Technical vocabulary

  • APM

    APM means Application Performance Monitoring. It consists of monitoring the performance of your application (here b2evolution) on your Web Server. b2evolution natively supports monitoring with New Relic.More »
  • Bootstrap Framework

    Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework for creating Responsive (RWD?) web sites. b2evolution uses Bootstrap extensively for it’s default Skins as well as for its Back Office.More »
  • Display-Time vs Save-Time

    Display-Time is when some content is being displayed to the user. This happens typically in the Front-Office. Save-Time is when some content has just been entered / composed / edited and the author is clicking the "Save" button of the form.…More »
  • HTTP Referer

    The HTTP Referer header is a header that is transmitted with the HTTP request when a link is clicked on one page and a new page is requested through HTTP. This allows Analytics to track where a user is coming from or what path a user is following on th…More »
  • Prerendering Cache

    The prerendering cache or Prerendered Cache is a DB cache that is available for: Items : table evo_items__prerendering Comments : table evo_comments__prerendering Private Messages : table evo_messaging__prerendering Goal The goal of this cache is to…More »
  • Renderer Plugins

    Renderer plugins are plugins that will process the text of a blog Post or Item and render it in a more complex way than just plain text. Examples of this include: creating paragraphs, creating bold text, creating links, inserting images, inserting vide…More »
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)

    Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a set of techniques that make your web pages adapt to the screen size on which they are viewed. b2evolution v6+ uses the Bootstrap framework as the core layer for achieving RWD. b2evolution also takes care of resizing…More »
  • SMTP

    SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol used to communicate between mail servers on the internet. When b2evolution or PHP wants to send an email to a Recipient, it needs to contact a mail server (preferably directly the destination…More »
  • Scheduled Job

    A ScheduledTask that is planned to be executed or which has been executed by the Scheduler. See: Scheduled Task ReferenceMore »
  • Scheduled Task

    A task (See: Scheduled Task Reference) that can be planned to execute by the scheduler. A planned task is called a Scheduled Job.More »
  • Scheduler

    The Scheduler is a b2evolution feature that allows to execute Scheduled Jobs without requesting an action from a user to trigger the execution. In other words, Scheduled Jobs are executed asynchronously, at predefined times and/or intervals. See also:…More »