• PHP mail() function settings

    On some web hosts, the defaults params that b2evolution passes to the mail() function will not be accepted. On this screen you can choose between the 2 most commonly required parameters: -r $return-address$ and -f $return-address$. When you change this… more »
  • SMTP Gateway

    This feature is available since version 6.0.0; Settings have been extended in b2evolution 6.7.5 This screen allows you to configure which SMTP gateway to use to send out emails. By default b2evolution will use the built in mail() function of PHP but you… more »
  • [file:] Short Tag

    will show an icon to open the attached file having ID 123. This is a built-in feature of b2evolution. to be implemented: Proper placement This tag renders into a link (<a>) and can be placed almost anywhere. more »
  • [audio:] Short Tag

    Built-in feature [audio:123] will insert the attached file having ID 123 by using an audio player, using the first audio player plugin available. When you attach an audio file to a post and then click on the green (+) icon, a tag like [audio:123] will… more »
  • Notification Options

    This section allows you to choose the type of notification received: full or short text. more »
  • Using Multiple Domains

    Set up your webserver If you are using [http://b2evolution.net/web-hosting/top-quality-best-webhosting.php shared hosting], check that your hosting plan allows multiple domains and set those up as "Domain Aliases". If your are using a [http:… more »
  • Setting up a multidomain test environment

    This man page refers to b2evolution "phoenix" First, when testing a single domain, you should always use localhost and not the IP address of your machine, nor the windows name of your machine. Trust our experience that cookies may act weird on the IP… more »
  • User Admin Registration

    This section of the User Admin tab will show you information about how the user registered: Account registered on When the account was created. From IP IP of the user who created the account. more »
  • Developer Setup

    ‘’b2evolution version 2.4′’ Desktop blogging clients allow you to post to your blog from a regular Windows or Mac application. That means you don’t have to log in into your admin interface to blog. These clients require t… more »
  • Adding a blacklist entry

    If you want to add a keyword or phrase to your Local blacklist, you must use the form above. Several tasks will be performed by b2evolution after you type an entry and click the button "Check & ban…". Let’s suppose that we want… more »
  • Central blacklist

    Is a centralized list hosted by b2evolution.net and maintained in base of the community contributions. It contains words and phrases to work with the Antispam Blacklist feature and may be used to update the Local Ban List? more »
  • Local blacklist

    This list is used by b2evolution to support the Antispam Blacklist feature. Basically, any URL containing one of the keywords on this list will be banned from posts, comments and logs. Procedence of the words Although all of them will do exactly the s… more »
  • disp = userprefs

    This Disp is used to display an interface where the current User can change his preferences(s). The settings that the user is allowed to change are controlled through User Settings > Profiles. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin… more »
  • disp = profile

    This Disp is used to display a form where the current User can edit the basics of his user profile. The settings that the user is allowed to change are controlled through User Settings > Profiles and User fields. This, of course, only applies as long… more »
  • disp = closeaccount

    This Disp is used to display a form asking the User to confirm he wants to close his account and leave a little bit of feedback. NOTES: The Admin cannot close his account. Regular Users can only close their account if this feature is enabled here:… more »
  • disp = avatar

    This Disp allows the current User to his profile picture(s). The User can set his main profile picture as well as additional pictures he may wish to publish. This Disp also has an equivalent in the Back-Office; see: Profile Picture Tab This, of course,… more »
  • User Fields Panels

    The number of fieldsets in this section may vary, depending on which fields users have defined in their own profiles using the Add new fields feature. more »
  • Add new field Panel

  • Identity Panel

  • How to add a New Blog

    The Welcome Page #After your installation is completed you should login with the password that you were given during installation. #This should automatically take you to backoffice?. You probably want to take a look at what your blog looks like before… more »
  • Sample / Example Blogs

    Why are there already posts on my new blog? When you first install b2evolution your database is populated with several collections, each containing sample posts. If your first thought is to delete everything you see, don’t do it! Hold on a minute.… more »
  • About Author Widget

    This widget allows to display information about the author of the current Item/Post. This widget should be used in the context of a Post/Item. A good place to use this widget is the bottom of the "Item Single" Container. You can select which… more »
  • backup_ignore.conf

    A list of files and directories to be ignored from backup on automatic upgrade. List on file or directory per line. Here is an example of file contents you could use: more »
  • Collection Skin Settings

    This screen shows the skins that will be used by b2evolution to display your collection on a desktop browser / a mobile phone / a tablet device. These are the skins that b2evolution will use by default, that is: unless a different skin has been… more »
  • Installing a new Skin

    This screen can be accessed through various ways, among which: Choosing a skin for a collection Managing the installed skins The System > Skins tab Here is how to install and use a new skin on your system: Download a skin from the Skin Directory.… more »
  • System Skin Properties

    This screen shows you the system properties of a skin. These properties apply to the skin globally, regardless of how many times it is used and in which collections it is used. It shows you a few useful things like: Default name of the skin (You may… more »
  • Manage skins

    This screen can be access through the Collection settings but also through the System menu. At the right-most side of the list, you can find the Action options as follows: Edit skin properties - this action will direct you to: System Skin Properties.… more »
  • Choose a (different) skin

    This screen shows all skins currently installed on the system and that can be used for your current collection: Tou can click a skin to select a skin and replace your current skin. You can also click the [b]Preview[/b] button so you will see how your… more »
  • Forum Anatomy

    Forum functionality has been integrated into the b2evolution platform in a clever and easy-to-use way. There is no need to install or configure additional plugins. Many of the settings used to manage blogs also apply to the forums. To understand how the… more »
  • IP Ranges tab

    This tab lets you configure IP address ranges and specify whether they are trusted, suspect or blocked (they can also be unknown). New IP ranges will be added automatically as b2evolution notices recurring activity from a given range, for example: user… more »