• My users do not have access to the files section / upload

    There are several permissions involved: The user needs to be in a User Group that has at least View permissions for "Files" (to browse files) or Add/Upload permissions for uploading (see the User Groups: File Permissions) The user needs to…More »
  • I made a change but my blog is not updated

    By default, b2evolution saves a cached version of all your public blog pages and only refreshed that cache every 10 minutes. This is very handy in case one of your blog posts gets very popular, as it allows you web server to serve the page really quick…More »
  • Troubleshooting Cookie Issues

    Short answer: your $baseurl is not configured properly. (Or you are not using the same URL to connect.)More »
  • I get file permission errors. How do I fix them?

    Please see the following pages: Directory And File Permissions Media File Permission Errors ((security/))More »
  • When I do X I get a blank page or only a half page

    Short answer: your PHP is either out of memory or out of allowed execution time!More »
  • "Warning: Cannot modify header information"

    If you get this error, it is most likely you recently changed something in a file. The error is often caused by added whitespace (space or line feed) *before* the first <?php or *after* the closing ?>. You can remove the error by opening the f…More »
  • Emails don't arrive / Email notifications don't work

    b2evolution will send emails in a number of occasions: a user wants to register a user forgot his password and requested a new one a user wants to contact the admin a user wants to contact another user If you are not receiving these email notifications…More »
  • I have a MySQL error

    Common SQL errors and how to resolve them at: mySQL docsMore »
  • Illegal mix of collations

    This is for all errors that look something like "Illegal mix of collations xxx and yyy for operation ‘=’(Errno=1267)" This is an error generated by MySQL when several fields in the database don’t match each other. This can…More »
  • phpMyAdmin

    phpMyAdmin is a tool that lets you peek and poke directly into your MySQL database. It is a PHP application just like b2evolution, except it has nothing to do with b2evolution. Nevertheless, you can use phpMyAdmin to connect to your b2evolution database…More »
  • Http Post Data Too Large

    When too many large files are uploaded to the server the following error may appear: You have sent too much data (too many large files?) for the server to process. Please try again by sending less data/files at a time. To allow large amount of data upl…More »
  • Email Deliverability

    Email Deliverability is a tough, yet important subject when you try to send emails from your website. We’ll try to summarize the most important stuff here!More »
  • I'm having weird redirect issues

    If you’re having redirects you can’t explain, especially redirect loops, check the following: Clear your cache If you are having redirects you should not have, first clear your browser cache. Completely! If a wrong redirect is set once as a…More »
  • Dev Menu

    When developing skins, enabling the little Dev menu can be very useful. How to enable the Dev menu In the _advanced.php, change the following lines: /** * Do you want to display the "Dev" menu in the evobar? * This allows to display the dev…More »
  • Error message not by b2evolution

    If you encounter an error message that… Is not a PHP error Does not have your site header Is not an error message stating "This message was generated by b2evolution" …then it is an error that happens BEFORE b2evolution is involved.…More »