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  February 4, 2008 • Category: Reviews


Host Papa is a shared hosting company operating 100% on green energy, which is sufficiently rare to be noticed.

Host Papa’s data centers are located in Toronto, Canada which allows for the same high speed connections as US datacenters while helping to maintain costs lower than in the US.

  • Created: 1995
  • Offices: Ontario, Canada
  • Data center: Toronto, Canada
  • Domains served: 15,000+
  • Servers: owned by HostPapa

User Experience

Our HostPapa test site showed excellent response and uptimes.

  • Control panel: cPanel
  • Application installer: Fantastico Deluxe

HostPapa’s technical support can help you install or upgrade to the latest version of most popular web application, including – of course – b2evolution.

We were able to perform 5 simultaneous FTP uploads, which ensures easy site maintenance and updates.

Customer satisfaction

HostPapa has been reported to provide both a good infrastructure and good support.

Technical specs

  • MySQL 5.0.45 - Up to date
  • PHP 5.2.45 - Up to date
  • UTF-8 and mbstring: supported

Overall, the platform is state of the art.

Section updated April 30th, 2008.


Web Hosting Pad is running suPHP and there is strong isolation between user accounts.

SFTP is not available.

Overall security is good.

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4.4 stars
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]  
5 stars

Great Service and Secure. Tech Support has been friendly and fast. Would recommend them to everyone!

12/18/14 @ 03:59
Comment from: Laith [Visitor]
5 stars

I have web development firm and I use Host Papa servers for my business website and customers for more than 5 years, they proved after dealing with a lot of hosting companies that they are THE BEST.
All the best Host Papa and keep it up

11/26/14 @ 18:53
Comment from: Jean-Christophe Pelletier [Visitor]
Jean-Christophe Pelletier
4 stars

I have been using HostPapa for a year now and I am quite happy with the service.

Easy setup and maintenance tools to keep the website up to date. I have had good phone support when needed and very quick response to requests.

I would definately recommend this service

11/13/14 @ 01:15
Comment from: John Vincent [Visitor]
John Vincent
5 stars

Have been with Host Papa one year now - very happy with switch from previous provider - love that Host Papa is a green company.

11/05/14 @ 18:26
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor]
5 stars

My experience so far has been great. The support is solid and the services/features are exactly what I require. I haven’t experienced any notable downtime, or service interruptions. I’ve been a customer for approximately half a year now, and would recommend to anyone looking for quick, easy-to-use, and well-supported hosting at a good cost.

11/04/14 @ 23:30
Comment from: Martin Duquette [Visitor]
Martin Duquette
5 stars

i have been with hostpapa for about 2 years now. So far everything has been great (For price point and reliability).

Great support and service, i refer all of my clients to use them.

Keep up the great work and service.

11/04/14 @ 17:49
Comment from: peter bucciarelli [Visitor]
peter bucciarelli
5 stars

i have been with hostpapa for about 5 years now. thus far has been great. For price point and reliability we have not seen anyone better to date, great support and service, i refer all of my clients to use them.

Keep up the greate work and service.

10/08/14 @ 16:53
Comment from: Jean-Luc [Visitor]
4 stars

I’ve been using HostPapa for a few years now. So far so good I like the services, support is usually pretty fast. They are comprehensive. Shared hosting is good enough for light Joomla like website. Servers are fast, FTP uploads, PHP, MySQL, Emails, almost no downtime, and they tell us when they do maintenance. Eerything running over my expectation.
Thank you.

09/24/14 @ 19:14
Comment from: Sanjay [Visitor]  
4 stars

Host Papa is delivering a great service! We are happy with the excellent response / uptimes our websites get and the cPanel is easy to use. The very few times we have had to contact the Texh support team ? they have been fast in responding to us and very supportive.
Overall, a great experience and we hope to continue working with them in the future?

09/12/14 @ 11:48
Comment from: Jeffery S. [Visitor]
Jeffery S.
5 stars

Great Service! Great Price! & Green! :D HostPapa ticks all my boxes!
& their easy to use cPanel interface catered for all my needs & more!

09/12/14 @ 06:10
Comment from: Jeff S. [Visitor]
Jeff S.
5 stars

Great green & affordable service! Easy to use cPanel user interface! Catered for everything that I needed! :D
Great for hosting multiple small websites! Thanks HostPapa!

09/12/14 @ 06:02
Comment from: Markus Urelious [Visitor]
Markus Urelious

Hostpapa is a great hosting choice. I use them for all the websites I maintain. Great price and their tech support is top notch!

09/10/14 @ 00:51
Comment from: Nasir [Visitor]
5 stars

Host Papa offers all the tools and resources to run an online business and personal website. I find it secure and reliable web hosting providers that offers best customer support at very reasonable price.

09/01/14 @ 23:30
Comment from: ivan [Visitor]

I love the ease of use. When it comes to issues, questions, or billing process…..Host Papa makes it so easy to use. Very user friendly!

08/12/14 @ 18:46
Comment from: Guy [Visitor]
5 stars

Been with hostpapa for years, never got any issues, love all the tools they provide. I recommended (and still do) their services to all my colleagues and clients.

5 stars all the way !

08/06/14 @ 19:17
Comment from: Richard Aumais [Visitor]
Richard Aumais
5 stars

Great service. Always ready to solve my problems when needed. Cust service: french and english.
Price is also low for the type of services offered. Highly recommanded

07/29/14 @ 16:14
Comment from: Rick [Visitor]
1 stars

Hostpapa is a nickle and dime back yard outfit, they seem more interested in charging you for every service under the sun but not interested in customer service. One gets the feeling they are calling a third world call center when trying to sort out an issue. My web server was hacked and I went to do a restore from a backup - another service I pay for, however their software restore did not work. I called support and its been over a week and I am still waiting for them to do a manual restore for me. Meantime I am losing money on my web site every day that it is down, I am paying web developers to sit around and do nothing, I had an app disapproved during the testing phase because my site is down. If you have a website business I would not recommend hostpapa due to their support being almost non existent!

06/15/14 @ 03:27
Comment from: MIRAI ( http://earthacademy.org ) [Visitor]
MIRAI ( http://earthacademy.org )

Well first off I chose this hosting service for my company website because of its unique GREEN stance (data centres powered by 100% renewable green energy sources!). As a progressive company this matches our 21st century philosophy geared to moving away from oil/gas/nuclear to solar/wind and geo-thermal. Well done for making that very important stance.

As for performance, unlike other companies, I can?t remember when we have ever had a fault or ever needed to contact support? (perhaps once in 3 years?). It?s reliable, non-expensive, unlimited data with preset CMS installers (Joomla etc.). As for speed I think depends how you have coded your website. I recently created at HTML5/CSS3 new mock up for our site and it was instantaneous, whereas our Joomla site has a slow load up.

06/12/14 @ 14:37
Comment from: Prue [Visitor]
5 stars

I have been with Host Papa for over a year now. They are fast to respond to any questions and concerns. Highly recommend!

06/11/14 @ 10:17
Comment from: Houston Silverthorne [Visitor]  
Houston Silverthorne
5 stars

When I moved my website to HostPapa I have nothing but complements for there staff. They have helped me a lot of times when I was stuck and there ticket system is awesome.

I have told others about there service and know for a fact that 4 of my friends now use HostPapa.

In the future I plan on opening up an Mopar Enthusiast forum and I will be using HostPapa once more.


06/10/14 @ 22:55
Comment from: Callum Stewart [Visitor]  
Callum Stewart
5 stars

I’ve been with HostPapa since 2008 and can happily say they’ve been great. Their tech support is quick to respond and very helpful and have helped me out on a good few occasions. Even as their company has grown over the years they still put the customer first. Their pricing is great (I save a good bit on their 3 year hosting plan) and I hope to benefit from their reseller package soon. All in all its been one of my good decisions choosing HostPapa.

05/29/14 @ 21:43
Comment from: Smith Cole [Visitor]
Smith Cole

Great post!!!! really Eye opener for me and astonished to see such an application made with web hosting. I must say your blog is very helpful. I found another website named myasp.net which provides Free MVC Hosting,Free ASP.NET Hosting and other Hosting services .

05/26/14 @ 09:28
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
5 stars

I have been using hostpapa for about three years now and my experience has been great. I have never had any technical problems with the site and whenever I needed to contact them for help they have always been quick to respond. I love the fact that they do green hosting as well! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a website.

05/13/14 @ 23:13
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
1 stars

We are seriously considering moving our domain out of HP. I’ve always loved the focus on green energy and such, but we have had constant issues and problems with email, including having it marked as spam (apparently because HP’s servers blast a bunch of junk–but I don’t know, because they were never very forthcoming about what the issue was), email getting stuck on the server (therefore showing as “sent” to us but not actually sent), and other random issues, and HP support has generally been unhelpful and unresponsive and ALWAYS is slow to react. Taking a week to even just respond (not fix, respond) to an issue that is costing us clients and money is NOT acceptable.

By the way, if you see a bunch of positive reviews around the same time as this one, it’s because HP mass emailed all of us and said that if we wrote a positive review, we’d get a USB drive. I’m pretty sure that violates whatever policies govern this evaluating site, and even if it doesn’t, it certainly undercuts the whole purpose of it. (It obviously backfired with me though.)

05/13/14 @ 16:26
Comment from: slimane [Visitor]  
5 stars

I am with Hostpapa since 2012. every time i had a probleme, the tech support were there to give help to me as soon as possible. i didn’t got many issues to be honnest. it is just wonderfull. good job.

05/06/14 @ 09:17
Comment from: Brett [Visitor]
1 stars

tech support and online support are totally useless. They can’t setup a simple cron job within 7 days! All issue MUST go through their trouble ticket system and takes days to resolve.

04/25/14 @ 16:35
Comment from: M Shane David [Visitor]  
M Shane David
5 stars

HostPapa always looks out for us. We feel the sites hosted on HostPapa are rock solid and we have dozens hosted there. HostPapa always is ahead of the curve and their procedural knowledge is second to none.

Sites have the software & security updates the minute they get the notice. Have had a couple issues with new software we installed on sites and they have a great ticket system which they jump to and begin to resolve the problem with us instantly. Love the great team and the great hosting.

Best regards,
M. Shane David

04/22/14 @ 16:26
Comment from: Ron [Visitor]  
1 stars

They couldn’t be worse.
Stay away from them!
They have a horrible support. Every time I open a support ticket with them, they close it without doing anything. They always tell me they can’t find any problem. Well, I always find problems and so my clients.
The guys from support are very rude and close the live chat if you start asking so many questions. They only reply after ages and never help you out.
Besides it all, their servers are a big joke, and google can’t even find my sitemap because their response time is too long.
My site is down EVERY DAY and they say there’s nothing wrong.
My advice: although they have low prices, if you host with them, you’re throwing away your money.

04/04/14 @ 20:52
Comment from: Ian Snyder [Visitor]
Ian Snyder
1 stars

I had some problems reaching my site off and on for a while, not enough to bother reporting, but it slowly got worse, so I opened a support ticket. I had to keep opening new support tickets and wasn’t getting clear answers as to what was going on with my domain hosting.

Eventually my website wasn’t working at all and I was unable to even access my cPanel. After more unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the support team I finally said I wanted a refund for my remaining hosting that I’d paid for, as my site was now completely unreachable. This finally prompted someone from HostPapa to contact me and they figured out my IP was blocked. This was given as a one sentence response after weeks of having problems. I didn’t get an apology, or an explanation of WHY my IP got blocked in the first place, how I could avoid the problem in the future, etc.

Very disappointed with the service I was provided. I will definitely be switching hosts at the end of my service period.

04/02/14 @ 18:05
Comment from: Tania M [Visitor]
Tania M
5 stars

I am not a tech savvy person and when I started my business, a friend recommended I use HostPapa for my website. I am so happy I did, it was so easy to use, I got my webpage up and running in no time and when I had a problem HostPapa’s tech support was awesome - the attendant was friendly and very helpful.

Thank you so much for running such as great service. I have recommended you to everyone!

03/27/14 @ 14:18
Comment from: Seb [Visitor]
5 stars

Best web hosting service! Been using them for years and with multiple accounts. Had an issue once with a complete hosting account, had to erase it all…. was up and running with 4 websites within the hour!! Great job!

03/26/14 @ 16:00
Comment from: Brett [Visitor]
1 stars

Support is disgusting and VERY UNHELPFUL. Just want to reset your account when it has been hacked, so you lose all your websites and information.

Online support can’t do anything - everything has to go to tech support via email. Takes day to have the simplest tasks completed.

My account has been hacked 4 times in 6 months, even with random passwords.

Don’t waste your time with this company!!!

03/20/14 @ 02:28
Comment from: Arch C [Visitor]
Arch C
5 stars

I have a small sideline service/business with host papa, I find the SSL certificate service really valuable.
I feel this has resulted in good visibility and a consistent stream of business.

03/18/14 @ 00:45
Comment from: Callum Cameron [Visitor]
Callum Cameron

HostPapa provides all the services that you need at a reasonable cost. You can choose to use some or all of these services, depending on your Website needs and your Website building skills. In any case, the HostPapa interface to all services is simple, straight-forward, easy to understand and easy to use. The powerful cPanel interface is standard, which eliminates the learning curve for Website creation and maintenance. HostPapa support is excellent; they have provided detailed answers to questions and how to do things, which is beyond the call for support. All your support “tickets” can be reviewed at any time. If you have a team working on your Website, adding and managing users with different authority levels is easy enough to do. Billing and invoices are available at a glance. Transferring Website domains into HostPapa is fairly easy to do. The fact that all of these services - Website creation, cPanel, billing, users management, transferring - are available from a single interface is positive for HostPapa users.

03/07/14 @ 18:57
Comment from: Kevin Curtis [Visitor]
Kevin Curtis


HOSTPAPA has it all service and support as well as uptime and what more could you ask for as they are green.

I have been a customer now for several years and have not had any issues in the least with HOSTPAPA and have even recommended them on several occasions to some of my clients looking for a host after which I had built the website for them. I would and will recommend HOSTPAPA at anytime.. Keep up the good work…

03/07/14 @ 18:14
Comment from: lebron [Visitor]
5 stars

In short, Hostpapa is just cool.
I have been using its shared hosting for half a year. It kept speedy, safe and reliable so far.
One of my favorites in hosting industry. Recommended to everyone who is looking for a sustainable hosting for websites.

03/07/14 @ 14:26
Comment from: Shiela [Visitor]
5 stars

The church I work for has used HostPapa as our server for several years. It has been a reliable with technical help readily available. The web designer who reconstructed and updated our website recently said that HostPapa was the most approachable and helpful servers she had come upon. I also find it a good value for the cost. I would recommend HostPapa if asked.

03/06/14 @ 20:39
Comment from: Rose Birtch [Visitor]  
Rose Birtch

Wonderful customer service and a great price…woah. I have been a host papa customer for years, they are reliable, Canadian and purchasing green energy to feed back into the grid…what more can you ask for.

03/06/14 @ 19:41
Comment from: Leonard [Visitor]
5 stars

Hostpapa has been great so far

Fast-to-response and reliable customer service. They know what they’re doing. The server is stable and fast. Overall really satisfied with them. Would recommend Hostpapa to everyone here. Keep up the good work!

03/05/14 @ 08:01
Comment from: theresa [Visitor]
5 stars

I now have 3 domains hosted with Host Papa, with the first domain registered more than 3 years ago. When I’ve had questions I was able to get them resolved quickly and in a manner which I could understand. They worked with me to resolve any issues that came up and I can’t think of any times when my sites have been down or unavailable. The fees are exceptional for the level of service experienced. I even have a small e-commerce site which runs without issue.

02/27/14 @ 21:28
Comment from: wasiq [Visitor]
1 stars

they are the most shity company which i have ever seen. they supports sucks reply email after 24 hours. i got some marwell in some file. and they f********ing bastered delete my whole account. and i lose my client data i got sued. they are just bunch of idiots who dont know how to remove the single file from server. i even request them that mysql files dont get any marwell. but they are just bastereds’s dont ever use there service. i waste my money

12/24/13 @ 16:43
Comment from: Ian Millard [Visitor]
Ian Millard
1 stars

In my opinion – and that of many of my business associates – HostPapa has a multitude of problems with customer service and honesty.

In direct contradiction of ICANN regulations, they will list themselves at the domain name administrative contact. Essentially, they are taking control of your domain name, and will do everything they can to prevent you transferring it away – unless you pay “renewal” or “unlocking” fees. In some cases this can amount to $200 or more.

ICANN does NOT allow a “losing” registrar to extort money to release a domain name for transfer.

If you want to complain about registry problems, send a copy of your message to the “real” registrar, TuCows. HostPapa is NOT an ICANN-Accredited Registrar.

I believe that HostPapa is a business front for TuCows, and they have “offices” in England and France so they can avoid taxes, and appear ‘international.’

My advice, based on my experience is: stay away from HostPapa. I really don’t care how “green” they appear to be. I don’t think they can be trusted.

I have removed all my domain names from their clutches, and cancelled all services with them.

01/16/12 @ 12:03
Comment from: mprcws [Visitor]
2 stars

Until recently, we had every confidence in Host Papa, however, over the last two-three weeks, we have had a spate of outtages, followed last week by all our sites being hacked by zebi.php. Support responses have been bland and formulaic and not a great deal of help. Today our sites were hacked again, this time by a different hacker - this after following advice received from Host Papa support to change/update/reinstall etc. Strangely, there are two or three sites held on servers elsewhare that have not suffered in any way, leading us to believe that the Host Papa server we are on is not secure enough. We have now moved all our sites away and although we still have a couple of years left on our plan, we do not feel confident in continuing hosted our sites with Host Papa for the time being.;-((

09/21/11 @ 20:40
Comment from: Alex G [Visitor]  
Alex G
1 stars

They are terrible when it comes to customer service, cancellation, or any account adjustments. They just kill time to push you through another year of terrible hosting. Also, they bill you for post dated services even if they are covered through the payments you made for previous service you purchased and paid before requesting to stop renewing your account with them. Trust me, you never want to give your credit card information to this pirates.

03/28/11 @ 08:20
Comment from: Dominique L. [Visitor]
Dominique L.
5 stars

I am a very satisfied customer! Fast server, unlimited bandwidth, private .htpaccess, POP3 email access, and loads of marketing credits; YOU benefit when signing up with Hostpapa. Hosting my clothing website with my designs with Hostpapa increased my revenue. Who would have thought it!

02/09/11 @ 23:24
Comment from: Simon [Visitor]
5 stars

I have had my site up and running on HostPapa for the past 2 years with no problems. The downtime has been so minimal it’s unnoticable. I have had no problems keeping the site up and installing what I need.

12/09/10 @ 21:55
Comment from: jeff [Visitor]
3 stars

host papa whos your daddy

12/09/10 @ 21:26
Comment from: Dwight Fidler [Visitor]
Dwight Fidler
5 stars

Getting set up with Hostpapa was a snap, and their added features are the best I’ve found. The site is reasonably easy to navigate and the control panel is great. I have no complaints yet.

12/09/10 @ 20:29
Comment from: Anil R [Visitor]
Anil R

Excellent experience! Very reliable Host Papa has the value, features, tools, customer service and tech support that are easy to use.
They also keep me informed and give extra support with emails or e-letters. Host Papa is more than just a web host provider they are a integrated part of my Web Team.

12/09/10 @ 17:50
Comment from: David [Visitor]
5 stars

Host Papa is both feature rich and reliable. Their tech support and customer service have always been great for me.

12/09/10 @ 15:49
Comment from: S.K. Thoth [Visitor]
S.K. Thoth
5 stars

My experience with HostPapa has been on the whole perfect. Great value! Great tools! I like very much the updates to keep everything current. Anytime I have called for help, I get an immediate response. It’s the best host I have ever used.

12/09/10 @ 14:58
Comment from: Lyse Tremblay [Visitor]  
Lyse Tremblay
4 stars

I have been with HostPapa since 2007 and have been happy so far. I like the fact that HostPapa is concern with our environment. I really like the green theme selected. I’m glad to be part of the team.

12/09/10 @ 13:12
Comment from: Lyse Tremblay [Visitor]
Lyse Tremblay
4 stars

I’m very proud to be associated with a hosting company that cares so much about our environment. I like the green theme very much. The navigation concept used is very user friendly and flexible to any visitor. I can find what I’m looking for very quickly. I will continue to encourage signing up with HostPapa.

When I used the Preview below, I received a nasty error! You may want to check this.

12/09/10 @ 12:55
Comment from: Luc [Visitor]
5 stars

REally good service and customer support

12/09/10 @ 06:28
Comment from: Andy [Visitor]
5 stars

When i need any help, customer service has always been great.

12/09/10 @ 05:47
Comment from: Crystal Macklin [Visitor]
Crystal Macklin
5 stars

I’ve been using host papa for 2 years now. The customer service is quick and responsive. They help you without a lot of “geek” talk. I like that you’re green, that was the final deciding factor for me to chose Host Papa. The price is perfect for the great service.

12/09/10 @ 04:22
Comment from: Ted Whitmell [Visitor]
Ted Whitmell
4 stars

Most of the time, the service is excellent. Value for money, features, ease of use, and customer service are all great.
I have run into downtime very rarely.
The only reason I give reliability 4 instead of 5 stars is that a few times my site IP address has changed without warning, and waiting for the DNS servers to catch up has caused unexpected downtime.
I have not had a positive experience with technical support.
I believe they are undertrained. I have several outstanding technical problems that it is much easier to work around, rather than try and deal with HostPapa technical support. If I do not find technical solutions on my own, I will soon be forced to leave for a different hosting solution.

12/09/10 @ 03:24
Comment from: S.A.Dorey [Visitor]
4 stars

I transferred from another host for the simple fact that hostpapa gave me great sub domain possibilities with unlimited just about everything at a great price and I am finally able to use videos on my site.

12/09/10 @ 02:14
Comment from: Bruce Finlayson [Visitor]
Bruce Finlayson
5 stars

I’ve been a customer for about 4 years and have never had a problem that wasn’t quickly dealt with by tech support lots of features and included software and Lots of webspace great tech support some email issues server doesn’t seem to be compliant with email clients on Mac. OK if sent through Gmail.

12/09/10 @ 01:36
Comment from: Dr. Wilson PhD [Visitor]
Dr. Wilson PhD
5 stars

Lean, Green, and nobody’s mean. As an academic with a lab page, it’s not always easy on exposure sitting behind the university’s web page. HostPapa was my choice 3 years ago after much market research. In fact, I’ve only noticed their level of service and customer tool grow! I’m thoroughly impressed and will remain a customer not only for the good value for money but for the fact that it’s a host with a conscience.

12/09/10 @ 01:35
Comment from: Chris Lewis [Visitor]
Chris Lewis
5 stars

Simply Amazing. I’ve been with 3 other hosters and I am glad I located Hostpapa from a friend. I’ve called for help on 3 occasions and received a friendly and helpful voice each time.

12/09/10 @ 01:22
Comment from: 4 Seasons Tanning [Visitor]  
4 Seasons Tanning
5 stars

Everything has been great! Easy to use and follow. I have had my site for a few years now and I am always having great reviews with clients. With the help of a friend in designing we have not run into anything to difficult to follow. I always get emails from hostpapa if there is anything going on that I need to know. So far so good I see no reason to go anywhere else.

12/09/10 @ 00:51
Comment from: Art [Visitor]
3 stars

1. Has 1800 number. (previous company doesn’t have 1800 number)

1. Does not have a Tech support team that can help customer build/edit website (previously I had a tech support team that can edit website…e.g. move pictures around…)

2. Tech support takes a long time to get to (20min plus). Leaving msg and wait for call back is not the best option b/c as a self-empl person, we’re on the run all the time.

12/09/10 @ 00:47
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]
5 stars

I am the Webmaster for a small, city-based, Canadian charity in the public education field. I moved our site to HostPapa early in 2008, largely on the basis of HostPapa’s pricing, reputation, the fact that their servers are located in Canada, and their alternative (Green) energy policy. Since then I have been very pleased with the cost, convenience, service and support I’ve experienced with HostPapa.

Pricing remains very competitive. The web service is both fast and reliable. (I can recall only two or three brief interruptions, I believe for maintenance, since we became a client. In each instance HostPapa demonstrated unusual and admirable respect for their clients by issuing explanatory alerts.) The online webmail client we use (Horde) is more than adequate for our charity’s comunication needs. The Control Panel, for administering one’s account, domains, mail services, applications, security and other features, is very good and easily managed. Although I have not used HostPapa’s free web-development tools, I suspect that many novice site developers will be quite satisfied with the range of tools provided by HostPapa. Support, online or via telephone, is always prompt and helpful. Some clients will no doubt appreciate the capacity to host several sites (domains) under one account. Looking to the future, I plan to add some dynamic elements to our site by taking advantage of the fact that HostPapa supports PHP and MySQL.

All in all, HostPapa has proven to be an excellent home for our site. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone, including artisans and not-for-profit groups, who needs a cost-effective, reliable home for their web site and email service.

12/09/10 @ 00:44
Comment from: Vaughn A. Picard [Visitor]
Vaughn A. Picard
5 stars

It’s all Good! For they do most, if not all of the footwork regarding web-hosting for their clients.

Vaughn A.

12/09/10 @ 00:40
Comment from: a bundy [Visitor]
a bundy
4 stars

Overall, it’s been pretty good. I uploaded my site when I first signed up. Since then I don’t really play with it too much. So for the last couple of years hostpapa has faithfully been serving it.

12/09/10 @ 00:15
Comment from: Shaowen Song [Visitor]
Shaowen Song
4 stars

I like HostPapa, because it is a Canadian company (Am I right?). But, the name “HostPapa” may not be the best for business. I am afraid that business users may not take the Name seriously. You may want to do some research on it, and consider the possibility of changing the name. Again, I am not sure. That’s why I suggest you to do some research on that.

12/09/10 @ 00:11
Comment from: Shaowen Song [Visitor]
Shaowen Song
4 stars

I like HostPapa, because it is a Canadian company (Am I right?). But, the name “HostPapa” may not be the best for business. I am afraid that business users may not take the Name seriously. You may want to do some research on it, and consider the possibility of change the name. Again, I am not sure. That’s why I suggest you to do some research on that.

12/09/10 @ 00:09
Comment from: Al MacLachlan [Visitor]  
Al MacLachlan
5 stars

We’ve been with HostPapa for 2 years and are completely satisfied with their service. Highly recommended, and it’s Canadian!

12/09/10 @ 00:06
Comment from: Matthew Eddy [Visitor]
Matthew Eddy
4 stars

Great customer service & fast upload speeds. Cpanel is easy to use and accessable from anywhere. My only suggestion is that they increase the amount of sent messages allowed in their email service.

12/09/10 @ 00:02
Comment from: Matthew Eddy [Visitor]
Matthew Eddy
4 stars

Host Papa is easy to use & has great upload speeds. My only suggestion is that the “sent email quota” be increased past 50 per hour on their email service.

12/09/10 @ 00:01
Comment from: Nima [Visitor]
4 stars

So far so good. However I would like it more if their new domain prices were as competitive as others.

12/08/10 @ 23:59
Comment from: Marjorie Harris [Visitor]
Marjorie Harris
4 stars

It’s been very good on the whole. But a few times things have gone out of whack and it’s not absolutely simple to get in touch which it should be.

12/08/10 @ 23:56
Comment from: Julie Wuthnow [Visitor]
Julie Wuthnow
5 stars

Overall, HostPapa has been great, and I’ve never been tempted to shift to another provider. The price and features are definitely right, and it’s got an excellent set of software tools to make setting up websites really simple. I’ve never had any issues with downtime, and the video tutorials (which are easily searchable) are really helpful. I’m really pleased to be able to choose a company that’s so green too.

12/08/10 @ 23:47
Comment from: chris [Visitor]
5 stars

I love host papa, and I have recomended it to small business owners (start-ups) in the past

-the customer service people “get” customer service, (which matters to me, as I have no patience for poor service providers)

12/08/10 @ 23:46
Comment from: Praneil [Visitor]
5 stars

Site is great

12/08/10 @ 23:40
Comment from: Natalia [Visitor]

So far I’m very pleased. Every time I have had a question, I have contacted customer service and they have been very helpful.
Also, my website has never been down. In the very few cases where there has been a need to do maintenance, Hostpapa contacted me ahead of time to let me know (and these times were always during the night, when the traffic is lower anyways).
I like that it’s green too, as the environment should be a priority to all businesses.

12/08/10 @ 23:40
Comment from: Marinus [Visitor]
4 stars

I have been with Host Papa now for about 2 years, and am very satisfied with the service and up-time. The C-Panel provides me with very useful service data. Recommended.

12/08/10 @ 23:35
Comment from: Benoit de Biolley [Visitor]
Benoit de Biolley
5 stars

I’m very satisfied by he using of hostpapa.

performances are there, and een power is a plus.

i’m using histpapa for tiny websites, it is enough for what i’m doing with it.

12/08/10 @ 23:33
Comment from: David Chad [Visitor]
David Chad
4 stars

HostPapa has been a very good service to use so far. We’re very happy and their commitment to sustainable power is important to us. Their number of features, and hosting packages helped us make the final decision to go with them.

12/08/10 @ 23:30
Comment from: Steven [Visitor]
4 stars

I really enjoy Host Papa as a service host! It has friendly service people and is great to use. I love that it’s green!

12/08/10 @ 23:26
Comment from: Alex Vachon [Visitor]
Alex Vachon
4 stars

Overall a good place to be hosted and create your sites.

12/08/10 @ 23:21
Comment from: Steve Foster [Visitor]
Steve Foster
5 stars

Very competitive on the price, website templates make it easy to get your first site off the ground. Would recommend.

12/08/10 @ 23:18
Comment from: J Robinson [Visitor]
J Robinson

The fact that it’s green web hosting was a big draw for us. Having unlimited hosting is also great for new buisnesses, for us it offers the opprotunity to expand in the future or add subdomains that are not restricted to hosting or bandwidth limits. Hostpapa also has a great set of instructional videos to help you setup portions of your website, now I just have to find time to actually put it all into practice.

12/08/10 @ 23:17
Comment from: larpu [Visitor]
5 stars

It’s true and just as advertised, I got a free lifetime domain with my plan. After three years staying with Hostpapa, my site server machines upgraded with no extra cost. Last year I also recommended this host service provider to other two friends of mine as well, and so far I didn’t hear any difficulty issues from them, and they got another domain as well as their free one in the package. Guess they enjoy it like I do.

12/08/10 @ 23:16
Comment from: Patrick [Visitor]
4 stars

Over all good offer. Nice features. Response time could be better at times. Free domain name is not a good option and web owners should register themselves instead.

12/08/10 @ 23:16
Comment from: Tony Johnston [Visitor]
Tony Johnston
5 stars

I’ve have one main domain and four subdomains and setting them up and administering them has been a SNAP with HostPapa! Consequently, I am very happy with the service provided.

12/08/10 @ 23:15
Comment from: Max [Visitor]
5 stars

HostPapa is a very easy an pleasant web host. There are many application that make it more easier than other I tried. Also, the price is very low. For now it’s my #1.

12/08/10 @ 23:12
Comment from: kristof gyorfi [Visitor]
kristof gyorfi
5 stars

For one of my classes at the Master’s Degree in Electronic Commerce, I had to do a blog. A friend of mine told me that I should get my hosting with HostPapa. I had no problems at all, everything went good, the service is easy to use and I never had any down time. I also received some really good benefits like 50$ for Facebook Ads and 25$ for Google AdWrods which I’ve both tried and used. Facebook Ads really worked good for me for getting some traffic by the way.

The only negative point I can tell is that it took a little time to receive the coupon codes for the ads (a little more time than what was written on the site), but when I received the codes, they worked just fine.

HostPapa also had the first newsletter that really was useful for me for promoting the ad credits and also the new tool available every member of HostPapa: Attracta SEO tools. This tool helped me to get my site on the first page of major search engines!!

Thanks HostPapa!!


12/08/10 @ 23:10
Comment from: chris holt [Visitor]
chris holt

HostPapa are great…short and simple I know, but it nice to know there is someone art the other end of the line when I call. I have always been satisfied with their tech support and have moved all my domains to Hostpapa.

12/08/10 @ 23:08
Comment from: Dr. Ben Chouchaoui [Visitor]  
Dr. Ben Chouchaoui

I am trying this again; it did not work before. I am still new to HostPapa to give a fair review (so far I am not impressed, but I may be wrong).

12/08/10 @ 23:05
Comment from: Sheryl-Anne [Visitor]
5 stars

I have nothing but rave reviews to give! Whenever I had questions (and I had a lot in the beginning!), a techie was there to patiently guide me through. The servers are very reliable. We are always advised of maintenance. And the one time there was a problem with HostPapa’s servers, they were very communicative and prompt to answer all questions. There was only a minor disruption in service. Full service was resumed in no time flat! I’ve seen other hosting companies and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Even if it were cheaper! I also love that HostPapa is green. Excellent work! I have recommended HostPapa to others and will continue to do so.

12/08/10 @ 23:05
Comment from: Daniel Gagnon [Visitor]
Daniel Gagnon
4 stars

Il y a deux ans, la fiabilité de la bande passante était exécrable. Depuis un ans, tout est rentré dans l’ordre, c’est parfait.

12/08/10 @ 23:01
Comment from: Tom [Visitor]
5 stars

The service has been perfect. Lots of storage space and bandwidth at little cost. The support is amazing and they have very little issues to begin with

12/08/10 @ 22:59
Comment from: John [Visitor]
4 stars

I haven’t had to deal with many pressing issues and have been pleasantly surprised with the support both via phone and via email. I would recommend their services to others.

12/08/10 @ 22:59
Comment from: jer [Visitor]
5 stars

I’ve only been using for two months but so far its been great

12/08/10 @ 22:58
Comment from: David Malo [Visitor]
David Malo
5 stars

This is actually the second time I uploaded a website on HostPapa. And there’s a reason for that: it is really good.

The first time, it was for a client. I did not know what HostPapa really was at the time, and didn’t know if it was good or not.

When it was time to build and upload my own website, there were no questions asked. I went with HostPapa for it’s ease of use, it’s awesome features and almost no downtime. So far, I am really pleased with what HostPapa offers.

12/08/10 @ 22:56
Comment from: James Keirstead [Visitor]
James Keirstead
5 stars

My experience has been very positive, with only one downtime experience in two years.

12/08/10 @ 22:56
Comment from: christian [Visitor]  
5 stars

fast, efficient, easy to use hosting solution, and great for professional hosting! on line tech support (FAQ) really well done and helpful! wonderful and best available) cost-value hosting solution (and free of hidden add or costs!)

12/08/10 @ 22:55
Comment from: Curtis [Visitor]
5 stars

I’ve been with HostPapa for a couple of years now and the experience, value, support, features, and reliability have been top notch! With the low price and unlimited disk space and domains, why would you choose any other provider?

12/08/10 @ 22:55
Comment from: Ray Xing [Visitor]
Ray Xing
4 stars

I had some problems to make my forms that I created from Frontpage to work but I got very quick response from the tech support to solve my issues, which I think is very important when you choose a web host.

12/08/10 @ 22:55
Comment from: Peacenik [Visitor]
5 stars

Have been a client of HostPapa’s for several years and will never switch if service remains of the same high caliber.

12/08/10 @ 22:54
Comment from: Matthew Gates [Visitor]
Matthew Gates
5 stars

Great service! they have only had the odd issue with down time but other then that they have been flawless!

12/08/10 @ 22:53
Comment from: Evgeniy Chernyshov [Visitor]
Evgeniy Chernyshov
5 stars

I love HostPapa. I have been with them for more than 3 years and had never had major problems. Tech support always answered my questions in less than 24 hours. I am also happy with the price plan. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

12/08/10 @ 22:53
Marie-Eve Fafard-Fontaine
5 stars

I am very satisfied with Host Papa. The customer service is fantastic! I already recommended HostPapa to my friends and teachers!

12/08/10 @ 22:53
Comment from: Jeff B [Visitor]
Jeff B
5 stars

Been with them for several years now. Overall I am very pleased with their service.

12/08/10 @ 22:53
Comment from: Heiko [Visitor]
5 stars

I had some issues but got it resolved quickly by using the online chat support feature. Thanks, am a customer for 3 Years now and am fully satified!

12/08/10 @ 22:52
Comment from: Evgeniy Chernyshov [Visitor]  
Evgeniy Chernyshov
5 stars

I love HostPapa. I have been with them for more than 3 years. Had never experienced major problems. Tech support has always addressed my questions in less than 24 hours. I am also happy with the price they charge. I high recommend this hosting company to everyone.

12/08/10 @ 22:52
Comment from: Roger Dunn [Visitor]
Roger Dunn
5 stars

Service is excellent. Good price, good quality

12/08/10 @ 22:51
Comment from: Norm [Visitor]
5 stars

Excellent. We design and build websites and never hesitate to recommend HostPapa

12/08/10 @ 22:51
Comment from: Jim Major [Visitor]
Jim Major
5 stars

I love hostpapa. My website always works flawlessly.

12/08/10 @ 22:51
Comment from: Simon Roy [Visitor]  
Simon Roy
5 stars

Excellent Service!!!

12/08/10 @ 22:51
Marie-Eve Fafard-Fontaine
5 stars

I am very satisfied with Host Papa. The customer service is fantastic! I already recommended HostPapa to my friends and teachers.

12/08/10 @ 22:50
Comment from: Simon Roy [Visitor]
Simon Roy
5 stars

Très bon service à la clientèle, très bon prix!

12/08/10 @ 22:50
Comment from: Roger Dunn [Visitor]
Roger Dunn
5 stars


12/08/10 @ 22:50
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]
5 stars

I have used Hostpapa for over a year. Nothing but good experiences

12/08/10 @ 22:49
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]
5 stars

We definitely like the green energy used by Hostpapa. That was the deciding factor over other competitors. Signing on and getting started was very easy. Using cpanel to get the blog going was dead simple. The few times I’ve had to deal with Tech support it’s been very good and responsive.

12/08/10 @ 22:49
Comment from: Sandy Pawlitsky [Visitor]
Sandy Pawlitsky
5 stars

I’ve been with Host Papa for about 3 years now. I switched over from another company. The customer service reps helped make the transition easy. Every time I have a problem they are always very helpful (even when I’m frustrated and losing patience). The ‘down time’ is minimal compared to what I was used to.

12/08/10 @ 22:49
Comment from: Juliana [Visitor]
4 stars

I have been using HostPapa for 2 years and have encountered very little problems. I like the unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, etc. Overall, I am very happy with the service

12/08/10 @ 22:48
Comment from: Natasha Hinsche [Visitor]
Natasha Hinsche
5 stars

I am very happy with all of my services offered by HostPapa and refer all of my clients to use them as their host. They are reliable and answer any question you have. I will continue to use them and refer them.

12/08/10 @ 22:48
Comment from: vinc [Visitor]
5 stars

great service

12/08/10 @ 22:46
Comment from: Annelies [Visitor]
4 stars

In general my experience with hostpapa is very good. Many of my clients websites are hosted by Hostpapa and generally we have not trouble. Occassionally a server has been slow but tech support has always been very good and helpful

12/08/10 @ 22:46
Comment from: Mike Bishop [Visitor]
Mike Bishop
4 stars

Generally hostpapa is very good.

Would like to see better pricing across the board for all webhosts.

Would like to see better options for fantastico installs although I know hostpapa can only do so much in that regard.

12/08/10 @ 22:45
Comment from: Chuck Ortiz [Visitor]
Chuck Ortiz
4 stars

Overall it has been a good experience. I like the fact that they have 24 hour online support. That way, if I have any issues and concerns they can deal with it pronto!

12/08/10 @ 22:44
Comment from: Marie-Pierre [Visitor]
5 stars

We have been hosting our website and clients’ websites with HostPapa for about 4 years now and have been very satisfied with the great value of their package. We recommend HostPapa to all of our customers!

12/08/10 @ 22:44
Comment from: Chuck Ortiz [Visitor]
Chuck Ortiz
4 stars

Overall it has been a good experience. I like the fact that they have online support all day long. That way, if I have any questions or concerns, it can be address pronto!

12/08/10 @ 22:43
Comment from: Marco [Visitor]

Always had great support and service from Host Papa. Would like to see faster servers, but shared hosting is shared hosting.

If they start offering VPS or Dedicated hosting, they’d be one of my first choices!

12/08/10 @ 22:42
Comment from: Marco [Visitor]
5 stars

Great company, great business vision, always had excellent customer service. Only suggestion is to get a little faster on the server side - but that’s just the nature of shared hosting. Dunno if they offer VPS or Dedicated hosting yet, but if/when they do, they’d be one of my first choices:)

12/08/10 @ 22:41
Comment from: Timbit73 [Visitor]
5 stars

My experiences have been fantastic. Any problems which I have encountered have been due to other users clogging up the servers. Thus far I have started with my one main site and enjoyed my experience so much that I have brought all of my hosted domains into HostPapa.

12/08/10 @ 22:41
Comment from: Ricardo [Visitor]

Early but so far.. so good.. price great!

12/08/10 @ 22:41
Comment from: Waqar M [Visitor]
Waqar M
4 stars

Our experience with Host Papa thus far has been great. For price point and reliability we have not seen anyone better to date.

12/08/10 @ 22:37
Comment from: Francois [Visitor]
5 stars

What I like about HostPapa is that day or night you always get someone on the phone who speaks English (as a first language) and who knowledgeable with the systems and the latest technology. Plus, there is a terrific price savings when you opt for 3 years. You definitely get your money`s worth here! I am not hesitating when renewal comes around in a few days.

11/24/10 @ 03:16
Comment from: tanya [Visitor]
5 stars

I just signed up with Host Papa a few days ago and so far I am super duper happy. I have emailed them a few times with questions, they are easy to chat with and answer all my questions…no matter how dorky. Anyways I hope that I stay as happy as I am now :) Everyone working there seems really nice and friendly.

11/29/08 @ 00:35