• Collection General Parameters

    Main configuration parameters for the current collection. Settings that can be configured in this panel includes: collection logo/image, title, short name, URL "filename", favicon, and collection section. more »
  • Hacks

    A hack is a way to change or extend the functionality of b2evolution by editing the underlying code. more »
  • Image Sizes

    In several places, b2evolution lets you select an "Image Size" a.k.a. "Thumbnail Size" for the images you display. In the name of the sizes you will find the following: type : fit will preserve the image dimensions ratio a… more »
  • Sitemaps Panel

    In this panel, you can enable XML Sitemaps for your collection. more »
  • disp = sitemap

    This Disp is used to display a human-readable sitemap for the current collection. If you are looking for an XML Sitemap instead check here: Sitemaps Panel. more »
  • Test SMTP Settings

    This screen allows you to perform the following tests: SMTP server connection Sending of test email via SMTP server Sending of test email via PHP mail() function more »
  • upgrade_policy.conf

    This will allow b2evolution to perform an auto-upgrade without leaving unwanted files on your server and without overwriting file you don't want to overwrite (e-g: favicon.ico). In this file you can give all kinds of instructions to b2evolution as to how to handle files during upgrade. Look at the comments in the file for more information. more »
  • Getting Help

    Got a question? Got a problem? Where can you find help? more »
  • Email Envelope Settings

    These settings are use when b2evolution sends out notification emails to users of the site. Sender email address This is the address that will appear in the ‘From:’ field of notification emails sent by b2evolution. Sender name This i… more »
  • Sent Emails

    b2evolution internally uses a unique function (send_mail()) through which ALL outgoing emails are piped. This function logs all emails it tries to send into this list. If an email does not appear here, b2evolution didn’t even try to send it. By… more »
  • Email Plugins Settings

    This allows admins to define which renderer plugins will be applied to Email Campaigns. See: Plugin / Apply Rendering more »
  • Section

    A synonym for a Category or a Collection. This term is ambiguous and should be avoided. more »
  • Collection

    A Collection is the generic term used in b2evolution to define a collection of Posts/Items/Articles/Topics/Manual Pages/etc. that are bound together to form a Blog, Forum, Online Manual, etc. By default, each of your Collections also becomes a Section… more »
  • Site Visitor

    A site visitor is anyone accessing a website powered by b2evolution. more »
  • Author

    A person who publishes Posts into a Collection. The Author of a Post also automatically becomes the Owner of that post. more »
  • Collection Member

    A Logged In User can be declared to be a Member of a Collection through the Advanced Permissions system. See List of Permissions. Being a Collection Member may allow him to see contents that non-members may not see. more »
  • Item

    A synonym for a Post. A single entry in a Collection, generally consisting of a title and a text among other fields of information. It has a unique ID and may have several Slugs. more »
  • Assumed User Skills

    Skills that someone should ideally have prior to installation. more »
  • Seen By Widget

    This widget shows which Collection Members of a collection have already seen a post (green dot), not seen a post (red dot) or seen it but not the latest changes (orange dot). The widget is pre-installed in the "Item Single" Container in some… more »
  • disp = avatar

    This Disp allows the current User to their profile picture(s). The User can set his main profile picture as well as additional pictures he may wish to publish. This Disp also has an equivalent in the Back-Office; see: Profile Picture Tab This, of… more »
  • Converting WordPress Themes

    This page gives an overlook as to how to convert WordPress? themes into b2evolution 2.2.1+ skins. While WordPress? themes used to be very different, since WP 1.5, WP themes are now very similar to evoSkins. This makes porting relatively easy. Convertin… more »
  • disp = useritems

    This Disp is used to display the list of all Posts that a User has created on this system. more »
  • Wiki Tables Plugin

    This renderer plugin allows you to create tables in your posts using the Wiki tables markup. This plugin is bundled with b2evolution version 6.x+ more »
  • System requirements

    In a nutshell: you need a webserver with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 or later. more »
  • In-skin Actions Settings

    You will find this screen in the back office under Blogs > Settings > Advanced. Only an admin with global Blog admin privileges can change this. You can turn on or off: In-skin login In-skin editing more »
  • Collection Cache Settings

    ā€˜ā€™b2evolution version 4.1′ā€™ The Caching fieldset is part of the Blog Properties? since b2evo version 3.x. These settings control [[Caching_and_cache_levels#High_level_caches|High level caches]] for the current Blog. Starting iā€¦ more »
  • External Feeds

    ‘’b2evolution version 2.4.6′’ The External Feeds fieldset is part of the Blog Properties since b2evo version 2.4.6. This is useful when you use an external service such as Feedburner to manage your RSS feeds. In this case, ent… more »
  • Item Status Form

    This screen lets you enable which item types accept which item statuses. This is useful to narrow down the list of possible statuses that can be used in the Workflow Panel. more »
  • Managing Item Statuses

    Item statuses can be assigned to individual posts when the Workflow feature is enabled in the Workflow Features Panel. This screen allows to edit the possible statuses that can be assigned to Items. more »
  • Use of Comments in an Item

    This panel allows you to toggle the use of comments, add a custom message before the comment form, allow the closing and disabling of comments, and use of comment expiration for a particular item type. more »