• Organization Members Widget

    This widget will display the users of an organization in a responsive grid (designed for Bootstrap). The organization can be set in the widget property "Organization ID". Params Live demo You can do to the live demo of b2evolution and scroll… more »
  • List Collections (REST)

    GET /api/v1/collections This lists the collections depending on their Show in Front-office list setting. Response is an array of Collections having each the following properties: Collection properties Name Type Description id integer Collection… more »
  • List Users (REST)

    GET /api/v1/users This lists the users as API equivalent of disp = users. Response is an array of the following properties: Name Type Description found integer Number of found users page integer Current page page_size integer Number users per… more »
  • Intranet setup

    Using b2evolution on an intranet isn’t much different from a regular internet installation. However, in some cases there might be specifics, which we will list below. During Setup The installer screen has a checkbox for intranet installs. Make sur… more »
  • Regional Cities list

  • General Post Type Settings

    Post Type Usage In b2evolution version 6.7, this lets you specify the usage of the post type. There are basically 3 different kinds of usages: Posts that will appear in the flow of posts/news. Typically: posts, manual pages, forum topics, photo albums,… more »
  • Post/Comment Visibility Statuses

    The visibility status shows who should be able to see a a post or a comment. more »
  • upgrade_policy.conf

    This is for more advanced users. In the /conf folder there is a file called upgrade_policy_sample.conf. It is recommended that you copy and rename this file to upgrade_policy.conf. This will allow b2evolution to perform an Automatic Upgrade? without l… more »
  • Automated Install / Upgrade

    This page is intended for integrators / developers, not for regular users. b2evolution supports fully automated installation and fully automated upgrade by calling the regular /install/index.php script with special parameters, either via CURL or via PHP… more »
  • Global Site Settings

    Site Code This will be displayed in the back office breadcrumbs and can help you identify which site you're working on if you have several sites to maintain. Max length = 20. Prefilled with $instance_name by default. Site color Hex color code. Used for… more »
  • Lost Password

    Forgot your password? Don’t panic, as long as you provided a valid email address upon the creation of your user during installation, you can provide your username on this page and a password reset link will be sent to your email. How to recover a… more »
  • Cookie Authentication (REST)

    If you are already logged in to b2evolution in a web browser, you will have a session cookie and you can use this cookie to obtain privileges when calling the REST API. This is particularly useful when you use the REST API in a browser, for example in a… more »
  • Delete a User (REST)

    DELETE /api/v1/users/ This is API end-point to delete a user like admins/moderators can do this from back-office Users. more »
  • Update a User (REST)

    POST /api/v1/users/ This is API end-point to update a user like admins/moderators can do this from back-office Editing an User Account. more »
  • Retrieve a User (REST)

    GET /api/v1/users/ This is the API equivalent of disp = user. more »
  • Retrieve any item (REST)

    GET /api/v1/collections//items/ This is the equivalent of API end-point "Retrieve a Post" to get an item with any type. more »
  • Member Count Widget

    This widget allows to display the member count of a collection and link to the list of members. It will only display the count if the collection is "Members Only" (because non-members are not allowed to see who is a member). more »
  • Item Content Widget

    This is the widget that displays the content of a post on disp = single. This is done by including the template _item_content.inc.php, which can be customized in each skin. The reason this template is wrapped in a widget is that it makes it possible to… more »
  • Item Tags Widget

    This widget displays the tags associated with a specific post. The widget is pre-installed in the Item Single Container? in some collections. more »
  • Small Print Widget

    This widget displays the small print typically found below a post. It is preinstalled in some collections in the Item Single Container?. Different display formats are available in the widget settings. more »
  • I made a change but my blog is not updated

    By default, b2evolution saves a cached version of all your public blog pages and only refreshed that cache every 10 minutes. This is very handy in case one of your blog posts gets very popular, as it allows you web server to serve the page really quick… more »
  • Prune old files from page cache

    The /_cache folder will accumulate many files over time that may no longer be needed. This tasks will clean up the files that are no longer needed. more »
  • Coding Standard Guidelines

    These are guidelines you should follow to make your code match the existing b2evolution code. The goal is to keep the coding style consistent throughout the whole project. more »
  • Debugging

    Before you try to debug anything, start by checking if you have caching turned on for your blog. If so, you may be seeing bugs that are cached but no longer exist. Turn caches off to make sure you see what’s going on in real time. Enable Debugging… more »
  • Dev Menu

    When developing skins, enabling the little Dev menu can be very useful. How to enable the Dev menu In the _advanced.php, change the following lines: /** * Do you want to display the "Dev" menu in the evobar? * This allows to display the dev… more »
  • Simple Linkblog Links List Widget

    Simplified Item list for listing links from another blog. Note: this widget is removed in version 6.7.1+ because we don’t have a unique type for "Sidebar Links" any more. However you can still achieve the exact same behavior with the… more »
  • Simple Sidebar Links List Widget

    This widget will display a list of all posts of type "Sidebar Links" found in the current collection. Note: this widget is removed in version 6.7.1+ because we don’t have a unique type for "Sidebar Links" any more. However you… more »
  • Custom Site Skin

    Future versions of b2evolution will include customization through the Back-Office. In version 6.6 you need to manually duplicate and edit some files. The files responsible for displaying the header and the footer can be found in the /skins_site… more »
  • Users' Pictures Widget

    This widget will display a list of profile pictures (typically random) registered on the site. Clicking on a profile will lead to the user’s page (disp = user). more »
  • Using bootstrap classes in footers

    Very often we want to have several widgets/sections in the footer of our website. By default, if we insert several widgets in the footer container (or any other), they would be placed one below the other, which is usually not what we want. In most… more »