• Recognizing a crawler attack

    When you look at your b2evolution's Analytics Tab, you may see a huge increase of traffic like this:More »
  • Performance Optimization

    There are several things you can do to optimize the performance of your system. Fast Hosting First off, obviously, you may need a faster [ web host] (we have […More »
  • Caching and Cache Levels

    Overview b2evolution is developed in a central CVS? repository at [ SourceForge.Net]. This allows users to grab any version of b2evolution they want, including the latest development version. The normal way of obtaining b2evolution is thr…More »
  • Widget Caching

    Widget output can be cached in memory on the server using the BlockCache (requires a memory cache like APC to be installed).More »
  • New Relic is an online Application Performance Monitoring APM solution. b2evolution is instrumented to send custom metrics to New Relic when New Relic is installed. Installation Refer to the signup procedure to learn how to install…More »
  • MyISAM vs InnoDB

    MySQL supports multiple storage engines, amongst which MyISAM and InnoDB are the most widely used. Each has its own advantages and there is no final rule on which is best. Oftentimes, using a mix of both will provide the best balance between data integr…More »