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Host Papa

Host Papa

$ 3.95/mo

Control Panel: cPanel
b2evo quick install: (Softaculous)

Green Energy

Host Papa

Can run 2 separate websites on 1 account
Uses green energy
Specific b2evolution support
No SSD drives
No SSH (only on VPS)
This plan includes active b2evolution support and uses green energy. Also interesting for serving the Canadian market (proximity).

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« We understand that our customers' web sites are important and that they count on us to ensure that their service is not interrupted.

At HostPapa, we consider every one of our customers to be a part of our family. That's why our motto is "Let Papa take care of you".

Free Setup1 click b2evo install • Dedicated customer service • 30-day money-back guarantee

Hostpapa has taken the initiative of going green by purchasing 100% Green Renewable energy to power our data center, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space. »

Current Prices and Promotions for Host Papa Updated daily!
Selected hosting package: Starter
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 5.95 /mo$ 71.40
24 Month Contract$ 4.95 /mo$ 118.80
36 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 142.20

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Host Papa details & alternatives

Host PapaA2 Hosting
Hosting Company
Package NameStarterLite
Positives Can run 2 separate websites on 1 account
Uses green energy
Specific b2evolution support
Excellent platform technology
Choice of datacenter
Very transparent website
Negatives No SSD drives
No SSH (only on VPS)
Automatic daily backups not included (available as upgrade)
SummaryThis plan includes active b2evolution support and uses green energy. Also interesting for serving the Canadian market (proximity).This plan is downright excellent with one exception: you'll have to rely on manual backups or upgrade to get automated backups. Active b2evolution support.
Pricing breakdown
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 3.95$ 2.99
1 Month (Trial) N/A$ 10.99
Monthly for 12 mo $ 5.95$ 6.99
Monthly for 24 mo $ 4.95$ 4.39
Monthly for 36 mo $ 3.95$ 2.99
Renewal Price (1 mo) N/A$ 10.99
Renewal Price (12 mo) $ 9.99$ 8.99
Renewal Price (24 mo) $ 8.99$ 7.99
Renewal Price (36 mo) $ 7.99$ 7.99
Renewal Price Max $ 9.99$ 9.99
Best price HOWTO Click to get
promo price
Use code
Money Back
30 daysAnytime!
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com Free$ 14.95 /yr
.com Renewal $ 16.99 /yr$ 14.95 /yr
.com Privacy $ 9.99 /yr$ 9.95 /yr
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space 100 GBUnlimited
SSD Disk
Sites per Account 21
Alias/Parked Domains 025
Subdomains 255
Max DBs 255
Free SSL
Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew
SSH Access
Cron Jobs
Included backups
Backup Upgrade$19.95 /yr
or upgrade
Upgrade to higher plan
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accounts10025
Email aliasesUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage500 MBUnlimited
Network Features
Dedicated IP$ 4.00 /mo$ 4.00 /mo
Datacenters in USA12
Datacenters in Europenone1
Datacenters in Asianone1
Green energy
100% renewable Green Tag energy

CO2 offset by
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
full site

Domain only
Hosting Company
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Advanced b2evo support
Shared OSCloudLinuxLinux
PHP 5.6 & 7.0 (Choose your version) 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 (Choose Your Version)
Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2 (switch as you wish)
PERL 5.10
MySQL 5.6 5.6
PostgreSQL 9.6


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278 ratings
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Comment from: joel Visitor


Very happy of my recent transfer to HostPapa, I had transfer 4 domains and it was very easy.

Simple, Quick and operational. + the user Cpanel is super useful!!!!

Comment from: Leon Vainer Visitor

Leon Vainer

I can not remember the last time I had to get in touch with Host Papa support. A testament to their reliability and uptime.

Comment from: Amana Mission Visitor

Amana Mission

HostPapa is the best alternative energy-powered host that I have found. In my experience they are as good or better than every other host I have looked in to. My sites have only gone down a few times in the 2 years that I have been with HostPapa and every time that it has happened customer support has been very quick to contact me and get my sites up and running again.

I have also joined the HostPapa affiliate program and the fact that it is all run with alternative energy credits is a great selling point.

Comment from: Peter Lounsbury Visitor

Peter Lounsbury

This is my first try at making a website everything is very easy to use. When I did have some difficultity they were easy to get a hold of and very helpful.

Comment from: David Pilgrim Visitor

David Pilgrim

The service and the esae of use is outstanding. Hostpapa is a great place to be to host your site. I have had nothing but great experiences with getting my sites up and reaceiving the help that I needed when I needed it.

Thanks to all the staff and have a great christmas

Keep up the good work Hostpapa

Comment from: Robert Mitchell Visitor

Robert Mitchell

The HostPapa service has exceeded my expectations. Getting my website up and running was made very easy with all the tools and features that are made available at HostPapa. The one time I contacted the Help Desk, I received courteous and professional service and advice and resolved my issue in no time.
I will not hesitate to recommend HostPapa to others.

Comment from: Nic Visitor


Excellent services that is easy to use. Support is always helpful and answers any questions that I have. Great job.

Comment from: Blair Visitor


I have been very impressed with my whole Host Papa experience. This was my first experience registering a domain and building my own website and I have only positive things to say about this experience. When questions aroused, tech support was there to help and they went out of their way to make sure my issues were resolved.
Two thumbs up!

Comment from: Gavin Visitor


Very Nice! I always get the totally satisfied answer from you support sfaff at the first time. Thanks a lot! HostPapa is awesome!

Comment from: Cheryle Greenly Visitor

Cheryle Greenly

This host company is truly the best. It has really the most features and definitely gives value for dollars spent. I have not had to use the support and to me that’s a great sign as I am not computer savey and yet my website just keeps on going along with out any worries. LOVE THAT

Thanks so very much to all that work on for this host company I truly appreciate what you have done for me and my business.

Pierre Rémillard

I love beeing with Hostpapa being a web developper and using Joomla, it’s a real pleasure and very convinient for me because everything I need is at one place. Their is one thing though that I am not 100% pleased with is that viewing website could be slow to poen sometime. Other than that I am very satisfyed.

Pierre Rémillard

I love beeing with hostpapa and alos to be able to host my clients websites. The reason for it is it easy for me to upload files. I am creating websites with JOOMLA, (php, MySql) and it’s great.

Comment from: GavinHe Visitor


I love HostPapa and am satisfied with its service and support. It is awesome. I would like rent more space on HostPapa for my new website. Growing with HostPapa is my wish.

Comment from: sten Visitor


Very fast answer on the 1st chat. It took me only 2mn to have a chat with one guy from the team. 110% satisfied on all my questions. Exactly the right balance between professionnalisme and personable. Superbe.

Comment from: Gav Visitor


I love HostPapa and am satisfied with its service and support. It is awesome. I would like rent more space on HostPapa for my new website. Growing with HostPapa is my wish.

Comment from: Advantage Visitor


I really enjoy HostPapa they offer unbeatable services at unmatched prices. I have had no problems with anything thus far and have been with HostPapa for more than two years now. Everything is in an easy to use yet powerful control panel. When I need help with anything from them they are very quick to respond and provide easy to understand help. I would, and do, recommend HostPapa to anyone interested in getting started with their own website!

Comment from: Cindy Visitor


Hostpapa … I only have good things to say. The control panel is very user friendly, the tutorials are great. The customer support is fast and efficient and they care about the environment! I have recommended Hostpapa to many friends and colleagues. Keep making it so easy!

Comment from: Cindy Visitor


Hostpapa … I have only good things to say. The control panel is very user friendly, the tutorials are great. The customer support is fast and efficient. I appreciate the environmental aspect. I have recommended Hostpapa to many friends and colleagues. Keep making it all so easy!

Christine Devlin

I am not a computer wizard, but I’ve found that HostPapa is responsive to changes in the web environment, i.e. accomodating iWeb publishing. They answered my questions in a courteous and helpful manner, despite my lack of expertise. And they inform me of important issues regarding the service, without bothering me with unnecessary PR. My first experience with web hosting has been a success!

Comment from: D. Ng Visitor

D. Ng

Excellent. The service is reliable and the price is very reasonable. I never have to contact the tech support because there is no reason to. Best of all, it is using green energy!

Comment from: Seb Visitor


I’ve been with HostPapa for almost a year now (if not more) and I have to say that I’m impressed with the quality of the service there. Always there to answer my questions and guide me to the right info. Needless to say that I’m recommending HostPapa to everyone for their hosting needs!

Comment from: David Denov Visitor

David Denov

Hostpapa are my all in one webhosting service. They manage my domain, hold my site, are always available and I have had other vendors contact me with better prices, but couldnt compete in the services delivered. I will not be leaving hostpapa in the foreseeable future.

Comment from: Craig Visitor


Host Papa is great! They do everything they say they do and more. The price is amazing for the disc space, emails, add-on domains etc.! Their up time is amazing and they use green energy to boot. Thanks Host Papa!


Host Papa has been amazing - while our web developer set up the site (Host Papa was the only hosting service he would use - we were previously with Net Firms and moderately happy, but followed his advice) we have been thrilled with the service. Your staff has been very supportive in assisting us in setting up emails and getting everything to work. All have been pleasant and knowledgeable.

Comment from: Aaron Visitor


I have been with HostPapa for 3 years and am very satisfied with their service.

I get excellent value for my money, great tech support and their uptime is very good.

I can’t really say anything bad about them, it has been my best experience with a shared hosting provider so far.

I would recommend them to anyone.

I plan to be a customer for a long time.

thank you HostPapa!

Comment from: Nancy Fradenburgh Visitor

Nancy Fradenburgh

Before HostPapa, we two other web hosters - one a major phone company, where we paid almost as much per month as our annual HostPapa invoice. We had so many problems uploading our website before HostPapa. Now all I do is click on the upload button and a few moments later our website is up and beautiful. Tech Support has always been a pleasure to call, and even when I forgot my password, the didn’t make me feel foolish. I recommend HostPapa every chance I can!

Comment from: Cory Visitor


Super easy set up. Service was bought a paid for and site was up in under 4 days. Compatible with Indexhibit and very affordable.

Comment from: Krashmx Visitor


I would just like to say that since signing up for hostpapa everything has been very easy. I have nothing but good things to say about your service.

Comment from: Neil Fraleigh Visitor

Neil Fraleigh

I have used different hosting sites for my clients websites, most have been the average. HostPapa and all their staff I’ve dealt with, go the extra mile. Let’s face it the only time you contact your hosting company is when you have problems. That being said when I did call, and that has not happened very often, all issues were resolved immediately. Someone actually answered the phone!

Any site new or transferred, that I have set-up at HostPapa, was done in record time. HostPapa deliver what they promise and advertize!
Keep up the great work!

Comment from: Richard Liu Visitor

Richard Liu

HostPapa is very reliable, I have never noticed one issue through the year. The customer service is very quick and polite. Given the price and service quality, I rated it #1 Canadian Webhosting Company.

Comment from: Shane Visitor


I have not had any problems with HostPapa. Many of the people who visit my page appreciate the Windmill/Green energy. Since I run a Green Yoga business, most of my clients are very concerned with issues of sustainability.

Raphaël Lebailly

Je suis très content, des résultats pour mon site internet. Le fonctionnement de HostPapa est assez facile, et permet ne nombreuse variantes. Le rapport qualité prix est exceptionnel, le support technique est adéquat.

Raphaël Lebailly

Nous sommes très content, des résultats pour notre site internet. Nous sommes un organisme à but non lucratif, est nous avons un rendement professionnel sur notre site.Le fonctionnement de HostPapa est assez facile, et permet ne nombreuse variantes. Le rapport qualité prix est exceptionnel, le support technique est très adéquat.

merci HostPapa

Comment from: Jacques Pepin Visitor

Jacques Pepin

I am a first time user. Host Papa was affordable and with time has proven to be very reliable. The price is right and the service is great. I have no complaints just praise. They have easy to use videos for those just starting out and of course the easy to use Cpanel.
If you are looking for an affordable reliable company to host your website, HostPapa is the one to go with.

Comment from: Mike Visitor


Love the hosting with Host papa, effortless setup and maintenanace. Friendly staff and support and auto renewal makes life at Host Papa easy! Been with them going on 4 years

Comment from: Greg Tawes Visitor

Greg Tawes

I switched to HostPapa a year ago, and have been very happy with their service … not to mention the unbeatable price for e-mai hosting and domain name subscription. I highly recommend HostPapa!

Comment from: Robin Cain Visitor

Robin Cain

I want to say that HostPapa was the best find. When I was searching for a hosting company, as part of an assignment I was surprised to find that the companies people were telling me to go with were either not in the top ten or were far more expensive with less features.
The big one everyone told me about was GoDaddy. Although a nice site it was american and could not hold a candle to HostPapa. The green energy issue was also a big factor for me when it came time to actually use them. Price, green energy , canadian and great tech support as well as the numerous features available. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use you guys.
Thanks I recommend you all the time.
Keep it up.

Comment from: nprid Visitor


We needed a website host that was affordable and that also included email services. Host Pape met them and we’ve been using them for quite a while for a couple years now. It was easy to get started and has been great for our needs

Comment from: Garth Visitor


Excellent service. Always receive a positive response to a support ticket. Only one outage in 4 years that caused me a problem. No complaints from any of my customers.

Would definitely recommend

Comment from: Colin Visitor


My experience with HostPapa has been nothing short of outstanding! I am webmaster for another site which costs twice as much, offers very limited bandwidth, suffers frequent outages of cPanel, and offers only daytime support. Recently it was down for five days! I hope to transfer it to HospPapa very soon. Support here is excellent - almost intantaneous.

Comment from: RIchard Visitor


One of the best companies I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, awesome support team and their services are excellent and affordable.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new host to use HostPapa

Comment from: John Monk Visitor

John Monk

Hostpapa has been fantastic to deal with. I had 3 domains registered witht hem for approx 3 years. I recently reduced my domain registration down to 1. The changes and updages have been seamless and without problem.

Comment from: John Visitor


I’ve been very satisfied with the service I have received at HostPapa. I have never had any down time with my sites and even when I’ve had small issues I needed help with they were fast in assisting me.

Comment from: Jay Visitor


Our experience with Host Papa so far has been very positive.
They have provided us with great service and value at very affordable prices.
There is no restriction on the disk space and sub domains. There are many things that come free for which one has to pay with other providers. Overall excellent experience so far.

Comment from: Hussein Amery Visitor

Hussein Amery

for what you pay, the features you get are unbeatable, together with the support.

Comment from: Normand Nadon Visitor

Normand Nadon

Host Papa is a great trouble free Host… nothing negative to say about it! It’s fast, it supports about any server-side script securely, it’s stable, customer service is great and mostly, it’s cheap!!!

French support is also excellent and fast. I recommend HostPapa to all my friends.

Comment from: Robin Wyatt Visitor

Robin Wyatt

Very positive experience of service. No complaints. They always get back to me promptly about any small matter. Almost never experienced downtime.

Comment from: Fran Visitor


Very happy working with this great company. 100% support = 0 problems. Congratulations people of hostpapa

Comment from: Fran Visitor


I´m very happy working with hostpapa. 100% support = 0 problems.
Thank you for the support center and the prices.

Comment from: Gord Visitor


Hosted my websites on Hostpapa for nearly 5 years.
Overall I’m very satisfied. Can’t beat the price for a Canada based server. Outages are very rare, and support is pretty good, although I haven’t used it much. One of my sites stores over a 1000 raw, uncompressed jpg picture files, and each one has 4 resized copies in a cache, so storage is generous. Their server is fast, hundreds of thumbnail previews can be displayed without delay.
My only real gripe? You have to use an account or user name that Hostpapa sends you. I like to mirror my sites on my linux pc, so have to reassign all the links in config.php files for the pc.

Comment from: Timmy Visitor


I like Hostpapa. The transition of two sites from my old host was smooth and quick and left me with a good feeling that things would be okay now… they had not been for a while. I fumbled a little getting the hang of the cPanel but it’s all good! I am going to move all of my sites to Hostpapa ASAP. The value for dollar is exceptional - and they do things right.

Christopher Brummet

I’m very happy with HostPapa! My website has been noticeably more reliable and speedier since moving to your services, and I’m proud to support a green Canadian company who cares about the environment, its products and its customers!

Comment from: Joy Visitor


All of my dealings with HostPapa have been positive. Staff are knowledgeable and give instant help even with rookie site-builders. I have found them to be patient and helpful, not always spouting technical jargon. We like the ‘green’ aspect of HostPapa, as well as the fact that it is Canadian. The cost is extremely reasonable for the amount of space given and the many prks that go with it, not the lest of which are the very helpful online videos. I have already recommended HostPapa to a number of people and believe both our church website and our Little League Baseball League have taken the suggestion to use HostPapa.

Christopher Amirian

For me , servers uptime is the most important thing , and Hostpapa made it excellent for me. Also I use plenty of space in one of my accounts and it is really unlimited! Not like so many hostings that they claim that but in real world if you use a little abnormal they will ban you!

The only and only down point of the service is the length of time to answer to support tickets.

Comment from: Karen Visitor


I had never built a website before and was able to sign up and build a site in only one month. We have had the site for two years now and we are always doing new things and learning new ways to promote our club. Whenever I had questions I submitted a ticket and the turn around time for a response was very good.

Well worth what we pay for. We have had so many new members join because they found us on the internet.

I’m glad I found your company when I was researching a web host.

Comment from: Ever Hobbes Visitor

Ever Hobbes

I have set up several websites with Hostpapa since I do some web design work. Overall I think the c-panel and it’s features are great, and help is readily available.

In general the user experience is better than, say, GoDaddy, and similar in price.

Gillian Browning

So far all is great. It took me awhile to get going once I signed on but that was not the fault of host papa just that life got in the way!!!! LOL
Love the fact that Host Papa relys on green power too.

Comment from: Oscar Visitor


Simple, has all main features on one single view which makes it a very easy to follow and complete site. Added to that, good value for the money.

Comment from: Tammy Visitor


I loved that HostPapa was not only easy to sign up for, but just as easy to use as it advertises. The video tutorials are straight forward and easy to understand even for a complete novice like me, and the services you receive for their price is extraordinary!

Comment from: nashwan Visitor


Not sure why, but been happy for the most part with the service. hasn’t been down for too many times, but the site is very slow to download on many computers. also tech support have been very slow in responding and couldn’t wait to get off the chat and finish the conversation.
ok but not excellent.

Comment from: Kevin Visitor


I have been with HostPapa for 3 years now. The actual website I use it for is very simple and uses only a tiny fraction of the available power and free tools. When I decided on HostPapa, I particularly liked the way you could explore their services and instructions before joining. I also utilized their tutorials in implementing some features of the site.

Uptime has been very good. I know of only one significant interruption in 3 years, and that may have been my own doing with an incorrect update to the site.

Comment from: nashi Visitor


been happy for the most part with the service. hasn’t been down for too many times, but the site is very slow to download on many computers.

Comment from: David O'Dowd Visitor

David O'Dowd

I signed up with hostpapa drawn in by the great storage deal, I assumed that for such bulk I would end up getting low quality service…. Au Contraire! The service has been prompt, responsible and friendly.

Comment from: Dominic Visitor


So far so good! I could not believe that my previous hosting company was charging me so much more compared to your plan. I got more and paid less, who could resist such a deal?

Now I can finish my site (still under construction) knowing I made an amazing deal and got exactly what I wanted: no limit!

Great job so far!

Comment from: Bruce Stott Visitor

Bruce Stott

HostPapa is the third hosting provider I have used, and likely will be the last. They offer much more than my previous host and the monthly cost was less. Tech support was very helpful when transferring my sites and has been very responsive with any questions I have had.

The uptime has been excellent, I can remember only being down twice in the last three years, and these were only for a matter of minutes.

The big benefit is the Green aspect of their hosting. I recommend them to all my clients.

Comment from: Ivor Visitor


Fast green servers that have great features. It took a little sweet talking to get some extra customer service that I needed this being my first time but still a great overall experience.

Comment from: Donald Visitor


great, it’s my first website, very user friendly , patient tech support, not expensive, never down.

I’m totaly satisfied

Comment from: Anton Jeludkov Visitor

Anton Jeludkov

HostPapa is the first hosting service i’ve ever singed up with and so far I had a great experience. The payment and initial setup was really easy and whenever I had any question the customer support would always be available to help.

Nataliya Di Giovanni

Besides being a great hosting service, HostPapa provides great customer service and tech support. I have been with HostPapa for 4 years now and have never looked back. I always recommend this service to my clients and friends.

Comment from: Gisèle Visitor


We have been with HostPapa for almost 3 years now and all I have to say is that there is always someone nice to help you if you need help which is very seldom with the ease of use of that server.

Comment from: Cassandra Visitor


Simple, clean and easy to use. I found the switch from my old provider pleasantly stress-free. The only thing that I found was lacking was the rather archaic device for mailing lists. I couldn’t quite figure it out - the tutorials weren’t super helpful, either - and wasn’t impressed with the end result. If that’s irrelevant to you, then I definitely recommend Host Papa. And it’s green!

Comment from: Elizabeth Visitor


I am very (very!) new to acquiring a website…and I couldn’t ask for better service. No matter how idiotic my questions must seem to the support staff, they are always speedily answered with clear, concise and neophyte-friendly answers!

Comment from: Brett McBurnie Visitor

Brett McBurnie

Used it for my website and have not had any problems. Found the ready made templates simple to follow. The tutorials were easy to follow and when I did not understand something, I was able to talk to a rep who helped me with my problems.

Comment from: Gordon Derry Visitor

Gordon Derry

The response time for my tech queries has been very good, and I always get satisfactory answers.
During the past 2 years, t6here has been very very little downtime so my website is almost always accessible to customers and web surfers.
For the cost and the efficiency, HostPapa is a great value and a web host I can rely on day to day.
My only problem in 2 years has been in trying to make a late payment to renew my hosting service for another year. It was difficult to get this sorted out with the billing department, but once the matter got to the tech department it was fixed and online again in no time.

Comment from: Simon Lavoie Visitor

Simon Lavoie

Hostpapa is what you are looking for in a web hosting company. Everything is really easy to use and just right where you’re looking for it. C/Panel give you control on every aspects of your site with just a few clicks. Plus webmail give you access to your email anywhere you are and easily…

Ease of use, it’s all about that…

Thank’s to you hostpapa team


Comment from: Chris M Visitor

Chris M

I have been with HostPapa for over a year and have yet to have any problems or notice any down time on not one, but four sites I have hosted through them.

The online tutorials are very easy to follow and the number of extras you get for the very low hosting cost is going “above and beyond the call of duty".

I wanted a Canadian hosting company and am really glad I chose them. I didn’t have to give up any quality or capabilities for the sake of being patriotic.

Host Papa is one more reason to be a proud Canadian.

Comment from: Daryl Cowie Visitor

Daryl Cowie

In my online management training business my website is my business and I need it to be reliable. After a host of problems that cost me time, money and customer data I switched to HostPapa and my hosting problems disappeared. It’s not always easy to tell if things are being done right until you have a problem. With HostPapa they were straight up about what they do and do not provide. Since I was a little gun shy I really checked up on my HostPapa system and I know I’m getting everything I’m paying for. The tech support is much more responsive than my previous company and above all THEY ARE HONEST. If they don’t do something they actually say so. This is a great price for great service - thanks HostPapa, I know my management training website and customer data are in good hands.

Comment from: David Bouchard Visitor

David Bouchard

Pour moi, hostpapa, c’est l’hébergeur qui m’attire le plus pour sont professionnaliste et pour le bon service. Les prix sont exceptionnel et le support technique vraiment efficace. Et je n’hésite pas a recommander hostpapa à la famille et les amis.

Comment from: Wendy Bouchard Visitor

Wendy Bouchard

I have been with Host Papa for 2 years and I have never had a single technical issue with them.
Their price and reliability are the 2 main reasons I stick with them.

Thanks Host Papa!!!

Danielle Di Vincenzo

Host Papa is good. There used to be a lot of website-down periods, but that was over a year ago. It’s been pretty good since then. I love that they’re GREEN! Their online website tutorials are a great help to new users.

Comment from: Pamela Frank Visitor

Pamela Frank

My experience with Host Papa has been great. The price is very reasonable and the service is easy to use, even for someone who is not an IT professional like me.

Comment from: Juliana Visitor


I have been using HostPapa for 2 years and have encountered very little problems. I like the unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, etc. Overall, I am very happy with the service

Comment from: Brad Visitor


I have had an great experience with HostPapa. My site has had zero downtime and most importantly there is always somebody available for my questions. Bonus…the pricing in great.

I am definitely staying with HostPapa. I work for a hosting company and they are nowhere near HostPapa!

Brad Eversfield

Comment from: Ted Whitmell Visitor

Ted Whitmell

Most of the time, the service is excellent. Value for money, features, ease of use, and customer service are all great.
I have run into downtime very rarely.
The only reason I give reliability 4 instead of 5 stars is that a few times my site IP address has changed without warning, and waiting for the DNS servers to catch up has caused unexpected downtime.
I have not had a positive experience with technical support.
I believe they are undertrained. I have several outstanding technical problems that it is much easier to work around, rather than try and deal with HostPapa technical support. If I do not find technical solutions on my own, I will soon be forced to leave for a different hosting solution.

Comment from: Apollo Lemmon Visitor

Apollo Lemmon

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with HostPapa. I’m sure the tech support and customer service are wonderful, but this company’s service is so good that I have never needed to ask for anything. Everything has been reliable for me.

Comment from: Tony Visitor


The price for hosting is great! And I like the features offer from hostpapa. The web interface is easy to use.

Comment from: TONY P Visitor



Comment from: Na Phan Visitor

Na Phan

This is my first time launching a website and Hostpapa support team was very helpful and quick to response. I think there prices are reasonable for what they offer and I would totally recommend Hostpapa to those out there who are looking for someone to host their website.

Comment from: Jason Visitor


I was referred to HostPapa by a class mate who was happy with the services provided. Upon signing up I was really impressed at the wealth of functionality available with the account.

I will continue with this service foreseeable future.

Comment from: ted clarke Visitor

ted clarke

i was new to website programming. hostpapa made it easier to get the first version of my site online than i thought it would be. i had a few questions which were quickly resolved by hostpapa’s tech support. the customer service and tech support has been unbelievably good. they have been very patient with me. hostpapa offers excellent tools for helping me to manage my site. support for php and mysql has been great. i just recently discovered hostpapa’s knowledge base. i was having some trouble with an addon domain and your tech support referred me to some excellent articles that helped.

Comment from: Shad Gagnon Visitor

Shad Gagnon

Wow, très très bon service!! Le soutien technique est présent et les forfaits excellents! Je ne pouvais pas faire un meilleur choix en choisissant l’hébergement de mon site web! En plus il y a du soutien en français! Merci Hostpapa!! ;)

Comment from: Patty Visitor


We are in the solar industry and going with Host Papa just made sense, the great service and excellent product just makes the whole experience so much more rewarding.

Comment from: Adele Visitor


Wish there was a spot for AAA+ Excellent… because that’s what the Host Papa web-hosting experience is… from superb pricing to uber friendly staff to wonderful (and quick) online support… there’s NO better company to be found! I had two REALLY experiences with other companies before I contacted Host Papa… and why I didn’t go to HP first I’ll never know but I’m delighted I did and now I tell all my friends to not any further than HP, as it’s the best available anywhere! Plus they’re a green company… and ya gotta love that!!!

P.S. I’m updating my site so it’s pretty crumby right now, folks! ;o)

Comment from: Odette Visitor


I was looking for a Canadian hosting company for some of my clients who require domains with .ca and was so thrilled to find a reliable and affordable such as Host Papa. Their outstanding customer service impressed me most, I do not have to wait forever to get answers, and that itself is the most important for me. I definitely recommend Host Papa, they’re excellent!

Comment from: Jimmy Visitor


HostPapa has it all. They use “green power” to run the servers, have excellent customer service and very reliable systems to ensure your website stays up. Others may be cheaper but none offer more value…

Comment from: Jihee Visitor


I was very happy with my first year with the promotion, but as it is renewed, I think it is a bit expensive compare to other sites.
However, considering that I had downsite problems with cheap hosting companys, I’d keep HostPapa. :)

Comment from: Bonnie Johnson Visitor

Bonnie Johnson

I was searching for a Canadian based hosting company. It was a huge bonus when I found Hostpapa and discovered that they also are powered by 100% renewable energy sources. A company that shares my values!

Whenever I’ve had technical questions I’m assured a quick answer through their live help section.

Responsible, reliable and at a very reasonable price. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Comment from: Ian Walsh Visitor

Ian Walsh

They are fantastic! Always helpful and on the ball when a problem is brought up. Hosting with HostPapa has been effortless.

Comment from: Steve Visitor


Generally smooth-sailing. Had a couple of billing issues but everything else worked as advertised. Would recommend.

Comment from: David Marzoli Visitor

David Marzoli

So far my experience has been only amazing, when ever I have a problem or need assistance with my server, I get the support I need, even if it’s not related to a problem in question. I can count of Host Papa.. Thank you

Comment from: David Marzoli Visitor

David Marzoli

So far my experience has been only amazing, when ever I have a problem or need assistance with my server, I get the support I need, even if it’s not related to a problem in question. I can count of Host Papa.. Thank you

Comment from: Lee Visitor


Hostpapa was a great site for a begiinner at web building, manageable, great support and affordable.

Comment from: Jean-Pierre Visitor


When I looked for a web hosting company I came across HostPapa and was pleasantly surprised with their offerings (value vs cost). I was a bit skeptical that the actual service would be of bad quality but everything just went smoothly with my website deployment and was able to contact/chat with a representative who helped me with some questions I had. Their server’s uptime is also great…

I would recommend HostPapa to other users without any concerns…

Comment from: D Evans Visitor

D Evans

I am happy with Host Papa and support their “Green ” initiatives. I am new to Web development, and I found it a little tricky at first to navigate through setting up a page as I needed basic help. Without too much trouble though, i was able to figure out what I had done wrong, and that was why my site would not work. I’m now up and running.

Comment from: Michael Keeler Visitor

Michael Keeler

HostPapa has been very good so far!I have recommended it to others who are looking to post websites. Transferred hosting and webname registration to hostpapa saved tons of money and the transition was easy! Even with routine maintenance and upgrades I have not experienced a problem.

Keep up the great work!

Michael Keeler

Comment from: dianne Visitor


I’ve been with HostPapa for about three years now. I have three websites hosted with them and pay only one price. You can host as many different domains as you like, they have a ton of GREAT software to use at no additional cost. One that I use that I am very please with is SOHO Launch. Its a template based website with a free shopping cart. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to update. I even hired someone lately to build me a custom template. I tried another hosting company that supposedly offers a similar package but I was not happy with their service or with the price or with what I got with it. HostPapa is the greatest webhosting I’ve used..Great product, great price, great service. Its the best!…and I’m not just saying that…!!!

Comment from: Jen Visitor


i love the 24/7 tech support, as i do most of my work at night. the service is top notch, the hosting is reliable and i recommend you to EVERYONE i know that needs hosting. staff are knowledgeable and i’ve always had first call resolution to my issues,….no back and forth!

Comment from: Fred Visitor


HostPapa is probably the most simple and reliable host provider. I love the “green power” idea and prices are nice too:-)

Thanks god, french version is also available :-)

Comment from: Linda McLaren Visitor

Linda McLaren

We are a non-profit association, have been very happy HostPapa customers for two years. The service we have experienced is excellent - reliable, easy to use. One of our goals in sourcing a web host provider was to find a host with web authoring tools that could easily moved from one person to the next. HostPapa’s tools have done this for us.

We also are very happy to be able to partner with organizations committed to “green” business practices.

Comment from: Peter Wallbott Visitor

Peter Wallbott

I just want to let you all know Host Papa is a great company with awesome customer support and the service is outstanding.
I have Used Host Papa for near 2 years now and the quality and services I recieved from them is great and I could not want anything more.
I have searched for a good hosting company and Host Papa was very highly rated and that the one I selected and I am so glad.
I did make the rite decision.
Thank you Host Papa for such a great service and great support team!

Comment from: Hugues P Visitor

Hugues P

Big saving space. Super tech support. Lots of API for web stats. But the server is always down between 9h00 am ans 11h30 am in Quebec province

Comment from: John Baker Visitor

John Baker

I selected HostPapa primarily for its free domain name registration. Which works. I have not been particularly active in website maintenance or development during the time HostPapa has been my host, so I don’t have much to say.

Comment from: Anthony LeBaron Visitor

Anthony LeBaron

Great hosting service with tons of added features. I don’t often require service or support. However when I do contact HP. their service is fast, efficient and courteous. What’s not to love?

Comment from: Bill Visitor


I’ve used HostPapa for two websites now. One was for business and the other is personal. I no longer have control over the business one now (it is a union website) but I still have the personal one and I love HostPapa. Mostly because of the the amount you can upload and the price. But also because of the great service.

I woulddefinitely recommend HostPapa to anyone wishing to host a site.


Comment from: Bill Paolini Visitor

Bill Paolini

I’ve used HostPapa for two websites now. One was for business and the other is personal. I no longer have control over the business one now (it is a union website) but I still have the personal one and I love HostPapa. Mostly because of the the amount you can upload and the price. But alos, the support is always there.

I would definitely recommend HostPapa to anyone who wants to run a website.

Comment from: j Teo Visitor

j Teo

Great communication and tech support. I always get a quick response which is surprisingly rare these days.

Comment from: Norman J. Wilson Visitor

Norman J. Wilson

I cannot say anything but good about HostPapa! In fact, I recommended and helped move several other business sites to their hosting services BEFORE becoming an afilliate for them! In short, they are priced very well, offer exceptional performance and reliability, and on the rare occassion when they experience any outages are quick to answer my calls or emails and are ALWAYS quick to fix the problem, getting my sites back online as quickly as is possible.

Hosting all three of my own domains with them has been a simple dream to manage and maintain, and I still work with a number of other sites that are also hosted there, making it my one-stop shop for domain hosting and maintenance.

I’d recommend HostPapa to anyone that needs hosting for personal or business use in a heartbeat!

Kudos to them for going green and making a GREAT hosting service available at a GREAT price!

Comment from: matthew Visitor


I love everything about it, except the tech support often can’t solve my issues, and has me create a ticket.

Comment from: Nguyen Tu Anh Visitor

Nguyen Tu Anh

As I understand customer service very good host Papa, they always supported me all the technical issues and experiences for me ..

Comment from: Scott Visitor


I have not encountered ANY problematic issues with Hostpapa. Everything has been running smooth since day one.

The features you get for the price are unbelievable!

When I have friends and colleagues ask who they should host their site, I always recommend Hostpapa, without a second thought!

No regrets! Best service hands down!

Comment from: Dave Visitor


I am the Webmaster for a small, city-based, Canadian charity in the public education field ( I moved our site to HostPapa early in 2008, largely on the basis of HostPapa’s pricing, reputation, the fact that their servers are located in Canada, and their alternative (Green) energy policy. Since then I have been very pleased with the cost, convenience, service and support I’ve experienced with HostPapa.

Pricing remains very competitive. The web service is both fast and reliable. (I can recall only two or three brief interruptions, I believe for maintenance, since we became a client. In each instance HostPapa demonstrated unusual and admirable respect for their clients by issuing explanatory alerts.) The online webmail client we use (Horde) is more than adequate for our charity’s comunication needs. The Control Panel, for administering one’s account, domains, mail services, applications, security and other features, is very good and easily managed. Although I have not used HostPapa’s free web-development tools, I suspect that many novice site developers will be quite satisfied with the range of tools provided by HostPapa. Support, online or via telephone, is always prompt and helpful. Some clients will no doubt appreciate the capacity to host several sites (domains) under one account. Looking to the future, I plan to add some dynamic elements to our site by taking advantage of the fact that HostPapa supports PHP and MySQL.

All in all, HostPapa has proven to be an excellent home for our site. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone, including artisans and not-for-profit groups, who needs a cost-effective, reliable home for their web site and email service.

Comment from: brian kim Visitor

brian kim

ostPapa…how very, very appropriate and you’ll understand why I say that when you read my feedback on this company. I found them in a search for web hosting here in Canada. At the same time as I was searching I was also taking a course in web design.

Let me tell you that for what you pay, the features you get are unbeatable, together with the support. I’m sure I must have made one or more of them sit back with their mouths open, each time they saw an e-mail from me, wondering, “What has she done now!” (just like my dear ‘papa’ would have done) They were always supportive and always had an immediate response to my latest self-imposed predicament!

I spread the word amongst the students that I was taking the course with, with no hesitation. When you’re new at something you want to know someone’s there to help you, and that there’s no criticism for your/my ineptitude!

Thanks guys/gals…you’re great!

Marie-Pascale Michaux

I love the fact that it’s green. The tech support has been very helpful in the initial stages of setting up my account and working the bugs out of my Joomla installation. I was new to web hosting and webdesign myself but now, I’ve brought others into the HostPapa family because I receive a great product at a good price. I do volunteer work for a non-profit organization and being able to do things myself instead of hiring out professional help was a great boost to our success with our website.

Comment from: Yaroslav Visitor


I had looked for a webhost where I could store my files in, build my own web site, have my mail server and so on. Course I started to look up for a cheap price first in here Host Papa is one of the best! As being Canadian for me was important the billing was in Canadian funds so at this point it’s highly recommended for Canadian customers first of all, as being very convenient from billing point of view and hey! That’s the Canadian stuff and being Canadian support the Canadian product is a must :)
Setup process was very easy and even for a computer noob like me it was very understandable. The interface was easy to use and actually it’s got all the features a web host needs, whatever you sell things on-line, using it just to store files, picture gallery and have an extra secured mail server or just for organizing your own on-line forum, you will find all features here and the most important - for free! I was really surprised seeing all these software that helps to build on-line business for free. The other web providers offer that stuff for money so being with Host Papa you have some extra value with that software and actually there are few of them so you can pick whatever you like or which one the best fits your needs. I played with many features Host Papa offers and for some software there are small movies showing step by step how to install or set up certain soft. Very useful for dummies. I tried FTP server and got very happy with that as I store big movies in there and people I share my FTP server with are extremely happy with the speed they can download the files with. So far so good. Can’t complain. I’ve been with Host Papa for last 18 months and highly recommend it to every one, especially to the beginners.

regards, Yaroslav. Mississauga, Ontario

Comment from: Vic Visitor


I like the price and all the features including multiple email and ease of use, did use Tech support on few ocasions and I like their knowledge, problem follow up and pacience…;)

Comment from: an_ton Visitor


Host Papa has provided nothing less that great service. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone looking for a simple, easy, affordable and unobtrusive website hosting service.

Comment from: Miguel Visitor


Except for a recent notice that my site had been hacked at the server, I’ve been very happy with HostPapa. I like that they’re Canadian based, and that service and tech support is available 24/7. The hosting package is simple, straight-forward, and pretty complete.

Comment from: sylvain letarte Visitor

sylvain letarte

Well, to be honest, I never had any problem at all, my site seems to be fine and I never acknowledge any problem with it, so, I’d say I’m a happy customer :)

When I looked for a host, you we’re among the cheapest and I red good reviews about Host papa.

Comment from: Larry Visitor


This is definatley the best hosting service around. They are green minded and they have everyone’s interests in mind. The customer service team is excellent and they do a great job all around!

Comment from: Michael Ripley Visitor

Michael Ripley

Hostpapa is like many other Hosting companies: Unlimited web hosting, Unlimited data transfer, Unlimited domains, Free setup (no hidden fees), Free domain for life etc. BUT it also gives you a tonne of extras - everything from ad credits for Google, Facebook MySpace and to Wordpress blogging tools and Joomla content management. Add to that, it is powered by 100% green renewable energy and you have what I feel is one of the best hosting companies in the world. All for only $4.95/month. Highly recommended.

Comment from: Larry Visitor


I have been using HostPapa for 2years now for my company website and I have nothing but good things to say. I had to switch over from another webhost provider and they made the transition very smooth. Their customer service team is easily accessible and very helpful. I recommend this service for anyone who has a website.

Comment from: Hector Centeno Visitor

Hector Centeno

Overall great service and great value! And the eco-conscious side of the company was an important factor for me to decide to go with Host Papa.

I administer two websites hosted by HostPapa, my personal one and the web site of the organization I work for. I haven’t had any problems at all with my personal web site and have no complains but I wouldn’t grade HostPapa full 5 stars because of my experiences with the other site. We have had a few periods of being down. Also we got the account suspended because we missed the single warning message you sent regarding use of space and then your tech support representative was a bit rude over the phone. Also installing and renewing SSL certificates has had it’s problems since it has to be manually done by your tech support personal and we have had issues with the certificate not being configured correctly at the first try. The other issue we had was that we lost all our databases because of an electrical problem at their facilities.

But, otherwise service has been great and at a great value.

Comment from: Chris Visitor


HostPapa has provided a wide range of options which I have been able to take increasing advantage of as my business has required it and as I have technically been able to leverage.

The pricing is very competitive and the amount of online support has been very helpful and appreciated. HostPapa has put in a lot of effort to provide guidance for setting up a web presence and building that as an individual, group or company requires.

I have enjoyed steady reliability and their commitment to being a green company is a significant factor in my choice to use their services.

Comment from: Jeff V. Visitor

Jeff V.

HostPapa has been a solid provider of web hosting services for our company. The affordable monthly pricing is what attracted us to HostPapa and the endless list of additional features and plug-ins, coupled with great support is what’s kept us with HostPapa.

Comment from: Aimee Visitor


I have had no problems with HostPapa as my website hosting company. I love that they use Green Power to run the servers and power the company. Well done very forward thinking and immediately gained my respect. Cheers

Comment from: Daryl Visitor


We have been with Hostpapa for 2 1/2 years now and have experienced minimal down time. Our website has grown from a start-up company to where we are now and we have had no issues with the growth our site has experienced. I certainly recommend Hostpapa when I get a chance to.

Comment from: Ric Jones Visitor

Ric Jones

Host Papa has always been reliable. Uptime is important when running an online business. The customer support has been fast and outstanding the two times I required it over the past 3 years (and it was more finger problems on my part than a hosting problem!)
I’ve shopped around, and have hosting with another company (it came as a package) and when it expires, I will definitely transfer the domain to Host Papa.
With all the features that are available, you can customize your hosting package to your level of comfort. For me, that is almost as important as uptime!

Comment from: Andy Visitor


So far I have been extremely pleased with HostPapa. I host a simple personal blog on it and really enjoy their services.

Comment from: Markintosh Visitor


Very impressed with service and quality of web hosting. It will be my 3rd year — so far no problem. Switch been very easy and with 0 troubles. So far this is the best web hosting I tried in last 10 years.
I’d recommend it to everybody who looking for great hosting solution.

Comment from: Justin Visitor


The nice thing is that I haven’t needed to contact host papa because things run so smooth that I don’t need to.
Setup was a breeze and the transition from another hosting company went smooth.
The one service call I did need was handled well.

Comment from: Karl Visitor


It’s been great…thus far and I’m glad they have considered and taking the initiative in being GREEN !!!

Comment from: Warren Dunlop Visitor

Warren Dunlop

Inexpensive, flexible, green, Canadian!? What more can you ask for. I’ve been on three hosts and this is the best one so far.

I’ve referred them several times and will continue to do so.

Comment from: Hana Chiang Visitor

Hana Chiang

I feel the support of HostPapa is very helpful. They solved my problems friendly and quickly. I would love to keep working with them! Also, the price is good.

Comment from: Victoria Visitor


As a design student, I have been a customer of quite a few online hosting companies, and I have to say that HostPapa is by far my favourite. One of my friends recommended them to me when I was in school after I began having issues with my other host’s (lack of) support. I made the switch and immediately saw a huge difference.

The transfer process was simple, and HostPapa’s fantastic support team answered all of my questions quickly. I’ve never had to worry about my site going down, which is important for everyone, whether they’re a million-dollar corporation or someone working out of their basement, like me. The fact that they’re a green company is also a big deal; we don’t need to make a bigger mess of the environment in doing our work!

I can’t think of a better company to handle my hosting, and I’d recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!

Comment from: Hana Chiang Visitor

Hana Chiang

I feel the support of HostPapa is very helpful. They solved my problems friendly and quickly. I would love to keep working with them!

Comment from: Roy MacGregor Visitor

Roy MacGregor

I have used HostPapa for over a year now after moving from a hosting company that was very exclusive. I have several sites that I manage with my account and I love the ease with which I can move from account to account. I have been made aware of any scheduled maintenance far in advance and have not experienced any downtime due to HostPapa services.

I am very happy with HostPapa!

Comment from: Bob McLeod Visitor

Bob McLeod

This host is awesome! There are minimal service interruptions and the performance is next to flawless. Excellent tutorials are provided for all levels of expertise and the support is second to none.
The pricing is excellent and they live up to their word on all aspects. Tech support is more than competent and provides fast turn around in the event you might have an issue. (That’s rare!)

I used 4 other hosts before I came hear and I haven’t looked back because you will be hard pressed to find better value for your money.

Comment from: Scott Young Visitor

Scott Young

Easy set-up ..Ez maintenence..thoughtful communication and notices..No I got what I asked for, no sales Contact..
I can comfortably forget about it..

Comment from: Bruce Visitor


I have used several hosting companies over the years and nothing matches the level of service along with the price for which it is delivered. The transition from Hosting providers was seamless and HostPapa was in constant contact with me along the way.

I would recommend HostPapa to anyone out there.

Comment from: John Hunt Visitor

John Hunt

I have been with Hostpapa for perhaps four years now and I am delighted. Although I have been new to Web design and management their support has been very patient and helpful. I highly recommend HostPapa.

John Hunt

Comment from: Jerome Bosch Visitor

Jerome Bosch

My experience has been very good. I have had web sites and web hosting since 1993 and would rate Host papa as one of the best for ease of use and reliability.

Comment from: Brendan Hood Visitor

Brendan Hood

I have nothing but great reviews for HostPapa. Not only do I use it for all of my sites, but I suggest all of my clients, their friends and anybody looking for hosting use it. I don’t know any other service that gives me as much as I get for any price, let alone such a competitive price. Green Hosting and paperless billing etc… makes things even better, I try to keep my business as green as possible, and this just makes it even easier.

Comment from: Bruce Visitor


I am the webmaster for a relatively small, static page website hosted here. Setup was easy, maintenance: simple, billing: straightforward and tech support was there the one time I needed it. All in all, great service, great price, no problems!

Comment from: Betty Visitor


I was surprised one day to receive an e-mail from HostPapa telling me that someone was trying to get into my web site. The procedure given me to change my password, etc. was very easy to follow.
I thank HostPapa for being on top of things. I am not web site savy so very much appreciate the support given.

Comment from: Fern Visitor


Economical, reliable and responsible website hosting. I’ve never had a problem and am very happy with the no hassle service.

Comment from: Max Wedges Visitor

Max Wedges

The web site Host was recommended by my Web Designer:
Bilingual Green and very friedly.
A slight ‘Snafu’ (my fault I think) was promptly fixed

I am very satisfied.


Comment from: Darren Dare Visitor

Darren Dare

I’ve had my website on HostPapa for 4 years now. I love how easy it is to edit my page and the plan I have more than suits my needs. Their 3-year package is a great value.

Comment from: Ray Visitor


most of my contact with host papa is dealing with my email account. Often I don’t recieve emails because my inbox is full. I think the issue is soved now but figureing it out was a bit of a hassle.
that being said, that’s the only negative thing i can say about host papa. I’ve been with them for 3 years and happy for the most part I don’t even think about who’s hosting.

Comment from: Karen Fanjoy Visitor

Karen Fanjoy

I’m a new customer and your very helpful customer service staff helped me to understand that there was a grace period regarding doman names and then quickly transferred my name over, without any issue once the grace period was over.

I was very pleased that it wasn’t a problem I had to solve.

Comment from: Deanna Visitor


I chose HostPapa on the advice of my IT expert. I have since heard other IT and marketing experts recommend them. They are the only provider I have ever used - polite and helpful even with a non-techie like me, with extended support hours that give me peace of mind with my crazy work schedule. I love their philosophy in action and do recommend them to the business start-ups I coach.

Ray - Pure Life Adventures

Most of my contact with host papa is dealing with my email account. In the past I wasn’t recieving emails because my inbox was full. The issue is resoved now. It turned out to be very easy to fix.
That being said, that’s the only negative thing i can say about host papa in the past 3 years.

Comment from: k Visitor


Great support and reliability. Most problems with ease of use come from our own inexperience. Seems like a good company to support too.

Benoit de Biolley

I’m very satisfied by he using of hostpapa.

performances are there, and een power is a plus.

i’m using histpapa for tiny websites, it is enough for what i’m doing with it.

Comment from: Grant Fuller Visitor

Grant Fuller

I moved to HostPapa because they were willing to work with me to find a suitable way to deliver my opt-in newsletter and still not fall under the suspicion of spamming. Good thech help, great selection of installable apps with Fantastico and fair prices. Excellent rating!

Sutton Outfitters

When I switch to HostPapa from another host, I could not believe how easy it was to set up. My website is better than I ever expected. The Tech support answered all of my questions and concerns immediately. I could not of asked for a better host.

Comment from: L Hernandez Visitor

L Hernandez

I’ve been using hostpapa for almost one year now, and I have had no problems with the service. The only minor complaint I have is that the price for buying additional domains ( $24.99 ) is quite high, compared with your competitors. I understand that this is because your deal of “free domain for life” is already such a good value, but it would be nice to get additional domains for cheap.

Comment from: Glenn Coleman Visitor

Glenn Coleman

Hostpapa has been an awesome hosting company, meeting all my needs with my high-demand Wordpress website Every time I requested support there was somebody knowledgeable to answer my questions. Not like some other hosting companies where they have their support outsourced to 50 untrained agents who don’t really know anything about the hosting service. One problem I did have was I was getting lag times here and there, giving slow response on my website. But within a short time, they upgraded the server and I haven’t had the lagging problems since. It’s also nice that they operate off green power. Glenn

Comment from: Grant Fuller Visitor

Grant Fuller

I moved to HostPapa because my previous host would not help me work out a system that would allow me to send newsletters to my mailing list. HostPapa worked with me to find a way to avoid being suspected of spamming and still satisfy my opt-in newsletter members. Add that to the fair price, installable applications and prompt tech support and you get an excellent rating!

Comment from: Jochem Visitor


In over two years that I’ve been with Host Papa, I continue to be impressed with their breadth of services, professionalism and above all, the incredible value. I’ve wholeheartedly recommended Host Papa to others and from what i’ve seen, they just keep getting better.

Comment from: Jonathan Visitor


Really good customer service and always up!!! It’s an awesome service for the price!!! You get unlimited bandwidth and a free domain name for less than well established monsters like godaddy and others. Nevertheless, this is all canadian and they provide bilingual customer service and technical support 24/7. this is just the best host I could’ve found. This is just unbeatable. Highly recommended!!!

Comment from: David Yates Visitor

David Yates

When I needed to transfer email between hosts, HostPapa took care of it almost immediately and did the work for me. When I’ve had password issues or other small problems they’ve been quick to respond. I know I’ve had to ask a couple of other questions over the past while and again, they’ve been prompt, friendly, and clear. I definitely like my experience thus far!

Of course, the fact that I’m paying so little for this service is a huge bonus, and I don’t have to worry about bandwith or storage. Awesome!

Comment from: Paul Mac Donald Visitor

Paul Mac Donald

I wish I could agree with other reviews but as a first time web builder trying to do his own web site I find Host Pappa really difficult to work with. The site builder software they offer is not at all user friendly and the technical support seems not to care, only pointing me to their tutorial videos that are not heplfull.

Comment from: Ian Visitor


I have been using HostPapa for a little over 6 months. HostPapa is good value for the money. Everything is easy to use and well documented. I am new to web design and, despite all precautions, things haven’t always gone smoothly. Tech support has always managed to dig me out of trouble in a timely fashion. Thank You!

Comment from: Jim McCarthy Visitor

Jim McCarthy

Excellent experience - when I totally screwed up my site with a badly managed move to a new domain name they went back in their archives and restored the site for me - service above and beyond.

Comment from: Jochem Visitor


I was launching my first web site, and with zero experience and no prior relationship with a web host, I chose Host Papa based on perceived value professional attitude and breadth of service options. It’s been over two years now, and I haven’t been disappointed with my choice! I’ve wholeheartedly recommended Host Papa to others, and from what I’ve seen, their service just keeps getting better.

Brent N. Prokopishin

I have been using Host Papa for my Business Web Services and Business Email Services for nearly 4 years now. I have had superior service and performance from Host Papa. They have made the experience of having your own Website and Email systems effortless. I have recommended Host Papa to many of my Clients for their Business Web Services.

Comment from: Dan Visitor


Very good service so far, sometimes the tech support takes a bit of time to contact but once contacted they offer good service.

Comment from: Paul Diamond Visitor

Paul Diamond

I have tried a few web hosting companies but by far the best one around in HostPapa. I now have all my websites with them.
Tech support is amazing,Service is top notch, the price is by far the best out there. I have been using HostPapa for about 4-5 years now and will never switch.

Comment from: Mathieu Vallée Visitor

Mathieu Vallée

I’ve been with HostPapa since 2 months and ‘im loving how it’s easy to build my webiste. They make easier and simplier the way to build it. Easy acces to cPanel and to all his features ! HostPapa help you to build the site you want ! The support is fantastic and fast. They make sure that you’r problem is solved.

Comment from: Rob Roy Visitor

Rob Roy

I have found the tech support crew to be friendly, patient and helpful. HostPapa has been a reliable server for our websites at a good price.

Comment from: David Visitor


I know little about web page design or web hosting. Even I was able to understand and work with the HostPapa system and get my web site up and running. If I could not have done this myself and at a low cost, it would not have happened. So thanks to the people at HostPapa for making this possible!

Comment from: Helen Visitor


We went with HostPapa because it was Canadian. Overall the service hasn’t been bad. In the beginning there was a lot of down time but that has improved lately.

Comment from: Sean Skerry Visitor

Sean Skerry

HostPapa understands customer support. They get it. Shortly after I’d sent in a support ticket, I was shocked to have a real live representative give me a ring at my apartment and help me get to the bottom of an issue I’d had redeeming a promotion. Online tech support has always pointed me in the right direction whenever I needed to use it. Nowadays, it’s refreshing to get good help when you need it!

Comment from: Robert Fisher Visitor

Robert Fisher

Overall positive. Tech support people tend to assume an advanced level of knowledge and don’t necessarily speak at a more ‘layman’s’ level which can make it difficult to understand or implement what they are suggesting.

Comment from: Todd Schick Visitor

Todd Schick


I have found Host Papa to be great so far.

I left another Webhosting company because of some uptime issues, among other things. After searching around, I decided to try out Host Papa.

One thing I can say for sure…what a difference in speed! Now, this may be due to the fact that my other provider was in Vancouver and I in Toronto (where Host Papa’s servers are located) but man…talk about lightning fast! FTP was insanely fast, my site loaded much faster, audio played fast….e-mail was crazy fast….I’m totally impressed.

Support - very good. No complaints…..and I’m happy to say that I haven’t contacted them in quite a while, so that will tell you something right here….everything is working just fine.

Keep up the good work!


Todd Schick

Comment from: Christian Visitor


after more than 1 year of use I have experience a good service and I am happy that I can have as many addon domain to my account

Comment from: Derek Brown Visitor

Derek Brown

My experience with HostPapa has been nothing short of exceptional! The service and support are fantastic. Support has been timely, efficient, and flexible in dealing with issues.

Wouldn’t dream of hosting with anyone else!

Comment from: Jochem Visitor


I was launching my first web site, and with zero experience and no prior relationship with a web host, I chose Host Papa based on perceived value, professional attitude and breadth of service options. It’s been over two years now, and I haven’t been disappointed with my choice! I’ve wholeheartedly recommended Host Papa to others, and from what I’ve seen, their service just keeps getting better.

Comment from: Dieter Hang Visitor

Dieter Hang

In general saying it is one of the best providers I have ever seen. The only problem I’m facing is that my website is not working properly wit Explorer. With other browers it is working fine. As a beginner it is not so easy to use and handle this plattform.

Comment from: Anna Lew Visitor

Anna Lew

I’m on my second year with HostPapa and so far, it has been a very pleasant experience. On top of offering a huge range of features for a very reasonable price (especially for a student like myself), their customer service reps are very prompt and courteous whenever an issue needed to be addressed. I’ve tried other web hosting services but so far, HostPapa comes out on top.

Comment from: GP Visitor


Host papa has always provided everything I need for my site. They are typically quite quick to respond to any tech support issues I have or even just general questions. Their service is easy to use and I have had no issues setting things us, unlike other places I’ve used which are often overly complicated.

Comment from: Michael Visitor


Excellent choice to host your business website. Reliable and consistent service. Nothing but good things to say in the 3 years they’ve been hosting my website.

Comment from: Louise Visitor


The service is fast and efficient.The explanations are clear. I really appreciated to receive help in french. It is easier for me.

Comment from: Victor Cretu Visitor

Victor Cretu

I selected HostPapa because:
- I read some good reviews about it
- It had a promotional price
- It’s close to me and my targets

And I have no complaint. Every time I checked, my website was up and running. I didn’t notice any interruption.

Comment from: Tom Toronto Visitor

Tom Toronto

I have been a customer with HostPapa for the past couple of years, and have had a very positive experience. The customer support is excellent. The uptime is top notch, the suite of products and features are very helpful, all for one of the best price points out there.

Comment from: sheryl Visitor


I have been really happy with Host Papa and recommend you often when the topic of web hosting comes up. It’s very affordable for a new business and allows me to add as many web addresses as I need as my business expands.

I am new to website development and chose to do everything myself. I ran into many problems with Soholaunch and switched to Wordpress which has made it very easy to develop my website.

I have had some great experiences with the live online support and some not so great experiences. This seems to depend on who responds to the request for help.

Because I am new to web development, I don’t speak computer language. Sometimes the people who responded seemed to forget that not all of their customers are professional web developers and it seemed they would get frustrated with my newbie questions and need for clarification.

And at other times, the support was absolutely amazing with the staff being very patient and helpful with my questions.

All in all, this has been an amazing company to work with. It is easy enough for a beginner to get started on their own with good staff support most of the time.

Comment from: Sheryl-Anne Visitor


I have nothing but rave reviews to give! Whenever I had questions (and I had a lot in the beginning!), a techie was there to patiently guide me through. The servers are very reliable. We are always advised of maintenance. And the one time there was a problem with HostPapa’s servers, they were very communicative and prompt to answer all questions. There was only a minor disruption in service. Full service was resumed in no time flat! I’ve seen other hosting companies and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Even if it were cheaper! I also love that HostPapa is green. Excellent work! I have recommended HostPapa to others and will continue to do so.

Comment from: Sam Brooks Visitor

Sam Brooks

Fantastic! Way better value than my previous host with excellent customer support. Host Papa was recommended by a friend and they were definitly right! Also, it’s nice knowing my website is hosted in Canada.

Comment from: Lesley Visitor


HostPapa is an affordable web-hosting service that I trust. They provide great customer service and support, they are run out of Canada, AND they are powered by renewable resources. What more could you possibly want in a company?

Comment from: Pantelis Thoma Visitor

Pantelis Thoma

I love the ease of use of HostPapa. A friend told me about it, and when I saw the prices, I was hooked, but once I subscribed and started building my site, I fell in love with it even more. Technical support has helped me numerous times when I was stuck with something. I never plan on changing hosts as long as I have a website.

Comment from: Rick Grant Visitor

Rick Grant

I am very impressed with the level of customer service HostPapa provides. The staff goes the extra step to follow up to make sure that their answers and solutions are what I needed. I also like their commitment to green energy

Comment from: Peter Mitchell Visitor

Peter Mitchell

I have been using Host Papa for several years now, hosting several sites as well as my own. The service is good and reliable, the back up there when you need it, and you can’t complain at the price. I’d recommend Host Papa to anyone.

Comment from: Michael Visitor


My first-time requiring a domain host, and it’s been great, and calming. Generally, all my erroneous assumptions were corrected by skillful and very patent HP persons. Additionally, HP’s IT department provided clarification and needful help whenever possible, so thanks!

Comment from: Susan Visitor


I transferred my website to HostPapa from another service that had left me very frustrated. Since then I have experienced nothing but positive service, great support and reliability in every aspect of my hosting package.

Comment from: eliza Visitor


HostPapa has been great for me. i’m new to the world of websites and their customer service has dealt with my ignorance in a supportive and competent manner time and again. Highly recommend them!

Comment from: Radek Visitor


I have been a Host Papa customer for almost 3 years now. During this time I have learned a lot about web hosting and the tools available to me as a customer. I started with one domain and now I have multiple domains registered with Host Papa. Any time I had a question or problem I found it very easy to contact the Host Papa support team and the issue was always resolved in a timely manner. The service has been very reliable. I have very rarely experienced and website downtime and if there was any downtime due to maintenance Host Papa has notified me by email. Overall Host Papa offers reliable service and great customer support and a very reasonable price.

Comment from: Jill Visitor


I have appreciated the timely help from HostPapa technical support, especially at first when I was just starting up my website and had lots of questions. They were friendly, and very helpful, and were able to answer my questions right away.

Thank you for your support.

Comment from: Ian Plain Visitor

Ian Plain

We have used HostPapa to host a few sites now and found them more stable and more reliable than other hosting companies. Support is always helpful and the price and “green” credentials are great.

Comment from: eliza Visitor


HostPapa has been wonderful. This is my first experience in having a website and their customer service has overcome my ignorance time and again. Prices are really reasonable too! Seriously, if you are looking for web hosting ,this is the place.

Comment from: charles Visitor


I think this is a good dependable service
They offer a clean, efficient hosting and a lot of value.
And on top of that they use green energy.
I strongly recommend

Comment from: Claire Visitor


I knew nothing about hosting a site - that’s were HostPapa came in. The tutorials are so easy to watch and I could understand more and more.

I have another site that is hosted by Net Nation and they are terrible to deal with. They are rude and arrogant and make me feel like an idiot. Net Nation has a standard answer “It must be your internet provider” whenever we have a problem.

Everyone at HostPapa is fantastic to talk to and they never make me feel like an idiot. I am going to change our other site to HostPapa (when I find out what is involved).

Comment from: Naz Visitor


I can’t say anything bad about Host Papa. I have had great experiences with the Host Papa team every time I’ve ever needed assistance. No matter how stupid my questions, the staff always have thorough answers for me! They’re both friendly and timely which is so very important to me. Thanks Host Papa Team!

Comment from: June Derksen Visitor

June Derksen

This was my first attempt at creating and uploading a website. Host Papa, was very helpful when I ran into trouble. They treated me with respect and guided me through my trouble shooting. Thank you very much.

I also love the fact that HP gives you ample notice when they need to do maintenance on their server.

Comment from: charles Visitor


I think this is a good dependable service.
Efficient, clean and a lot of value.
And on top of that they use green energy!
I recommend this host for sure.

Comment from: Juliana Visitor


I have been using HostPapa for 2 years and have encountered very little problems. I like the unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, etc. Overall, I am very happy with the service

Comment from: Payman Salimi Visitor

Payman Salimi

I am using host PAPA for 2 different website, The most advantage Hosspapa has is 100% up time, I have never had experience of down time or website not open.

Comment from: Christopher Post Visitor

Christopher Post

I just started with Hostpapa and it’s been really good…I’m new to this hosting business and I’m actively using the services. It’s a great value for the price!

Comment from: Bill Visitor


Solid performance and feature rich. Excellent value product. Excellent suite of software products.

Comment from: Jonathan Visitor


Overall Hostpapa has been pretty good. I like the fact that I can have unlimited domains (and other options) on my account, at a competitive price. I have experienced a bit of downtime though, although I think that was more common earlier in 2010 than it has been recently. I’m glad that appears to have been sorted out.

Comment from: Michael Law Visitor

Michael Law

So far it has been great! There was one or two days where I couldn’t login b/c a server was down, but other than that, everything is reliable and speedy.

Comment from: Phil Visitor


I originally set up my web page with a different company. Tech support, billing was like pulling teeth.

Hostpapa gave me exactly what I wanted at a good price. They have very rarely been down (do you count scheduled maintenance?).

I like the green aspect to their business. Hosting and email have been trouble free.

Tutorials are available and email set up is easy.

Comment from: Chris Visitor


I’ve generally had a very good experience with HostPapa. Of the few issues I’ve had, I was able to resolve them within a couple of days with the help of tech support. Tech support responds very quickly. There have been a few times when our server has been inaccessible, but it doesn’t usually last very long. I think HostPapa provides a good value for the service it provides. I’ve already recommended HostPapa to many people.

Comment from: Glenn Lawrence Visitor

Glenn Lawrence

Experience has been great.. there have been a few times I wished I had more control over my mysql setup but other than that it has been everything I needed an more.

Comment from: Jeff Vermeer Visitor

Jeff Vermeer

Hostpapa has streamlined my hosting needs into a low-cost highly usable package that has put a huge amount of time back into my development cycles and taken it out of needless technical issues

Comment from: Dan Visitor


Great customer service, tech support is great. Unlimited features are a plus!

Comment from: Norm Visitor


With the planet in mind, HostPapa doesn’t mind increasing their expenses to reduce their footprint on the environment. This is a great added benefit to the standard features they offer. But nowadays unlimited features are standard features. Cost-effective, reliable hosting with a heart! I love HostPapa!

Comment from: Alex Visitor


HostPapa is awesome! i had difficulties at first, because it is my first time hosting a web site. But there support team is friendly and very helpful! there prices are more than reasonable. Overall i give them 5 stars.

Thank you Host papa!:D

Comment from: krs Visitor


I have been with host papa for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier.

Actually moved my hosting to host papa from another host because their servers were slow and down far too often.

Pre-sales support was fantastic - had a long chat with several of their representatives.
Post sales support was only needed once because I’m pretty new to this stuff.

Host Papa always seem to be rated in the top 10 for web hosting and their use of ‘Green Energy’ made my decision easy to pick them over any of the others.

Comment from: Velma Visitor


HostPapa…how very, very appropriate and you’ll understand why I say that when you read my feedback on this company. I found them in a search for web hosting here in Canada. At the same time as I was searching I was also taking a course in web design.

Let me tell you that for what you pay, the features you get are unbeatable, together with the support. I’m sure I must have made one or more of them sit back with their mouths open, each time they saw an e-mail from me, wondering, “What has she done now!” (just like my dear ‘papa’ would have done) They were always supportive and always had an immediate response to my latest self-imposed predicament!

I spread the word amongst the students that I was taking the course with, with no hesitation. When you’re new at something you want to know someone’s there to help you, and that there’s no criticism for your/my ineptitude!

Thanks guys/gals…you’re great!

Comment from: Jaime Visitor


I’m impressed with Hostpapa’s tutorials, they let you see what you are getting into before you buy.

I am NOT impressed with the service of my current hosting, StartLogic, and trying desperately to get out from under GoDaddy and its deceptive affiliates. In 24 hours StartLogic have been unavailable by phone and email and rude by chat. I have been waiting on them to initiate a “free” domain transfer. I am still within my 30 day money back guarantee period and as a result of StartLogic’s non responsiveness, I am still shopping for a web host.

HostPapa is one I might consider for the green factor, and because they are so upfront with their inside view of their system. I have not seen another web host be that helpful BEFORE you buy.

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