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HostMonster & BlueHost getting their ducks in a row?

  February 11, 2008 • Category: News

Today, I talked to Matt Heaton -- CEO of HostMonster and BlueHost -- about their recent quality issues.

One of their major problems was their CPU usage limitation that would frequently block customer scripts from executing normally. Matt told me this was now completely fixed:

"We went from 55,000 blocks PER DAY to just over 250".

The 250 remaining are scripts that actually go wrong, like entering endless loops and things like that.

The other major customer complaint we've been hearing lately was about support quality. Matt attributes this to their recent exploding growth.

"Support isn't there yet, but server quality is there. Support is ALMOST there. We hired 40 people in January. We will be to less than 1 min hold times in less than 20 days. There are all in the training class now (Actually 2 training classes) and will be out soon."

With the additional workforce HM+BH's staff will reach 200 people.

So check back by the end of the month to see if HostMonster's and BlueHost's tech support are back on track.

Looking at BlueHost's track record since 1996, we have reasons to believe they will indeed get things under control.


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Comment from: alamperti [Visitor]
4 stars

agreed, hostmonster support is great. i’ve asked them some tricks like primary and addon domain swap, they responded quickly and were helpful. no problems with my scripts yet :)

06/11/09 @ 11:36
Comment from: butter [Visitor]
5 stars

we all kn ow that hostmoster is a subsidy compnay of blue host –and both offer same services at sameprices . if u check thy have same address. abt the support- i shifted my hosting to hostmonster 2 days back and had some problems – but these guys just keep u on hold for a max of 1-2 minutes and have every solution for u . when ever u need they are there

01/15/09 @ 19:25