• Database Model / EER Diagram

    Starting with b2evolution 6.10.5 a database model including an EER Diagram is included in the source tree under /_db/b2evo_schema.mwb. This file can be opened with MySQL Workbench (Free software). more »
  • Email Addresses

    Email address statuses Possible statuses for an email address are: Unknown : default status for any new email address, the first time b2evo tries to send email to it. Redemption : The User has clicked to switch from Warning, Suspicious 1/2/3 or… more »
  • Email capture / Quick registration widget

    When placed in the sidebar, the main area, or any Container you like, this widget will display a form to capture the User's email (and optional additional fields). This will quickly create an account for the User and register him to one or more email lists. more »
  • .htaccess File

    In the /blogs folder there should be a file called .htaccess . This file optimizes the way the Apache web server works with b2evolution? If you used the standard b2evolution installer, this file will probably be already set up properly. However, if in… more »
  • Base URL ($baseurl)

    Base URL of b2evolution The Base URL of your b2evolution installation is the web address you use to access the directory where b2evolution is installed on your web server. When you type this URL into a web browser you access the default collection/blog… more »
  • Collection base URL

    The Collection base URL panel lets you configure what the root URL of your collection will look like. This requires Collection Admin permission. [image:4640] Collection URL name: This is a short name used to uniquely identify this collection. It can be… more »
  • How to subscribe users to an email list

    There are basically 3 ways to subscribe new users to a n ((email-list) in b2evolution: Widgets In b2evolution you can place Widgets into Containers almost anywhere you’d like. To subscribe new users to an email list you can use the following… more »
  • Email Deliverability

    Email Deliverability is a tough, yet important subject when you try to send emails from your website. We’ll try to summarize the most important stuff here! The Problem A majority of email messages on the Internet are spam. Therefore most email… more »
  • Return-Path Processing Overview

    Here is a quick overview of how email processing works. more »
  • Newsletter/Email List Subscription Widget

    When placed into the sidebar, main area or any other Container, this widget allows registered users to subscribe / unsubscribe to an Email List. [image:8208:User is not subscribed yet] After clicking: [image:8209:User is now subscribed] Widget can be… more »
  • [subscribe:] Short Tag

    [subscribe:1/some user tag:Button text to subscribe:Button text if already subscribed:] This short tag allows logged-in Users to subscribe to an email list. If they are already subscribed, the button toggles to allows to unsubscribe. This uses the List… more »
  • Issue Date

    Datetime at which an Item has been or will be made available to the Site Visitors. more »
  • How to post by email

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 0.8.6 You can post news from an email client! But first you'll have to edit /conf/_advanced.php, filling the appropriate values for your POP3 email account (this interface doesn't support IMAP yet, only POP… more »
  • Server Side Analytics

    b2evolution will start recording hits on your blogs out of the box, without the need for any additional stats or analytics package. You can see stats for all your blogs under the tab? in the back office. In addition to that, b2evolution 3.x also intro… more »
  • Cross posting

    Allow cross-posting posts to several blogs Extra cats in different blogs Allow moving posts between different blogs Main cat can move to different blog more »
  • XML Importer

    This tool lets you import contents from an XML file. The format is compatible with WordPress exports. more »
  • [emailcapture:] Short Tag

    [emailcapture:1/some user tag:fields:button text] This will display an email capture form (through the Email capture / Quick registration widget) and automatically register users to a mailing list (list #1 in this example). You may use this at the end… more »
  • Registration Permissions

    This is where you define if users can register an account for themselves, and if so, what their default permissions will be - in toher words: what User Group they will belong to. more »
  • Other Registration options

    The section allows you to choose whether or not new users are required to provide their country, first name, language, and gender when they register. [image:1300:] After a new user registers, you can choose to send them back to the page they were ori… more »
  • [video:] Short Tag

    Built-in feature [video:123] will insert the attached file having ID 123 as a video, using the first video player plugin available. When you attach a video file to a post and then click on the green (+) icon, a tag like [video:123] will be automatically… more »
  • [thumbnail:] Short Tag

    Built-in feature [thumbnail:123] will insert the attached image file having ID 123 as a thumbnail, typically a smaller image floating left or right of the main text. This is a built-in feature of b2evolution 6.8+ The inline [thumbnail:] tag is a… more »
  • [teaserbreak] Short Tag

    This short tag allows to mark the separation between the Teaser of a post and the body of the post. In many views, b2evolution will display only the Teaser of a post and a "Read more" or "Full story" link will appear at the position… more »
  • [pagebreak] Short Tag

    This tag allows to have multi-page posts. This used to be really popular in the days when CPM ad banners were cluttering the pages and site editors wanted to generate as many page views as possible. More recently, splitting article over multiple pages… more »
  • Upgrading from version 0.8.2

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 0.8.6 As always, it is very wise to do a backup of your current website / blog / database (depending on what you already have) before starting to install something new. Upgrading templates or skins from 0.8… more »
  • disp = tags

    This Disp is used to display a list (tag cloud) of tags for the current collection. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin you are using doesn’t completely override the behavior of b2evolution’s default disp=tags… more »
  • disp = search

    This Disp is used to display the search form and search results. In v6.6+, the search uses a ranking algorithm in order to present the most relevant results on top. The display is influenced by the settings found in the collection Features > Other… more »
  • disp = postidx

    This Disp is used to display a list of all Posts in the current collection. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin you are using doesn’t completely override the behavior of b2evolution’s default disp=postidx handler. more »
  • disp = page

    This Disp is used to display a standalone Page, i-e a post with the "Page" Post Type. Pages are typically displayed a little differently than Posts, which are displayed through disp = single. One notable difference is that pages typically… more »
  • disp = messages

    This Disp is used to display the list of messages in a private conversation. This disp requires an additional thrd_ID= param. If the request conversation is not found, this disp may also warn about spam threads which may have been deleted by the admin.… more »
  • disp = help

    This Disp is used to display a help page for Visitors having an issue with the site. It especially tells them how to contact the owner. If the collection is private it also explains they need an account to enter. The text displayed on this disp is… more »