he can’t find any reference to it. Again he starts getting side-tracked and asking me questions that only Greengeek$ could answer. Shifts blame to me and tells me I should have contacted billing. Aaaaargh! I repeated that I DID contact billing after the first guy blew me off. So I get his email address and send him the email chain. He puts me on hold and (big surprize) we’re cut off. I’m getting really freaking upset because no one at Greengeek$ is willing to get their arse out of their chair and dig into this. Meanwhile, all my sites are offline. I got repeated slacker responses from employees that seem less than motivated to think and resolve what is apparently an unfathomable concept: credit balances!

Finally, I get an email saying the prepayment from last year was located, applied to my account and sites were brought back on line.

This whole friggin run-around was over a measly $20. $20 freaking dollars that I PAID 6 MONTHS BEFORE IT WAS DUE!! Greengeek$ doesn’t get their $20 and even though I’ve been run through the customer service ringer and provided ample evidence that my account is prepaid, they take down all my sites. Thanks for nothing GreedGeek$.

Use at your own risk. Clearly their focus is on cash and not customers. Even customers that pay their bills BEFORE they are due.

Want to bet next month’s payment comes from my credit balance and not the pre-authorized payment scheme we agreed to?

Pfffft. That’s about 8 hours of frustration for me. Thanks so much.

2014-01-28 @ 23:36

Comment from: Greg Visitor


Received an overdue invoice notice at 2:09AM today the 28th. Had to cancel credit card yesterday because I thought it was lost. Greengeeks invoice was due today on 27th and they always take from my card on due date. Notice received on 28th at 2:09 AM Exactly 2 hours 9 mins after bill was due on a Sunday. My reseller account was taken down at 2:12 am. All sites down until I can straighten out my credit card tomorrow at bank. 5 year customer with NEVER a payment missed until now. Of course, no one there at this hour able to help … Only there to take down sites. Very very disappointed. Thinking the ‘green’ in greengeek$ refers to money greed, not environment. Will handle tomorrow then start looking for new reseller acct. elsewhere. Sites are slow anyway plus down a week ago due to ddos attack. Not impressed.

2013-01-28 @ 12:36

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