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BlueHost Review

  February 2, 2008 • Category: Reviews


BlueHost is an indepentently owned and operated hosting company based in Orem, Utah.

BlueHost has been providing hosting services since 1996 and is well established as a serious hosting company.

User experience

Our BlueHost test site showed good response and uptimes.

We were able to perform 6 simultaneous FTP transfers, which makes upload very fast.

  • Control panel: reskinned cPanel 11 - Up to date
  • Application installers:
    • Simple Scripts - Excellent availability of recent apps!
    • Fantastico Deluxe - Up to date

BlueHost's skinning is light enough not to get in the way. A handful of promotional items at the top tend to be annoying at first but can be collapsed.

Their proprietary Simple Scripts application installer is currently the best in the industry.

Customer satisfaction

Like any other hosting company who's been around for over 10 years, there have been occasional technical problems but they have always been solved in reasonable delays.

Long time customers tend to agree that their overall experience with BlueHost has been highly above average.

BlueHost is also known to have extremely good response times, both by email and by phone.

Technical specs

  • MySQL 5.0.45 - Up to date
  • PHP 5.2.45 - Up to date
  • UTF-8 and mbstring: supported

Overall, the platform is state of the art.

Section updated April 30th, 2008.


BlueHost is running suPHP and there is strong isolation between user accounts. (FastCGI is also available)

SFTP is not available.

Overall security is good.

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Comment from: Namita [Visitor]

This article discuss all detail about Bluehost company. This company offers VPS and Dedicated server hosting. This article is helpful in selecting hosting.

10/04/14 @ 13:46
Comment from: Jim [Visitor]
5 stars

Been with them since 2002.. Great! have 5 clients using them as well…

10/04/13 @ 19:50
Comment from: bruce flynn [Visitor]
bruce flynn
1 stars

arrogant tech support suggested that I host my images elsewhere instead stopping the process that was causing a slowdown on mysites. Go elsewhere, I will be looking now.

09/03/12 @ 03:58
Comment from: ismail mert [Visitor]
ismail mert
5 stars

i have been working with bluehost for 3 years and they works great. i recommended all, thanks bluehost

08/02/12 @ 00:58
Comment from: Lily [Visitor]
1 stars

When Bluehost raised their domain renewal from $10 to $14, I told them to not renew my domain and not charge my card. I transferred my domain, but they still charged my card, and refused to give me a refund. Then they deactivated my hosting account, with all my clients, even though it was fully paid. I used to love Bluehost, but they are awful now. Avoid them!

06/11/12 @ 21:40
Comment from: tony [Visitor]
1 stars

Horrible service, do not host with this company! If you have an online e-shop with this hosting beware

Bluehost wrongly suspended my account without any warning for 3 weeks due to a copyright issue - This is their standard policy! after 3 weeks and over 20 calls they apologized and unsuspended my account. By then of course i have lost lots of business and have already transferred my site to a much better hosting company

05/20/12 @ 08:44
Comment from: Pete [Visitor]
5 stars

With several sites now hosted on B over the last 4 years, most including databases, I can say I am more than happy.
On-line support has been quick when needed. No complaints at all.
I recommend them to my clients and have no interest in going elsewhere.
Far, far better value and service than any Australian host I have had any dealings with.

05/05/12 @ 08:06
Comment from: matt [Visitor]
1 stars

Been with 1and1 for years - they are a pain to set up sites, but once they were up, very little if any downtime and really just never had many issues. I just tried bluehost and launched my site yesterday, told facebook fans, friends, and then I go to check site tonight, and the SQL database goes offline and now my site is down. I look like total idiot to the public, so they lost me in a total of 2 weeks - great service! I would highly recommend anyone else but Bluehost.

07/01/11 @ 05:24
Comment from: traffic siphon [Visitor]
traffic siphon
4 stars

Yes. Blue host is great hosting. I am with them from 2008 and love there service. Great Article. Thanks

09/04/10 @ 20:35
Comment from: Martinswar [Visitor]  
5 stars

I impulsively became a webmaster overnight but furtunatly, I got BlueHost and they did a fantastic job in teaching me 1 on 1 what I needed to know to get up and running.

I have been with BlueHost for 4 years now and they have never disappointed me, not even once.

Their helpdesk is second to none, (Though they are my first and only Host so far) if the technician you have on phone hits a brick wall in regards to your immediate issue “no panic” he or she creates a ticket that get handled by a Level 2 technician and within a coupled of hours the designated technician resolves the issues as expected; what better Hosting service can one wish for?

Their staffs are, Patient servicedesk employees, good listeners, experienced trouble-shooters.

I strongly recommend bluehost.com and I can vouch that you too will not regret you did.

08/17/10 @ 02:25
Comment from: julio [Visitor]
5 stars

they are great!!! the email limit is per hour it was 150 for me but i went to their website to chat with them to ask how many where the limitation and the agent raised to 750 righ away and i don’t even ask him to doit it took like 30 seconds … the bandwith is very fast all the sites i have has very good performance

04/28/10 @ 18:07
Comment from: LinuxGeek [Visitor]
4 stars

In reply to Magda Wojtyra. Get your facts straight. You are ignorant. The ‘default’ limit is 150 per HOUR “not day” and can be easily raised to 750 per HOUR with one call. Bluehost is not perfect “for from it” But your comments are greatly skewed by your ignorance.

03/19/10 @ 11:00
Comment from: blind-eddie [Visitor]  
5 stars

I have been with BH for almost 6 years.
I was new to the web when I contacted BH for domain space.
At first, there were issues exceeding php limits, maxing out storage limit.
But, they evolved as I evolved.
I have never had any issues with support.
Domain was only down due to a transformer
getting struck by lightning.
Any time I have called them for what ever reason I called them, I was never on hold for more then 2 min. Their staff is top notch & address any issue in a timely manner.

I host 15 sites on BH, 12 with databases & loaded with mods. NO issues, nice and smooth.
I would never leave BH & highly recommend anyone looking for a hosting company to give BH a try….You will be very happy!

02/02/10 @ 07:21
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]  
4 stars

I hosted with BlueHost for 5 years, their service was very good though I rarely had to contact their tech support. My one compliant: they didn’t always respond immediately, but service was always good and problems resolved.

01/02/10 @ 10:30
Comment from: David [Visitor]
5 stars

I’m located in Australia and I moved to Bluehost to host a couple of Australian domains a little over 2 years ago. Their support in the setup phase was outstanding. I have never had my site go down. Site response times are fast. Compared to Australian hosts, they offer amazing value and superb service.

11/15/08 @ 01:29
Comment from: CombatWombat [Visitor]
1 stars

Used to be good. They now oversell too far, resulting in horrendous downtime. Don’t be surprised if you cannot get my site. I’ve have the past three weeks of hell with their server, and they won’t move me to another- “policy". Don’t try to back up your MySQL database with them either- it kicks you out due to “high” cpu usage! Overall I need to move my sites and blogs off there to somewhere reliable, otherwise why bother having a web presence at all?
Their realtime chat tech support is clueless, and offers nothing better than “we’re sorry, an Administrator is working on it". Cannot get phone support- we are not in the States.
I’m off hunting for a good webhost…

09/29/08 @ 06:00
Comment from: Bill [Visitor]
4 stars

I’ve been with them for more than 2 years now.
I like BlueHost. Good phone support service.

05/18/08 @ 15:50

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