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« Hostpapa has taken the initiative of going green by purchasing 100% Green Renewable energy to power our data center, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space. These energy sources supply Hostpapa's entire equivalent energy consumption into the power-grid with certified 100% renewable green energy sources, such as wind and solar powered energy. »

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Comment from: Jon Hollingworth [Visitor]

Jon Hollingworth
1 stars

I used to have no issues with HostPapa but lately my website has become unusable! I have some SQL database that I frequently use and now it is unusable and I have a few employees’s that use it. I am migrating away from HostPapa because I get the same customer service as everyone else and it’s pathetic! They keep blaming my website! But why would it suddenly get slower to the point it is unusable! Game over for you HostPapa, I’m moving on! PEOPLE! CAREFUL ABOUT THIS CHEAP SITE!

2014-10-28 @ 01:34

Comment from: Baron [Visitor]

1 stars

They provide one of the worst customer experience ever, even worse than some of the big name mobile phone companies or fashion stores. Their support is NOT helping at all, and not tech-savvy – “I don’t see what’s wrong” and “it is working at this moment” is not an excuse for a profound problem within your server system.

I have been with them for hosting for a few years now. For the past year, however, problem arises that the website would randomly be unable to load for random durations (very long time before first-byte). Sometimes it loads instantly (in 2 sec) sometimes 40+ seconds. Not everyone of my customer would have the faith to wait 10+ seconds, and many thought the site was broken.

Uncountable business loss already due to this. For loyalty sake and laziness to switch hosting, I sought help multiple times for them to investigate into the issue. EVERY SINGLE TIME, they would show me a pingdom result with normal load time. Then EVERY TIME I had to send them MY results with problematic load time. They have SO many excuses, even though apparently the load server has problem, they’d ask me to Cloud my website, check my own internet connection (hello? I got reports from customers even in Asia!), optimize my database (I have just a very small Wordpress site), understand that the server load may peak (improve it?), and someone may be abusing their server (do something about it?? or at least switch me to another server for a change?).

Frustration arise when they simply do not want to work on the problem. Blame is not a solution. There is virtually no support, when my 10+ correspondances with them across several months gets the same answer every time.

If you want your website to reach any audience, don’t host with Hostpapa.

2013-06-07 @ 22:07

Comment from: Lisap [Visitor]

1 stars

I would prefer to give them zero stars. DECEPTIVE COMPANY: Avoid doing business with this company. First, their “30 day risk free” trial is a LIE. I signed up with them on December 27, 2012 and after 3 days of many wasted hours I gave up and filed for a refund. After paying $110.29 they refunded only half of my payment. I disputed the transaction (thank you PayPal) and resolved it when they offered another $14.99. NOW THEY JUST SENT ME ANOTHER BILL FOR $24.99 for the Domain registration which is one of the non-refundable fees that they already kept.

The product is horrible. I went to another site and within 10 minutes managed to have my website up and running. Their service is terrible. They do not transact business by phone. And their representations are deceptive and fraudulent. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

2013-01-04 @ 15:28

Comment from: Mike Sampson [Visitor]

Mike Sampson
1 stars

Do not waste your time or $$$. You domain will not come up half of the time. Submit a ticket and 2 days later they will say, “its working fine now". But you will constantly be down, then they will say, “Well, its a shared server.” Support doesn’t try to resolve the problem…they just give you the simplest answer and hope you will go away. They just want your money and that’s the only time they will pay attention to you (no refunds after 30 days…so they put you on unloaded servers to begin with, then soon your server will be at capacity or over). The low price seems good to begin with . . . until you realize you just wasted your money.

2012-11-05 @ 02:40

Comment from: [Member]

Mark Wingrove
3 stars

I build websites for charities and was introduced to HostPapa and have subsequently put several sites in there through a number of accounts. I am aware of some negative press about HostPapa, I am not sure whether the negative press is caused by sites being sponsored by other hosting companies as inevitably there is an ad for a competitor next to a review.

My experience is mixed, I have spent most of today working on a wordpress site hosted by hostpapa and this evening the response times have got slower and slower. I have had occasions where mail or http has timed out from the UK on different sites hosted at hostpapa. I have called them and got the classic “it is working fast here". Well of course it would if you are adjacent to the data centre! I spent around 2 weeks developing and installing a bulk mailing app on HostPapa for a charity. It turned out after lots of long nights going back and forth checking everything that HostPapa limits the number of emails sent from your hosting (note hosting, not domain!) to 50 per hour! That is not public knowledge but explained why my bulk mailing database of 250 names never received the newsletter. The sad thing in this case was HostPapa do not feed anything back into the app to generate a warning, it just accepts the mails and then drops them. Bottom line, it wasted a lot of my time.

On the plus side they are cheap, and one of the best deals around at the moment. If you have a small site where you are not expecting thousands of hits per day it is a good deal. I suspect that although their hype has a lot of “unlimited’s” in there, it really is quite limited, if I had a site that was going to receive a lot of activity per day, I would not be using HostPapa. IMO that is where most of the gripes come from. People with high demands assuming that they are getting a good deal, whereas the reality is your bandwidth and processing time is shared with several other sites and users. What we don’t know is how thinly it is spread.

My site is here:

2012-10-25 @ 19:49

Comment from: Valentin [Visitor]

1 stars

Their CS is the worse I ever meet. They ignore you and they hang up on live chat. Ive changed all my websites from them.

2012-10-09 @ 12:16

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