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Selected hosting package: Hatchling
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12 Month Contract$ 5.37 /mo$ 64.44
24 Month Contract$ 3.98 /mo$ 95.52
36 Month Contract$ 2.80 /mo$ 100.80

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Comment from: Ed Santos Visitor

Ed Santos

Worst service!
There a limt for inodes, until to 100.000. If your site has more than this year, you will do not have backup and if this number pass to 200.000, your site is blocked without previous warning, and they start a literal process that I classify as hosting terrorism….
something like this: “..dear customer if you do not clean and remove inodes until 200.000 your account will be suspend in definitive mode…”

Can you imagine what kind of felling, a customer of Hostagator fell when receive a message like this?

I do not recommend for anyone!
And if you have a website with a lot visits on hastgator, plan as soon as possible to change to another hosting service….

2018-03-02 @ 15:22

Comment from: Michael Visitor


I switched my website to hostagor and paid something like 35$ for the whole year. Bu then I received the bill for renewal which was 125$ This is a total rip off of customers, so they think there are no competitor or something? OK if it was 45-50$ I would be fine still, but to increase the price almost 4 time this is too much…

2018-01-21 @ 18:38

Comment from: Davit Visitor


I have been using for first and last month. Respond in 10 hours, talking about ru.hostgator, 3-d time in one month site is down for an hour. After asking them, got an respond, like I have used some inods limit, which are 100 000 - 150 000, don,t work with them.

2016-06-05 @ 21:12

Comment from: S reis Visitor

S reis

We have several websiotes n hostgator and they’ve always been great on customer support.

2010-10-12 @ 02:45

Comment from: red howell Visitor

red howell

All I have to say is that Gene was a big help in helping me with my questions about sitebuilder……..Thanks Gene!!!!!!!!!!


2009-11-15 @ 21:15

Comment from: jake Visitor


Hostgator is really one reliable and honest host,i mean they are that good,they have made a mark on the website hosting industry in a small span of time,their service is also very good.
source: Past experience B)B)

2008-10-21 @ 13:46

Comment from: Malek Roumi Visitor

Malek Roumi

* Other remarks?
I use to host with hostgator for two years. . but the service has changed dramatically since 2008. . . response time is too slow. . . they are overcrowding their servers with hosting plans. .. some are hosting more than 2000 domains. I checked mine and there were 1380 domains on the same server. . i know some might have low demand, but some might be very time consuming. . so even with 4G ram the server will suck! You can check and see some of their servers and how crowded they are.
Also the support is a catastrophe!!!! They need one day to reply to each email. . in the best case it’s 8 hours! so if your site is blocked, a discussion of 20 emails might hold your site down for a week!
they are not professionals and they should be taken out of the business! only we (users) can do that!

2008-05-27 @ 10:43

Comment from: Rob Stone Visitor

Rob Stone

* How easy was it to sign up?
Very easy

* How easy was it to install your software / content?
If you use a regular FTP client, very easy

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
See comments below

* Did you experience some downtime?
Some - but not enough to worry about

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
Average to Good

* Other remarks?
I’ve hosted several sites with Hostgator in the past. I host nothing with them now. The reason I don’t is because their service has changed. One day I got a letter from them telling me they were going to update their servers, and after that my site starting having crappy response since. The pain was that my site was my Wordpress blog. Wordpress is very sensitive to hosting irregularities - so you best have a good host if you’re going to use this software for your blog. I had to go somewhere else and start all over again (I lost all my blog archives!):’(

I use to sing praises for Hostgator. I’m kinda slow to do that now.:|

2008-05-17 @ 03:01

Comment from: Kwesi Bovell Visitor

Kwesi Bovell

I need site hosting; so far you guys have boosted my interest to a REDBULL level!!!!!!!!!! Hope I will be convinced to use the service…

2007-11-23 @ 23:42

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