• Introduction to email skins

    How email skins work. Explanation of the /skins_email directory. more »
  • Email skin templates

    List of all templates used by b2evolution. more »
  • Troubleshooting Cookie Issues

    Short answer: your $baseurl is not configured properly. (Or you are not using the same URL to connect.) more »
  • I get file permission errors. How do I fix them?

    Please see the following pages: Directory And File Permissions Media File Permission Errors ((security/)) more »
  • When I do X I get a blank page or only a half page

    Short answer: your PHP is either out of memory or out of allowed execution time! more »
  • "Warning: Cannot modify header information"

    If you get this error, it is most likely you recently changed something in a file. The error is often caused by added whitespace (space or line feed) *before* the first <?php or *after* the closing ?>. You can remove the error by opening the f… more »
  • Emails don't arrive / Email notifications don't work

    b2evolution will send emails in a number of occasions: a user wants to register a user forgot his password and requested a new one a user wants to contact the admin a user wants to contact another user If you are not receiving these email notifications… more »
  • I have a MySQL error

    Common SQL errors and how to resolve them at: mySQL docs more »
  • Optimal File Permissions

    On your system you typically want to restrict your file permissions to the maximum for best security, but not as much as b2evolution will not be able to save uploaded or cached files any more. Optimal file permissions are basically a tradeoff between s… more »
  • IP Ranges Tab

    This tab lets you configure IP address ranges and specify whether they are trusted, suspect or blocked (they can also be unknown). more »
  • Countries Tab

    This tab lets you manage the list of countries that are available for this site. more »
  • Delete User Data

    User moderators have rights to delete those users data which they can edit, even if they don’t have specific permission to delete those data. more »
  • $date_default_timezone - Forcing a timezone

    Your Php Ini? file should contain a setting for the time zone your server is in. If for some reason this is not set (poorly configured host) or if you want to force the default timezone used by PHP in b2evolution to a different value, you can set it in… more »
  • Illegal mix of collations

    This is for all errors that look something like "Illegal mix of collations xxx and yyy for operation ‘=’(Errno=1267)" This is an error generated by MySQL when several fields in the database don’t match each other. This can… more »
  • phpMyAdmin

    phpMyAdmin is a tool that lets you peek and poke directly into your MySQL database. It is a PHP application just like b2evolution, except it has nothing to do with b2evolution. Nevertheless, you can use phpMyAdmin to connect to your b2evolution database… more »
  • How to compare backups

    If you have 2 backups of your site and want to compare them to see what changed from one to the next, or if you want to compare a backup to your current site, here’s what you can do: Comparing files On your Linux web server command line, type:… more »
  • Will my database be affected if I upgrade? (And will I be able to revert to previous version?)

    General rule Short Answer: Yes, as a general rule, the upgrade will make changes to your database! This means it is very important to have a backup of your existing system (database and files) before performing an upgrade. This way, if something is n… more »
  • Upgrade from SVN

    This feature is very similar to Auto-Upgrade but it allows to pull a version of b2evolution from an SVN repository. This is only useful if you have set up an SVN repository for the development of your website. more »
  • Viewing PHP errors

    PHP writes all its errors into a log file which depends on your particular setup. It will typically be called error.log. It may be a good idea to ask your web host where you can check the contents of this file. Besides this, it may be easier to have PHP… more »
  • Image Sizes

    In several places, b2evolution lets you select an "Image Size" a.k.a. "Thumbnail Size" for the images you display. In the name of the sizes you will find the following: type : fit will preserve the image dimensions ratio a… more »
  • Http Post Data Too Large

    When too many large files are uploaded to the server the following error may appear: You have sent too much data (too many large files?) for the server to process. Please try again by sending less data/files at a time. To allow large amount of data upl… more »
  • User::get_identity_link()

    This template tag displays registration link. Example <source lang="php"> user_register_link( $before = ‘’, $after = ‘’, $link_text = ‘’, $link_title = ‘#’, $disp_when_logged_in = false… more »
  • Suspect Users

    This determines how b2evolution should handle suspect users. more »
  • Invalid filename

    b2evolution restricts and validates the name of the files and directories that you can use. You can change this restriction in the Advanced options panel under the Files Settings tab. The default settings are set for maximum security and compatibility.… more »
  • Media directory "xyz" could not be created

    b2evolution (actually PHP) has no permission to create the directory needed for storing the media files belonging to a certain collection or user. Make sure all sub-directories of the `/media` folder are writable by PHP. more »
  • Black thumbnails with red error message

    Black thumbnails saying "Ewr-access" or ".evocache folder read/write error! Check filesystem permissions." [image:526:] [image:528:] That message means b2evolution cannot create or access the thumbnail image file or a directory to… more »
  • Uploading large files

    I can’t upload big size pictures and graphics even though my web server has unlimited upload For upload size issues, go to Global Settings > Files > File creation options > Maximum upload filesize and setup your upload limit size. more »
  • Slug

    The slug is the last part of the URL that uniquely identifies a page/resource on your b2evolution installation. For example, if you have an URL like http://www.mysite.com/cat/subcat/hello-world, in this cas the slug is hello-world. Slugs are unique wi… more »
  • Deleting a Slug

    To delete a slug, click on the corresponding Delete icon in the slugs list. You will be asked to confirm the action before the slug is actually deleted. more »
  • Widget Caching

    Widget output can be cached in memory on the server using the BlockCache (requires a memory cache like APC to be installed). more »