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$ 2.95/mo

Control Panel: cPanel
b2evo quick install: (Softaculous)

Best green choice


Eco Friendly
Excellent price if you prefer to pay month-to-month
A few missing features for geeks
Overall an excellent plan and with the distinction of being the most eco-friendly. Probably also the best choice if you prefer to pay month-to-month (no contract).

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« Our web hosting platform is specially engineered to perform while being environmentally friendly. Experience the best speed technology, better security, and down-to-earth technical support.

Green Geeks provides 300% green energy web hosting with each hosting plan. Our expert Green Geeks team are friendly, accessible and are as committed to our clients as we are toward protecting our environment.

Free Website Transfer ServiceUnlimited Domains on 1 Account • SECURE IMAP/POP3 E-mail Accounts • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee • SSH (Secure Shell)

Whether you are new to web hosting or if you want to move your existing web site to our green hosting service, we're here to help you every step of the way. No matter your hosting requirements, our platform will fit your needs. »

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Selected hosting package: EcoSite
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 4.95 /mo$ 59.40
24 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 94.80
36 Month Contract$ 2.95 /mo$ 106.20

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GreenGeeks details & alternatives

GreenGeeksA2 Hosting
Hosting Company
Package NameEcoSiteLite
Positives Eco Friendly
Excellent price if you prefer to pay month-to-month
Excellent platform technology
Choice of datacenter
Very transparent website
Negatives A few missing features for geeks Automatic daily backups not included (available as upgrade)
SummaryOverall an excellent plan and with the distinction of being the most eco-friendly. Probably also the best choice if you prefer to pay month-to-month (no contract).This plan is downright excellent with one exception: you'll have to rely on manual backups or upgrade to get automated backups. Active b2evolution support.
Pricing breakdown
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 2.95$ 2.99
1 Month (Trial) $ 10.95$ 10.99
Monthly for 12 mo $ 4.95$ 6.99
Monthly for 24 mo $ 3.95$ 4.39
Monthly for 36 mo $ 2.95$ 2.99
Renewal Price (1 mo) $ 9.95$ 10.99
Renewal Price (12 mo) $ 9.95$ 8.99
Renewal Price (24 mo) $ 9.95$ 7.99
Renewal Price (36 mo) $ 9.95$ 7.99
Renewal Price Max $ 9.95$ 9.99
Best price HOWTO Click to get
promo price
Use code
Money Back
30 daysAnytime!
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com Free$ 14.95 /yr
.com Renewal $ 13.95 /yr$ 14.95 /yr
.com Privacy $ 9.95 /yr$ 9.95 /yr
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Disk
Sites per Account Unlimited1
Alias/Parked Domains Unlimited25
Subdomains Unlimited5
Max DBs Unlimited5
Free SSL
Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew
SSH Access
Cron Jobs
Included backups (Nighlty)
Backup UpgradeUpgrade to higher plan
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accountsUnlimited25
Email aliasesUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage250 MBUnlimited
Network Features
Dedicated IP$ 4.00 /mo$ 4.00 /mo
Datacenters in USA42
Datacenters in Europe11
Datacenters in Asianone1
Green energy
U.S. EPA Green Power Partner
(300% offset)

CO2 offset by
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
full site

Domain only
Auto-Installer Softaculous
& Fantastico
Hosting Company
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Advanced b2evo supportN/A
Shared OSLinux Secure vFSLinux
PHP 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 (Choose Your Version)
Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2 (switch as you wish)
PERL 5.10
MySQL MariaDB 5.6
PostgreSQL 9.6


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Comment from: bernardo flores Visitor

bernardo flores

Had bad experience with site being infected with virus, months later hacked. I had no help from them at all.
They only save a backup form 1 day before, others save backups for 30 days.
I had a bad time cancelling the service, they even renewed my domain eventhough I asked them no to.

Comment from: Mila Visitor


PROS: Green, Green, Green, great customer support and fast/easy set up, paypal payments, BBB acredited

CONS: on the pricier end of the industry (but I guess we have to pay a premium for organic food so why not for eco-friendly hosting)

CONCLUSION: would be perfect if they were a tad cheaper

Comment from: terrence Visitor


we need to stop thinking about ourselves and do more and more things for the planet, and sometimes it’s annoying (like recycling) but with GreenGeek I can feel good about helping the planet and yet I (myself personally) ahve to do nothing, just made the choice to choose the right host (and they are as good as the next guy/host).

Comment from: Isaac Visitor


GreenGeeks is a little more expensive than some other web hosting companies, but I wanted an ec0friendly website.
I also particularly like the fact that their customer support does speak English that way I do not lose hours trying to explain myself over and over again.
I am very happy with them, my sites are fast and I noticed no downtime. Recommended.

Comment from: Angelica Visitor


I use solar panels for my house, I recycle and ride a bike as often as I can instead of using my car, so it was obvious that I wanted a “green” host, but which one to choose?
I chose GreenGeeks, because of all the seals and certifications that I could verify and make sure they were truly an eco site and not just some smoke screen… and they are genuine, I also contacted their customer support to make sure they were as friendly and available as they claim to be and then I signed up, and I don;t regret it, my site is happy, my customers are happy and so is the planet!

Comment from: Johan Visitor


300% green sold me and I encourage others to buy a green provider. By 2020 powering the internet could be as polluting as the airline industry if you don’t.

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