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« How do we do it?

HostPapa purchases "green energy tags" or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. That supplier calculates the total energy consumption of our operation and uses their suppliers of green energy to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid. Since HostPapa began purchasing green energy, we have removed thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases affecting our environment.

Why did we do it?

Simply put, we did it because of our commitment to corporate responsibility and to the environment. Ultimately, we wanted to be the green leader in web hosting. The servers and equipment we use here at HostPapa run 24 hours per day and consume a great deal of electricity. Why should we burden the world just because we require that electricity to power our servers? If we need the electricity for our operation, let's buy it from clean energy sources and contribute positively to our environment.

The source of our 100% renewable Green Tag energy that ultimately supplies the HostPapa servers comes from multiple sources, including:

  • Condon Wind Facility (Gilliam County, OR)
  • Foote Creek Wind Facility (Carbon County, WY)
  • Klondike Wind Facility (Sherman County, OR)
  • Northwest Small Wind Co-op (WA, MT)
  • Northwest Solar Co-op (OR, WA)
  • Portland Brewery Blocks (Portland, OR)
  • Solar Ashland (Ashland, OR)
  • Stateline Wind Facility (Walla Walla County, WA; Umatilla County, OR)
  • Summerview Wind Facility (Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada)
  • Tillamook Animal Waste to Energy (Tillamook, OR)
  • Washington State School for the Blind (Vancouver, WA)
  • White Bluffs/Hanford (White Bluffs, WA)»

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Host Papa
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Monthly:$ 3.95
Disk space :100 GB
Control Panel:cPanel


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Comment from: Mike Howard Visitor

Mike Howard

After 5 years with them they have been overcharging me and not even offering what is in the basic package. You would think with 24/7 support it would not take a week to talk to a supervisor Mac K.that is condescending, rude, and not even willing to offer at the very minimum all that is included in the basic package even though I have been paying more for the business package from what is is offered today. I am also told there is nobody to speak to to have a professional conversation with regarding this matter expect the one level up from Customer Support. I can go on, on with much more detail on why I will never do business with them again, so be forwarded. There service speeds are also lowest from all 4 other accounts I have with others.

2016-09-11 @ 20:49

Comment from: Jon Hollingworth Visitor

Jon Hollingworth

I used to have no issues with HostPapa but lately my website has become unusable! I have some SQL database that I frequently use and now it is unusable and I have a few employees’s that use it. I am migrating away from HostPapa because I get the same customer service as everyone else and it’s pathetic! They keep blaming my website! But why would it suddenly get slower to the point it is unusable! Game over for you HostPapa, I’m moving on! PEOPLE! CAREFUL ABOUT THIS CHEAP SITE!

2014-10-28 @ 01:34

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