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LunarPages Review

  December 28, 2007 • Category: Reviews


LunarPages is a well known host which has been operating out of Los Angeles, CA since 2000. After building a solid reputation for reliability and support in the shared hosting market, LunarPages has branched out to Dedicated, Reseller and VPS hosting.

  • Datacenter locations: Los Angeles CA, Riverside CA and Las Vegas NV – Datacenter photos »
  • Call center location: La Habra, California.
  • Customers: 150,000 +
  • Created: 2000
  • CEO: Ron Riddle
  • Parent company: Add2Net

User experience

Our Lunar Pages test site showed to be very responsive. FTP transfers were equaly fast and the control panel did not hang at any time.

  • Control panel: proprietary + link to standard cPanel 11 – Up to date
  • Application installer: Fantastico Deluxe – Up to date
  • Ticketing: proprietary

Access to the standard cPanel can be a little hard to find at first but you can always just use your-site-url/cpanel.

A few SSL domain mismatch alerts are annoying and might pose a light security threat.

Only a single concurrent FTP connection is possible. This is annoying if you want to update your site often with large amounts of files. You will not be able to parallelize uploads.

Customer satisfaction

Users typically choose LunarPages for their brand recognition and long experience. Their platform is time proven and their support staff well trained.

Technical specs

  • PHP version: 5.2.4 – Up to date.
  • MySQL version: 5.0.27
  • Apache version: 1.3.39
  • GD library: 2.0.28 – Good.
  • Perl version: 5.8.8


LunarPages is running suPHP and there is strong isolation between user accounts.

SFTP is not available.

Overall security is good.

Support Options

  • Phone support: Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 8:00 pm PST/PDT
    • US / International: +1 714-521-8150
    • Toll Free UK: +44 0800-072-9150
  • Email support: 24/7/365
    • Technical support: support(at)lunarpages.com
    • Sales: sales(at)lunarpages.com
    • Billing: billing(at)lunarpages.com
    • Dedicated servers: dedicated(at)lunarpages.com
  • Ticketing system: http://desk.lunarpages.com/
  • Knowledge base / FAQ
  • Online tutorials
  • Forums

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3.4 stars
Comment from: Jeffrey McNaney [Visitor]
5 stars
Jeffrey McNaney

I have run several personal websites with Lunarpages as my host for many years now. I have continued to be pleased by the service provided. I have had stable and reliable service, on the occasions where there have been technical concerns their support team has been prompt with their work and have followed through persistently to fix the problem. Personally I will continue to use their hosting for a long time to come.

12/06/13 @ 06:14
Comment from: PapaC [Visitor]

As much as I hated to do it, I had to cancel my service with LunarPages. They have hosted my website for several years and always provided a great service. I found that I just could not justify needing it anymore. For those looking for a hosting site, give them a look. Thanks Ashley for all your help today.

12/03/13 @ 23:02
Comment from: Mauro Dutra [Visitor]  
5 stars
Mauro Dutra

Lunarpages Technical Support Team is so outstanding it is impossible for me to compare them to our previous hosting service provider. We are extremely satisfied with the promptness and proficiency of Lunarpages Systems Administrator; not to mention their friendly and cordial manners. They the tirelessly work to resolve our issue. They provide a truly exceptional service.

Thank you Lunarpages Technical Support Team.

Mauro Dutra
Web Developer, Cuda Zoo, LLC.

11/28/13 @ 05:23
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

Lunar ROCKS! Our company has been with them since just after their inception as a Hosting presence and we aren’t leaving. If we have a problem they fix it without a lot of questions or finger pointing. Great service.

11/27/13 @ 22:08
Comment from: Glen Hiemstra [Visitor]
Glen Hiemstra

My business site was hosted for several years at Lunar Pages on a shared server. We outgrew that in terms of traffic, and now have moved on to a different option for us. However, my experience with Lunar Pages over several years was positive. I would recommend that if you are on a shared server, you invest in the “managed shared hosting” option which does cost $39.95 a month, but the support and service you get for that is quite good - 24/7 dedicated line, quick response to issues, and LP would do the fixes directly whenever I asked them to handle it.

11/25/13 @ 20:55
Comment from: Paul Costas [Visitor]
5 stars
Paul Costas

Been with them for years (8+) and have been VERY happy. Sure, there has been a few hiccups, but EVERYbody makes mistakes. The true measure of a company is what they do AFTER the mistake. Lunar has always treated me right and been good to work with.

11/23/13 @ 20:54
Comment from: Ric West [Visitor]
1 stars
Ric West

I have been with Lunar pages for several years. They used to have outstanding service. Not any more! Run a popular blog site or forums? Don’t bother with Lunar. If you go over 2% of cpu usage (due to a lot of hits to your site) and they start shutting you down. first by an occasional resource limit exceeded message. Followed by them CHOWNing your index.php taking your site down. Then after 3 days of emailing them about the issue they grant access to the file again and tell you to start banning IP addresses of those that visit the most? How is a person supposed to build a successful blog or forums if they have the servers so over crowded that 500 unique page hits a day causes them to panic? I’m fed up with lunar pages and will be moving to a new host in the very near future.

01/04/13 @ 20:47
Comment from: Gail [Visitor]
1 stars

I too hosted with LunarPages for more than 10 years. I don’t know what’s changed for them but they are simply not the company that they were. Customer support is horrendous, technical support is extremely slow (more than 4 days to resolve email/domain issues on their end which then reoccurred a month later). I am moving on to another host this weekend.

11/17/12 @ 18:40
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]
1 stars

I have been with Lunarpages for over 10 years and signed up for a very extended contract….what use to be a great service has recently deteriorated to the point where I must start looking for a new service.
Their support is non existent … I have spent an entire day trying to contact them in many ways … no response…

06/05/12 @ 18:19
Comment from: Zek [Visitor]
1 stars

Today it is 4.5 days and Lunarpages server is still down!! I have a magento e-shop on lunarpages caracalla server.
I lost money and prestige of my e-shop!!
An email from Lunarpages;

” A technician responded to your ticket with:
Hi ….,

We are deeply sorry for the current issue. The database server is undergoing a controlled restore and this should be resolved within a timely manner.

Meanwhile we thank you for your time and kind patience.

Best Regards, ”

This is really headache , Just think twice if you are planning a hosting company ! and stay away !

01/28/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: Domeinnaam [Visitor]  
5 stars

I liked it. very nice services keep it up.

12/29/11 @ 09:13
Comment from: Miguel [Visitor]
5 stars

To whom it may concern,

I’ve been doing Web design for the last 18 years and still counting, The first time I heard of Lunarpages, was way back in 2003.

Lunarpages offers not only have improved over the years, but the Customer Service, be it by email or phone call HAS ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY and still does after so many years.

I can send 30 emails back and forward and I always get a friendly reply, if not from sales, I get it from support, if not from support, I get it from the server admin………. the point is, the replies are almost instantaneous or less than 24 Hours and they don’t go in circles, straight to the point. There were times, I honestly felt that I had a personal admin helping me in real time as the emails replies were almost instantaneous.

Another time I was testing 10+ blog CM Systems to fit my own work. The server admin, was tirelessly helping me with my server settings, unlike some other companies who will simply brush you off. The best doesn’t end yet, if the problem is not sorted, they go deep and investigate in order to come up with a solution to my problem. Now…………. THAT IS JUST BRILLIANT!

Bravo to EVERYONE at Lunarpages. It really shows a great team work and love / patience they all have for what they do. I love that.

And by the way, I’m not even paying high premium to get all these attention, I’m only on Basic plan!!! You got to try to believe it, I highly recommend it. This is not a sale speech, but from an extremely happy Customer who Lunarpages helped for so many years.

I’m currently rebuilding my website by the way.

Mark my words, Lunarpages truly means Excellent Customer Service!

Miguel Rosa Duque
Senior Web Designer

09/21/11 @ 07:32
Comment from: Lee, Gang Hee [Visitor]  
5 stars
Lee, Gang Hee


The ‘Support and Assistance’ staff and ‘System Administrator Team’ of Lunarpages always kindly provide perfect levels of support in a timely manner with thorough knowledge mastering even way beyond the limits of server/hosting area, including ability to address and pinpoint where exactly else, other than on the server hosting side, unusually occurring problems lie, which is a difficult matter to address. There cannot be any better service for hosting customers than this level of support as it can be found nowhere else, not only in the web hosting industry but throughout the entire world. I felt a little fretful when I suddenly had an unusual problem recently after many years of using Lunarpages hosting service, but in the end it really became a delightful experience with such perfect support.

I have continuously been using web and server hosting services in the States since 1994 when only a few people knew about the Internet. The company Lunarpages is the best, perfect, and the most professional so far, and I think it is impossible to be any better than what Lunarpages provides in ‘ALL’ aspects including price value, customer/technical support and knowledge, server, connection speed, uptime!!

Thank you very much Lunarpages!!

06/04/11 @ 09:23
Comment from: Danskin.com [Visitor]  
4 stars

Simply wanna say to Lunarpages because it gives me solid income through my websites, I run almost 4 site with Lunarpages and all are heavy one’s which distribute amazing data to users.

04/29/11 @ 08:32
Comment from: Chris Johnson [Visitor]
3 stars
Chris Johnson

I was going to switch until my friend advised me not to. He has been using lunar for a little over a year and said that he gets a ton of unexpected charges.

02/04/11 @ 06:49
Comment from: eurusd [Visitor]
5 stars

After a horror year with net4.in I transferred to Lunarpages, since i have been with Lunarpages I have had absolutely no problem and getting everything up was easy. Their support was also very helpful in the few issues I had. When you’re calling from overseas it’s highly appreciated when they pick up their phone quickly. I reccommend Lunarpages.

01/25/11 @ 00:49
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]
5 stars

Sure about the uptime?

11/24/10 @ 17:39
Comment from: A.W. [Visitor]
1 stars

I was with Lunarpages for several years…but this past year I have experienced everything from “new” fees on things promised in my packages (they claim to have changed their terms–hence the fees) to unauthorized credit card charges.

They used to be good, but now they have permanently lost my business and led me to seek another company to do business with.

02/07/10 @ 02:25
Comment from: Bill Barrett [Visitor]  
1 stars
Bill Barrett

My lunarpages website was hacked. Whoever hacked my site successfully performed a chown on my directories so I could not fully restore my site. I contacted technical support, and they refused to do anything. They sent me a message suggesting everything that I already tried. Unless they are able to help, I will be moving my site to a new host.

05/31/09 @ 08:32
Comment from: Marty Bateson [Visitor]
2 stars
Marty Bateson

I’m in the middle of a two year plan and today is the 3rd day of my site being offline. This is the forth such outage in 1 year. They even bring your site down for system file checks during peak hours. It’s a shame, but I’m giving up my pre-paid year to go elsewhere.
Watch out for their sinuous statement: “We experience 99.9% uptime on all servers and network equipment over a 12 month period. That 00.1% is equal to approximately 9 hours of downtime in a year, not even a full day. We are well within this limit.”
This is not a guarantee but bafflegab to make you think your site will not go down well within their 9 hr limit. Complain that your site has been down 3 days? They remind you that 9 hours is collective on ALL servers and network equipment - lol, your site is NOT on all equipment! It’s an empty statement! In a 12 month period I have well over 9 hours (all with apologies. Ask your bank manager how much that’s worth).

04/28/09 @ 15:29
Comment from: Papacat [Visitor]
5 stars

Been with LunarPages for six months now and am running five sites through them, two mostly static, one a blog site, one a combination of static, blog, forums, and a custom database. All of these have been flawless, not a single known incident of downtime, perfect responsiveness, and their service has been excellent. I am more than happy!

03/13/09 @ 21:24
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
5 stars

great service no issues

10/15/08 @ 15:40
Comment from: Alex Fihman [Visitor]  
3 stars
Alex Fihman

Just beware, that if you plan to host the large amount of big files, you’ll face a problem with Lunar. They’ll ask you to delete the files. 1500Gb promise is not valid.

06/29/08 @ 13:57
Comment from: Michael Robinson [Visitor]
2 stars
Michael Robinson

Was with lunarpages for 4/5 years.. just in the last month I’ve have three outages. One for a day and a half the second for 3days!! Straight!! and most recently my email has gone down, three strikes their out! I’m shopping for someone else. Other than the past month they were decent, but didn’t feel that their customer support was that great through this experience.

06/12/08 @ 17:21
Comment from: Arthur F Hayes [Visitor]
5 stars
Arthur F Hayes

We have signed up for another web site “we-dance.info” and chose lunarpages
since we have had a good experience with our other site “fpcpc.org” which we
manage for our church. “we-dance.info” will be for our own use. We have
found lunarpages to be reliable, easy to use and a great bargain.

05/18/08 @ 02:40


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