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Host Papa

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Host Papa

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« Hostpapa has taken the initiative of going green by purchasing 100% Green Renewable energy to power our data center, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space. These energy sources supply Hostpapa's entire equivalent energy consumption into the power-grid with certified 100% renewable green energy sources, such as wind and solar powered energy. »

Dedicated customer service ? Host 11 Domain Names on one account ? Unlimited email accounts ? 30-day money-back guarantee • Free Setup

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Comment from: Jon Hollingworth [Visitor]  
Jon Hollingworth
1 stars

I used to have no issues with HostPapa but lately my website has become unusable! I have some SQL database that I frequently use and now it is unusable and I have a few employees’s that use it. I am migrating away from HostPapa because I get the same customer service as everyone else and it’s pathetic! They keep blaming my website! But why would it suddenly get slower to the point it is unusable! Game over for you HostPapa, I’m moving on! PEOPLE! CAREFUL ABOUT THIS CHEAP SITE!

10/28/14 @ 01:34 am
Comment from: Baron [Visitor]
1 stars

They provide one of the worst customer experience ever, even worse than some of the big name mobile phone companies or fashion stores. Their support is NOT helping at all, and not tech-savvy – “I don’t see what’s wrong” and “it is working at this moment” is not an excuse for a profound problem within your server system.

I have been with them for hosting for a few years now. For the past year, however, problem arises that the website would randomly be unable to load for random durations (very long time before first-byte). Sometimes it loads instantly (in 2 sec) sometimes 40+ seconds. Not everyone of my customer would have the faith to wait 10+ seconds, and many thought the site was broken.

Uncountable business loss already due to this. For loyalty sake and laziness to switch hosting, I sought help multiple times for them to investigate into the issue. EVERY SINGLE TIME, they would show me a pingdom result with normal load time. Then EVERY TIME I had to send them MY results with problematic load time. They have SO many excuses, even though apparently the load server has problem, they’d ask me to Cloud my website, check my own internet connection (hello? I got reports from customers even in Asia!), optimize my database (I have just a very small Wordpress site), understand that the server load may peak (improve it?), and someone may be abusing their server (do something about it?? or at least switch me to another server for a change?).

Frustration arise when they simply do not want to work on the problem. Blame is not a solution. There is virtually no support, when my 10+ correspondances with them across several months gets the same answer every time.

If you want your website to reach any audience, don’t host with Hostpapa.

06/07/13 @ 10:07 pm
Comment from: Lisap [Visitor]
1 stars

I would prefer to give them zero stars. DECEPTIVE COMPANY: Avoid doing business with this company. First, their “30 day risk free” trial is a LIE. I signed up with them on December 27, 2012 and after 3 days of many wasted hours I gave up and filed for a refund. After paying $110.29 they refunded only half of my payment. I disputed the transaction (thank you PayPal) and resolved it when they offered another $14.99. NOW THEY JUST SENT ME ANOTHER BILL FOR $24.99 for the Domain registration which is one of the non-refundable fees that they already kept.

The product is horrible. I went to another site and within 10 minutes managed to have my website up and running. Their service is terrible. They do not transact business by phone. And their representations are deceptive and fraudulent. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

01/04/13 @ 03:28 pm
Comment from: Mike Sampson [Visitor]
Mike Sampson
1 stars

Do not waste your time or $$$. You domain will not come up half of the time. Submit a ticket and 2 days later they will say, “its working fine now". But you will constantly be down, then they will say, “Well, its a shared server.” Support doesn’t try to resolve the problem…they just give you the simplest answer and hope you will go away. They just want your money and that’s the only time they will pay attention to you (no refunds after 30 days…so they put you on unloaded servers to begin with, then soon your server will be at capacity or over). The low price seems good to begin with . . . until you realize you just wasted your money.

11/05/12 @ 02:40 am
Comment from: [Member]
Mark Wingrove
3 stars

I build websites for charities and was introduced to HostPapa and have subsequently put several sites in there through a number of accounts. I am aware of some negative press about HostPapa, I am not sure whether the negative press is caused by sites being sponsored by other hosting companies as inevitably there is an ad for a competitor next to a review.

My experience is mixed, I have spent most of today working on a wordpress site hosted by hostpapa and this evening the response times have got slower and slower. I have had occasions where mail or http has timed out from the UK on different sites hosted at hostpapa. I have called them and got the classic “it is working fast here". Well of course it would if you are adjacent to the data centre! I spent around 2 weeks developing and installing a bulk mailing app on HostPapa for a charity. It turned out after lots of long nights going back and forth checking everything that HostPapa limits the number of emails sent from your hosting (note hosting, not domain!) to 50 per hour! That is not public knowledge but explained why my bulk mailing database of 250 names never received the newsletter. The sad thing in this case was HostPapa do not feed anything back into the app to generate a warning, it just accepts the mails and then drops them. Bottom line, it wasted a lot of my time.

On the plus side they are cheap, and one of the best deals around at the moment. If you have a small site where you are not expecting thousands of hits per day it is a good deal. I suspect that although their hype has a lot of “unlimited’s” in there, it really is quite limited, if I had a site that was going to receive a lot of activity per day, I would not be using HostPapa. IMO that is where most of the gripes come from. People with high demands assuming that they are getting a good deal, whereas the reality is your bandwidth and processing time is shared with several other sites and users. What we don’t know is how thinly it is spread.

My site is here: http://www.wingrove-media.com

10/25/12 @ 07:49 pm
Comment from: Valentin [Visitor]
1 stars

Their CS is the worse I ever meet. They ignore you and they hang up on live chat. Ive changed all my websites from them.

10/09/12 @ 12:16 pm
Comment from: harry curtis [Visitor]
harry curtis
2 stars

hey, I am just researching web hosts and I found this review page. Thank you for making your comments. I have one thing to add: I resent their bogus “green energy” claim, it is bogus because Niagara Falls NY is where hydroelectric power was introduced-so yeah, that is green power but no credit to them, it is just an accident of their location.

08/05/12 @ 09:04 pm
Comment from: Brad Pickard [Visitor]
Brad Pickard
5 stars

Host Papa is great and affordable! No complaints.

05/10/12 @ 02:03 am
Comment from: Ever Hobbes [Visitor]
Ever Hobbes

I have set up several websites with Hostpapa since I do some web design work. Overall I think the c-panel and it’s features are great, and help is readily available. In general the user experience is better than, say, GoDaddy, and similar in price.

06/14/11 @ 03:23 pm
Comment from: Sheila Small [Visitor]
Sheila Small
5 stars

Your technical support is fast and friendly. Everything is so simple and easy to use, like adding an e-mail account or ftp site.

06/13/11 @ 10:16 pm
Comment from: Endymion [Visitor]
2 stars

These guys were really great in the beginning and I not only hosted multiple sites with them, but I also brought my clients to them to handle their hosting as well. Unfortunately, in the last few months, their customer service has taken a complete nosedive and I’ve had nothing but problems. Furthermore, their way to handle an issue is to close a ticket when THEY feel they’ve solved it, which is never a solution. I’m in the process of finding another host and migrating all my sites and clients’ sites to a new service. This is the classic case of a host growing so large that they can’t be bothered with individual consumer needs and satisfaction.

06/09/11 @ 06:43 pm
Comment from: Marc P [Visitor]
Marc P
5 stars

My site is fairly simple – I’m a PhD candidate and I just needed a place where colleagues and others could look at the papers I’ve written and find out more about my research. Setting up couldn’t have been easier. HostPapa is a stable, quality web host even a student can afford.

04/07/11 @ 04:52 am
Comment from: Roberto [Visitor]
1 stars

It’s interesting that so many ‘customers’ of Hostpapa (who are happy with the service) have posted positive comments.

If you compare to the comments for other hosts the total number of comments for Hostpapa (positive and negative) on a given review site, you will notice a significantly higher number of overall comments for Hostpapa.

Now if you break down the comments into positive and negative then compare to the comments for other hosts you *almost* always find a drastically higher number of positive comments for Hostpapa. The problem with this is that angry users are naturally more compelled to comment on their issues to spread the word about their bad business experience. So, if anything, one can expect to find an overall greater number of negative comments for host even if the host is actually a good one. This is one of the obvious reasons that hosts pay people to cruise review sites and post positive comments. ie. to counter the negativity left by the angry users. But Hostpapa has far more overall comments, far more positive comments (most which are likely planted), and about the same # of negative comments (which are likely left by actual customers due to the reason I mentioned above).

This leads me to believe that Hostpapa is spending a lot of their time on advertising through review sites, tricking new customers that don’t know any better. This is likely the gist of Hostpapa’s business plan. To sign as many customers as possible onto some sort of contract (whether it be a year or more). Once signed on, customers have little choice but to stay with Hostpapa until the contract ends. So if you have a bad experience, you have already paid them. They have little care for the longevity of their business, only for quick money. This frame of mind in conducting your business really scams a lot of people, and makes the few who run the business rich. When the number of people who had bad experiences with Hostpapa become overwhelming, word will spread and the company will go under. At which point the owners will likely start another hosting company under a different name, if they haven’t done so several times already…

This sort of business creates barriers to new hosting company’s because people lose trust in the validity of comments, ‘awards’, and other hype. It hurts those companies that are actually running their businesses well, and it hurts the customers that get burned.

So please stay away from Hostpapa. If my arguments haven’t swayed you, then power to you. But this company will more than likely take your money and leave you upset at one point or another. There are plenty of hosting sites out there. If I can give you any recommendation as a business person, it would be to use a local company that has some sort of brick and mortar store front where you can walk in and speak with someone to fix any problems right away. It will be well worth the money and will minimize your stress in the long run.


03/13/11 @ 05:34 pm
Comment from: Will [Visitor]
5 stars

As a company that provides alternative energy, the fact that HostPapa uses green energy was a factor in my choice for domain hosting. 3 years later and minimum unforseen downtime, great customer service and an unbeatable price, I am still a happy customer!

12/09/10 @ 02:30 pm
Comment from: Len Gilchrist [Visitor]
Len Gilchrist
5 stars

All positive, they were very responsive in helping me, a neophyte, get my site up and running. To the best of my knowledge they have been no issues with their hosting capabilities.

12/09/10 @ 06:25 am
Comment from: Jared [Visitor]
4 stars

Great company - fast service - green servers - makes for an eco friendly company and greener planet. We need more environmentally friendly companies.

12/09/10 @ 03:03 am
Comment from: Jared [Visitor]
4 stars

Great company, good service, reliable and easy to understand user interface.

What attracted me the most about this company was the value and the fact that their servers are green, meaning that they apparently user green energy to power their system. I’m really big on environment so just knowing that they do this is great.

12/09/10 @ 03:02 am
Comment from: FRANCOIS M [Visitor]
5 stars


12/09/10 @ 12:45 am
Comment from: Andriy [Visitor]
4 stars

I am really glad you use green energy. This is a great achievement. More companies need to match that.

12/09/10 @ 12:32 am
Comment from: Roberto [Visitor]
5 stars

I haven’t had an issue ever.

12/09/10 @ 12:29 am
Comment from: Al MacLachlan [Visitor]
Al MacLachlan
5 stars

We’ve been with HostPapa for 2 years and are completely satisfied with their service. Highly recommended, and it’s Canadian!

12/09/10 @ 12:02 am
Comment from: Al MacLachlan [Visitor]
Al MacLachlan
5 stars

We’ve been with HostPapa for 2 years and are completely satisfied with their service. Highly recommended and it’s Canadian!

12/09/10 @ 12:00 am
Comment from: Tourmaline Cattery [Visitor]  
Tourmaline Cattery
5 stars

Currently, I can use HostPapa to run some test blog in parallel to know which blog engine, including b2evolution, is the best for me. HostPapa is the most flexible hosting company I know. With more than 15 years of experience as a webmaster, I’m really happy with my 2 last years with HostPapa. I don’t want to move to another company anymore. The service is always improving and is more reliable than ever. And I don’t even talk about the value… it’s so cheap for all the liberty and freedom it offers!

12/08/10 @ 11:53 pm
Comment from: Matthieu Joly [Visitor]
Matthieu Joly
5 stars

No problems noticed so far, pretty happy about it! Thx a lot for the great service!

12/08/10 @ 11:33 pm
Comment from: Jeremy Bezooyen [Visitor]
Jeremy Bezooyen
5 stars

I represent a small collective of digital dj’s, producers and visual artists in Victoria BC who’ve used HostPapa for a number of years for our website. Our group is loosely organized, so there have been times when our site was left unattended for some time. We even let our account expire at one point. Host Papa was nothing but good to us about getting things renewed and reset quickly (restoring our domain quickly for us).

As for the hosting itself, we have never had any issues with our service. The speed has always been more than sufficient, and we’ve never noticed any significant downtime.

I would recommend HostPapa to anyone.

12/08/10 @ 11:15 pm
Comment from: Brian Robertson [Visitor]
Brian Robertson
5 stars

All things equal, I’ll go with the local, environmentally friendly host every time!

12/08/10 @ 11:12 pm
Comment from: Ed Smith [Visitor]
Ed Smith
5 stars

We have been using Host Papa for about two years now and have found the dependability flawless, the support quick, clear and helpful. What a change from our previous host! The price is highly competitive.

12/08/10 @ 11:07 pm
Comment from: payman [Visitor]
5 stars

I am using hostpapa over 3 years and never had even small problem. Hostpapa customer service is besttttt. they solve my problems in less than 24 hours.

12/08/10 @ 11:03 pm
Comment from: jeremy [Visitor]
5 stars

I’ve only been using for two months but so far its been great

12/08/10 @ 11:02 pm
Comment from: Russ Arnold [Visitor]
Russ Arnold
4 stars

Its good.

12/08/10 @ 10:54 pm
Comment from: John [Visitor]
4 stars

Although I haven’t had much time to play around with the services, the time I have spent has been very pleasant. There was always someone availalbe to speak with over the phone when I need it which is fantastic. Email support has been decent as well, not having to wait too long before a response but always getting a response within 24 hours.

12/08/10 @ 10:54 pm
Comment from: M Shea [Visitor]
M Shea

My experience with this company is great! Host Papa is economical, easy to use, friendly, has good graphics (high priority with me), and most important: Host Papa has high quality communication skills. The set-up was easy, the host service is good value, and is exactly as good as my pre-research showed, and the only time I had a problem, I spoke with an intelligent and friendly rep who fixed it for me. It’s even a company that has made some effort at being sustainably powered: yay!

12/08/10 @ 10:45 pm
Comment from: Victor Zaguliaev [Visitor]
Victor Zaguliaev
5 stars

Finally, someone who gets it! Host Papa seems to have all of their ducks in a row with their web hosting services. I needed a good webhosting for my heavy download site, and so far, everything has been good for us!

They had my account ready within 4 hours. They said it could take 24-48 hours, but after my order, they had it ready VERY fast. Overall, I recommend anyone to check out Host Papa’s plans. You won’t be disappointed either!

PS : Next have made my dreams of hosting come true. Their cPanel helps the customers to interface with a user friendly interface. Later I understood that this cPanel is the leader in hosting industry. Ever since I started hosting with HP, I have never gone through the tensions of hosting

11/25/10 @ 10:15 pm
Comment from: Phil [Visitor]
5 stars

They don’t nickel and dime you for every little service/request like some other companies. I message them for some extra support instead of a professional service fee or something, I get real, genuine help and advice, for free! No questions asked and no dollars spent. Excellent Value!

10/21/10 @ 09:47 pm
Comment from: Hydroponics Garden [Visitor]
Hydroponics Garden
5 stars

I have tried several hosts online, and Host Papa seem for me to be one of the most reliable hosting solutions around, our simple hydroponics site has had a 99% uptime, at the price on offer Host Papa is sure hard to beat. Their customer support system is also second to none.

07/02/09 @ 10:45 pm
Comment from: Green Electricity [Visitor]
Green Electricity
5 stars

Well done host papa, This is a great achievement, I don’t think their will be many companies that can match that.

06/11/09 @ 12:49 pm
Comment from: Keith [Visitor]
5 stars

Very easy to signup, you do have to wait a few days to pass their security check but well worth it!

The hosting is brilliant, can’t say enough good things about Hostpapa. Their servers are fast, ftp‘ing is a dream and the and my sites are super fast.

No downtime at the moment.

Customer support answered any questions I had very promptly and pleasantly.

A fantastic hosting company that over delivers and can actually DELIVER.

03/14/08 @ 05:31 pm

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