• SMTP Server connection settings

    This panel allows you to enable the use of an STMP server and configure its connection settings. more »
  • File Permissions Panel

    This panel allows you to set the file permissions for the edited user group. more »
  • Item Additional Actions Panel

    This panel allows you to send trackbacks to the desired URLs. This will only be displayed if you enable Trackbacks in the Comment Feedback Options panel. more »
  • Item Custom Fields Panel

    If you have defined Custom Fields for the current Item Type, you will be able to enter values for each field in this panel. more »
  • Item Advanced Properties Panel

    You can find and configure the Item’s advanced properties in this panel. more »
  • Forum Anatomy

    Forum functionality has been integrated into the b2evolution platform in a clever and easy-to-use way. There is no need to install or configure additional plugins. Many of the settings used to manage blogs also apply to the forums. To understand how the… more »
  • How to Add Videos

    Adding a video to your post is similar to embedding other types of media. You can use either text editor to do this. more »
  • Editing Comments

    Similar to posts, comments can also be edited. more »
  • System Admin Permissions Panel

    This panel controls access to various Back Office options, including users and groups, settings, antispam, slug management, and email management. more »
  • Category List Widget

    This widget displays a (hierarchic) list of all the categories of the current collection. Clicking a category filters the posts on the selected category. Settings [image:8826] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your… more »
  • Image Options

    Resize large images after upload It is recommended to enable this feature in order to save images in smaller size. The following PHP ini settings may cause issues when large file uploads are enabled: upload_max_filesize: The maximum size of a fil… more »
  • Account Activation Panel

    This panel controls the activation process for newly created user accounts. more »
  • Workflow View

    Using the "Workflow features" in a collection you will be able to add aditional information to its items with the idea to help on information management processes, making this more visible to your users. The information that could be add to ea… more »
  • Comment Moderation

    You can configure the status and moderation of comments in this panel. more »
  • Goal Stats

    This view displays a graph of the daily hits tracked on each one of the goals defined in the site. more »
  • Post Moderation Panel

    In this panel, you can configure some options related with the moderation of the posts. more »
  • Technical Site Settings

    This panel lets you configure some of the technical settings of the site. more »
  • Reputation Panel

    This panel displays how the user’s contribution to the site, i.e., posts created, comments made, photos uploaded, are received by the other users. This also shows the number of audio, video, and other files that the user has uploaded to the site… more »
  • Item Meta Comments Panel

    This panel allows you to see the Meta Comments for the current post. more »
  • Item Type: Use of Advanced Properties Panel

    This is where you configure if this item type will require the use of tags, an excerpt, and an item URL. You can also configure if the item type will use a parent ID, <title>, <meta> description and keywords. more »
  • PHP mail() Function Settings

    This panel is useful only if you are sending email through PHP’s internal mail() function, i-e through your webserver’s SMTP service. On some web hosts, the default params that b2evolution passes to the mail() function are not accepted. On… more »
  • Email Campaign Throttling

    This panel lets you throttle the sending of email campaigns. more »
  • Contact Form Features

    This panel allows you to control what information is shown and what fields are required when submitting the Contact form. more »
  • Poll Detailed Answers

    This panel displays the users that answered the poll and their respective selected options. more »
  • Plugin Settings (Per Collection / Blog)

    The Plugin Settings tab shows a panel for each installed plugin which offers collection/blog specific settings. All installed and enabled renderer plugins are by default included in this list. Also those plugins that support specific "by… more »
  • The File Manager

    b2evolution’s integrated file manager lets you upload images, sounds, videos and any kind of media or documents that you can then attach to your collection posts. Admins can also use the file manager to edit skin templates online. more »
  • Linkblog

    What is a linkblog? A linkblog is a simple way to add content to the sidebar of your regular blog without having to change any skin files or add any content manually. The linkblog is actually just a regular blog which gets inserted into the sidebar of y… more »
  • Notification Options Panel

    This panel allows you to choose the type of notification the Users in this group will receive: full text or short notification. more »
  • Security Options Panel

    In this panel, you can modify the required password length, enable strict logins, and choose whether or not special characters are required for the user generated passwords. more »
  • Registration Info Panel

    This panel will show you information about how the user registered (and potentially also how the account was closed). more »