• LDAP Plugin

    This plugin is supported only through PRO Support. The LDAP plugin provides authentication by querying one or more LDAP servers. The plugin can do the following: Verify password Create the user Download and assign its user profile picture Create and/or… more »
  • Glossary auto links Plugin

    PRO Feature When installed, this plugin will add a "Glossary terms:" field to the Item edit form. Then, when saving other posts, this renderer plugin will try to find all glossary terms and link them to the correct Item for that Glossary Term. more »
  • Markdown Importer

    The importer is available in b2evolution 7.0.1+ but some advanced features are only available in b2evolution PRO. The Markdown importer allows you to import a directory structure containing MarkDown .md files + related images. Basic Concepts Slugs… more »
  • Must Read Items menu link widget

    PRO Feature This will display a "Must Read" button or menu link, including a badge of how many Posts/Items the current User still must read. This feature requires that you enable tracking of unread content and, after that, that you tag some… more »
  • Internal Searches Analytics Tab

    PRO Feature This screen allows to see all internal searches. It is useful to identify: Searches with no results TODO fix bug that always displays 1 Searches that had results but did not lead to any click by the user more »

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