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b2evo 5.0.4 (stable) released

Posted on July 1, 2013 by Francois Planque in New releases

We made it! The stable version of b2evolution version 5 has (finally) been released!

Download here »

You may have have noticed already that the package file has grown from 6.1 to 8.2 MB. That's more an a 1/3rd increase. And if you look more closely at the features you will find that, indeed, it is packed with so much new stuff it's hard to believe the size didn't actually double! No matter what, this is clearly the largest version upgrade since we started b2evolution... about 10 years ago!

b2evolution v5 has been 1.5 years in the making! It is a tremendous move from a (multi) blog engine to a CCMS: Content & Community Management Software. It's like a CMS with added community management features. 

b2evolution v5 will still let you handle your blogs the way it used to, but in addition to that, it willl now allow you to manage all kinds of pages of content, including online books or manuals. And more importantly, b2evo 5 can now also run forums in replacement of tools like phpBB (see our own user support forum for an example).

True to its form, b2evolution v5 continues on its path to providing all the tools you need to run your website in a single package. With b2evolution, you only need to install and maintain one single piece of software. (Say goodbye to integration headaches, plugin hell and upgrade incompatibilities!)

Now, let us confess: this release is only 85% of the original plan we had for v5. But as we run this version on many websites already and it has proven stable we thought it made sense to release it for the benefit of everyone who was waiting. Just rest assured v5.1 is already way in the works and will finish in establishing b2evolution as the one and only choice you'll want to make to run your website(s)!

Let us know what you think! 

Also: we implemented many of your feature requests in this release. If your request is still missing, feel free to remind us. This is not a promise that every request will be implemented but we definitely consider all user requests carefully. Thank you for your feedback.

On a slightly related note: François will be in Amsterdam this week. If you want to meet up there and discuss v5+, please drop him a note.


Comment from: DiversityHuman.com [Visitor]


B2evolution Developers deserve a token of appreciation for this impressive upgrade.

More power B2Evolution!!!

07/01/13 @ 07:44
Comment from: Hypocrite [Visitor]

Will you be installing a demo of 5.0.4 soon?

07/02/13 @ 12:55
Comment from: Francois Planque [Member]

A demo install of 5.0.4 is now available on http://demo.b2evolution.net/

07/06/13 @ 03:43
Comment from: Brian [Visitor]  

How about a single post canonical option under the Write tab so I can post content from other websites.

I know I can canonical cross posts, but I’d like to post content from other websites and set the rel="canonical” url to the original location.

This isn’t currently possible, is it?

b2evolution is the best!

07/11/13 @ 13:43
Comment from: Jacques (leFataliste) [Visitor]  
Jacques (leFataliste)

Great new ! I loaded the new version but still did not installed it. I’m presently with version 4.1.7. Is there a possibility to revert to the previous version (just “in case") once v5 is installed ? Or is the data base modified ? As a side question can you remind me how to suspend b2evo (maintenance mode) ? Tank you for what I expect to be a great job. :)

07/11/13 @ 21:13