• Central Antispam Blacklist

    The Central Antispam Blacklist is a centralized list hosted by b2evolution.net and maintained based on community contributions. It contains words and phrases to work with the Antispam Blacklist feature and may be used to update the Local Blacklist. more »
  • RSS/Atom feeds

    Like your contents, you can also have RSS/Atom feeds for your posts’ comments. In this panel, you can configure how much of the comments will be made available in comment feeds by tweaking the Comment feed contents option. more »
  • Moving Comments to Another Post

    This page provides instructions on how to move or link a comment to a new Post. more »
  • Email capture / Quick registration widget

    When placed in the sidebar, the main area, or any Container you like, this widget will display a form to capture the User's email (and optional additional fields). This will quickly create an account for the User and register him to one or more email lists. more »
  • Post Moderation Panel

    In this panel, you can configure some options related with the moderation of the posts. more »
  • Guided Tour - Front Office

    In this page we will walk you through b2evolution as it should look right after your first installation... more »
  • Organization Members Widget

    This widget will display the users of an organization in a responsive grid (designed for Bootstrap). [image:4895:Example of members of an organization] Settings [image:8888] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your… more »
  • Free HTML Widget

    This widget will display any HTML code you want. You can basically use it anywhere. Settings [image:8809] Block title: optional title to display. Block content: HTML content that will be displayed by the widget. more »
  • User Directory Features

    This panel allows you to control: if a User directory can be displayed – See disp = users ; how the list can be filtered ; what columns will be shown. more »
  • Add New Fields Panel

    This panel allows you to select and add new user fields to the user profile. You can manage the available user fields in the User Fields List. The added user fields will be displayed in the appropriate user profile panel. more »
  • disp = userprefs

    This Disp is used to display an interface where the current User can change his preferences(s). The settings that the user is allowed to change are controlled through User Settings > Profiles. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin… more »
  • Item Type: Use of Location

    This is where you configure if the item type should require the use of location data such as country, region, sub-region, city, and/or coordinates. more »
  • Test SMTP Settings

    This screen allows you to perform the following tests: SMTP server connection Sending of test email via SMTP server Sending of test email via PHP mail() function more »
  • Guided Tour - Back-Office

    In this page, we will walk you through the Back-Office a.k.a. the Admin Interface. This is the place where you do all the administrative tasks that the general public of your site doesn’t have access to. (Note that you can actually set very… more »
  • RSS/Atom feeds

    [image:626:] In this section, you can configure the way your posts are listed on RSS/Atom feeds. The Post feed contents option allows you to specify how much content will be made available in your post feeds. You can choose either to: post No feeds, w… more »
  • Recycling Comments

    You can remove a comment from a post by recycling it. To recycle a comment, simply click on the corresponding Recycle button. more »
  • Other Permissions for Anonymous Users

    Allow to see user list Should anonymous users be allowed to access the user directory? Allow to see user profiles Should anonymous users be allowed to see detailed user profiles? Show only User Groups Levels Here you can restrict the users tha… more »
  • Comment Subscriptions

    In this section, you can allow users to subscribe and receive email notifications for comments on a specific post by checking the Email subscriptions option. This option is unchecked by default. more »
  • Guided Tour - Taking Control

    This page will guide you through the process of taking control of your site. We will show you: How to customize your site; How to add & remove collections; How to change the look & feel; How to add & remove content. At the end of this guide… more »
  • Content Hierarchy Widget

    This widget displays the content hierarchy of the current collection. This should be what you see in the left column of this manual page. The content hierarchy is a mix of the Categories, sub-categories and the Posts they contain. The depth of the tree… more »
  • Use of Comments in an Item

    This panel allows you to toggle the use of comments, add a custom message before the comment form, allow the closing and disabling of comments, and use of comment expiration for a particular item type. more »
  • Pages View

    This page displays a list of all Standalone Pages belonging to the current collection. more »
  • Newsletter/Email List Subscription Widget

    When placed into the sidebar, main area or any other Container, this widget allows registered users to subscribe / unsubscribe to an Email List. [image:8208:User is not subscribed yet] After clicking: [image:8209:User is now subscribed] Widget can be… more »
  • How to add custom CSS

    With CSS code, you can easily change the colors, sizes, margin, fonts and other presentation attributes of your web pages. Each b2evolution Skin comes with a CSS file that defines the presentation styles of that skin. Most b2evolution skins also offer… more »
  • Item Type: Custom Fields Panel

    Read the Custom Fields page for more information on creating custom fields. more »
  • Username Display Settings

    Bubble tips are help bubble that display when you hover over a username. They show the profile picture and a few details about the user. In the backoffice you can turn bubble tips on or off on this screen. In the front office, you can do this on every… more »
  • Registration of Commenters

    You can detect email addresses in comments and highlight it accordingly if you check the Email addresses option. This is checked by default. You can also setup a registration to your blog after a reader submits a comment by checking the Register after… more »
  • Comment Mass Deletion

    This feature lets you automatically delete or recycle many comments in a single action. more »
  • Guided Tour - The Invisibles

    b2evolution actually includes quite a few invisible features. This guide will reveal them to you so that you know they are there when you need them: Responsive images When you upload images to b2evolution, it will store the original high resolution file… more »
  • Item Subscriptions

    In this panel you can choose if Users are allowed subscribe to email notifications for Items/Posts. more »