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But now there will be no one to answer my questions with questions. ;)

I hear ya about the state of the world now. Not to worry, the WEF is going to take care of everything. We’ll be able to eat bugs, we’ll own nothing and be happy.

I’ve been into permaculture for a while but haven’t gone as far as I should have with it. I did get 7 acres of land with 2 or so being good top soil. I started my own plants from seed this year which has been a learning experience. We’re having a heat wave this year where I am so the growing from seedlings into food part has been tough.

Don’t get goats unless just for clearing brush and then get rid of them. As Geoff Lawton says, “they’re like locusts". They’re hard to fence also. I’m trying to get rid of mine as we speak. I have someone interested in the buck and the two does might just go in the freezer. They’re meat goats. Maybe I’ll get some lambs someday.

Now the technocrats are planning to “transform” food systems. Cultured Meat, Gene-Edited Veggies grown indoors and of course insect protein. The cultured meat and gene edited plants will be able to be patented.

They’ll own it just like Monsanto/Bayer owns 80% or more of corn/soy. That RoundUp ready stuff is now failing. Every year there’s more roundup resistant weeds so a some farmers are starting to go back to the old varieties. Why spend 3 times as much on seed and still have to cultivate to get rid of weeds?

Use cash, grow food, collect items for barter, learn food preservation, build local communities and networks. Because these people running things or hoping to run things soon are all insane and evil.

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I also used static site generators in the past like Hugo or Jekyll, but it’s a bit circuitous to use, mainly when I have daily updates… Everyone can choose which fits better for himr/her, now, in the present circumstances it happend to b2evo is one of the best choices. Regards. :-)

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Hi, thanks you for your work, too. Recently, since WP6.0 became a bit overthought CMS, plus not so secure, I got many hacker attacks, I migrate finally to b2evolution my main production site, There are two models for CMS-es like yours, finish the work, or do the overwork, like WordPress. Believe my, some people like better your conception to CMS, I use your production happily. I did some b2evo sites at the past, they were success… My type of people really love your work!

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Hey, thx for this work all.
As I read here, you can be interested to work on static site generator ? Why not !?
I’ve seen quickly ‘Hugo’ that can be interesting in mind… But I was lost when trying to understand how it can run on a webserver @home :/ (I’m not dev, but more interested by design)
B2Evolution is a f****g tool, with all features available, rights management. May be a little sad cause I’ve never really tried to skin the website as I’ve learned on WordPress during homeworks…

Thx for fixing the security issues :)
It can be cool to receive a message/mail from B2E when an update is available ? May be a last new feature ? ;) or to hard to code…
Thx all

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I have been with you people since and been in the net since 90s. When i first setup b2evolution in the early years. Whenever i posted something it would appear on the b2evolution website as something like community updates, i do not remember well. This made my websites quite popular. Thanks for that, more than a decade or two ago.

I have just one suggestion, 2FA on email, login and verify with code in email. Then backup codes may be good or a alternate password recovery email also for 2FA.

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I mainly got this software cause I needed a blog, having never used one was what made the “one” chosen to be easy to use. The next thing that was required from the software was customer service when it came time to ask what to do or how to fix an issue.

This is a wonderfully easy blog software to install for novices - intermediate - experts. I am nowhere an expert at this and still have my own “operator Issues” when upgrading but not because of the software.

ALL my needs have been met with exponentially. The software is easy to use, semi-easy to edit changes to files that are “skins” and the forums are very quick to help, not make you feel like you are an idiot for asking a simple question and will ask more questions in order to help you better.

Thank you for making this software.

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A #1: I chose b2evo due to its flexibility and HUGE design.
A #2: Documentation really sucks. It took me 4 hours to figure out how to change the default text on the Main Page of This Site. You need 1000% improvement in documentation. B2evolution is ONLY for people who have a lot of time to play with it.

Youtube has zero videos on b2evolution.

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I switched back as I want to make content and have it appear how I want it. Every other CMS has junk editors or you have to find other plugins.
Also, with there widget areas, I can add data where I want it, not splashed all over the site.

Cons are a clunky, overpowered back end. Wish it was setup a bit better.

Wish they had an event Calendar but solved that with google Calendar.

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Thank you.

> Searched the Manual page and found it but the screenshot was just the Additional Permissions panel with no indication as to how someone can get to the back office page for that.

Actually, every manual page shows a breadcrumb path showing exactly where to find the screen / panel. The structure of the manual follows the structure of the app.

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1) What is the main reason that made you choose b2evolution for your website?
(If possible: what problem did b2evolution solve for you?)

WP has become a mess. I always need at least 10 third party plugins to get the functionality I want. Once you have several WP sites, each with 10-30 plugins, keeping everything up to date can be a daily chore. Some plugin devs use the update as an opportunity to give you a one time page/popup reminding you of their Pro version. 7 out of every 10 plugins you test, just need a little more functionality to be really useful and of course that is available in the Pro versions. WP, like MS is so popular, it’s a favorite target for hackers.

2) What is the feature or improvement you miss the most at this time?
(Please describe the problem you have before describing a requested solution.)

I could think of quite a few little goodies I’d personally like but as far as core functionality, Search.

1) For here in the forums and for the b2evo docs which of course would would end up as part of b2evo, Advanced searching, the ability to select;
(All Words, Any of these words, Exact Phrase)(Collection and category filters)(Date range filters as below) (Order Results by: Relevancy, Date) (Order Results by: Newest First, Oldest First)

2) The date choices in the search here could be improved.
(Last hour, Less than a day, Less than a week)
Not needed because this place isn’t that busy, plus we have the New Topics, Latest Pages buttons and the max of in the Last Year isn’t enough. Need, a 2-3 year option. I can search for Last Year and get zero results or search for All Time and get too many irrelevant results. There’s not many helpful topics or man pages from 2011 but there might be from 2017/18.

Or maybe a popup calendar where you choose a custom date range.

3) A Back Office Search functionality. I think many of us spend 10 minutes looking around in the Back Office for a feature we know is there but can’t remember the location of because it’s an infrequent use item that maybe we remember seeing but haven’t used yet.

Happened to me yesterday with allowing messaging by Group. Searched the Manual page and found it but the screenshot was just the Additional Permissions panel with no indication as to how someone can get to the back office page for that.


This was a good read and it is nice to know a little more about the history of the software. I have to say however that as much as I like the idea of the program it is, without a doubt, the most difficult software I have ever tried to learn. The install was easy enough but getting it to do what I want has been a nightmare. I was originally sold on it when I read that I could integrate it into my own Website design, a feature I still can’t figure out and I’ve been playing around with it off and on for years. I admit that I have been spoiled by the ease of the eCommerce software I use (Cartweaver) where I can create any site design I wish then install the software, database, and a snippet and the entire functionality is there and working perfectly. Why this can’t be that easy is beyond me. The plan to make videos is fantastic but how long will that take and what exactly will they cover? I say do it and don’t worry about the updates. Another thing I would like to see improved upon is the manual. There is so much duplicate information that it takes forever to get through it. There are also a lot of grammatical errors that make it hard to get through too. And then all the links throughout the articles taking you to more and more pages; it just drives a person crazy. I would love to see a complete revision of the manual and try to take it down from over a thousand pages to closer to a couple hundred.

@Evelyn J Thanks for your insightful comment. I can’t agree with everything though:

> they offer something a monolithic package can’t offer: Security isolation.

I really disagree with that. Duct-taping together different products increases the security issue ! You will have more databases containing user info, sometimes one replicating data from another and exposing it to a new set of vulnerabilities.

More generally: a more complex system is harder to keep secure than a simpler one. Assembling different products from different vendors is invariably more complex than using a single product.

> Forums and commenting systems are kind of on the way out the door

I tend to agree for general purpose content but they’re still irreplaceable for specialized content, including product support. Also irreplaceable for sensitive content intranet/extranet usages.

> Content-as-a-Service is the new hotness

b2evolution does that, at an unbeatable price: free ;) But I agree, it depends on whether your resources include more tech people or more money.

> WordPress is the absolute worst of any CMS product and, IMO, no one should be using WP.

I’ve got nothing to add on that one ;)

@agent_kith Thanks for your feedback.

A couple of things that might help:

1. Can you post a link to a manual theme or manual site that you would like us to sort of “replicate” in b2evolution (please make the request in the support forums)
2. “> No proper integration of skins in dashboard.” – I’m not sure what you mean. Can you post screenshots of the issue in the Support Forums?

Evelyn J

I prefer decoupling and it seems to be where the CMS industry is headed next. And given the number of data breaches in recent years, I definitely don’t want nor need a login system coupled with a CMS let alone packages that should be part of other standalone software products. Yes, a solution requiring setting up multiple products is more difficult to setup initially, but well worth the extra effort in the long run because they offer something a monolithic package can’t offer: Security isolation. In that regard, the API-driven Grav and Barebones CMS products are definitely better starting points than the traditional monolithic all-in-one models that WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal represent. Static CMS site generators like Jekyll are also gaining in popularity but those only make sense for very tiny sites. Forums and commenting systems are kind of on the way out the door thanks to spammers, Internet commenters, GDPR and other upcoming privacy laws, and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Quora, Disqus, Livefyre, etc willing to divert the audience and filter the churn for the site owner. Content-as-a-Service is the new hotness and anyone entering the space is up against enterprise, turn-key solutions like TownNews and others already in that space.

Suffice it to say, even with the short list above from the thousands of CMS products out there, the CMS space is pretty full. While there’s always room to innovate, no one product or feature is going to likely ever stand out as king/champion/whatever in the innovation department that won’t be quickly cloned into other products. Instead, users should always find and then use the best tool for the job rather than trying to shoehorn something into a space where it doesn’t belong. In THAT regard, WordPress is the absolute worst of any CMS product and, IMO, no one should be using WP. Entire ecommerce systems (and lots of other things) have been bolted onto the side of WP like a cancer and the results are universally subpar. WP started out at a blog but has always only been barely competent at doing blogging but then couldn’t figure out what it wanted to do after that so it apparently tries to do everything, including its sad attempt at being a CMS, and fails spectacularly at all of them, hogging insane amounts of system resources just to load a single page in the process - oh, and security vulnerabilities too.

b2evolution is great. Have used it for a long time (can’t remember how long, 5+ years?). Works great as a multi-site blog (Didn’t realise this is unique).

The only weakness is in themes/skins.

  1. There’s just not enough out of the box. (e.g. only 3 manual skins).
  2. No proper integration of skins in dashboard. My blog skin is now broken in blogs for mobiles. Is it a bug in the core, or in the skin? This is not something I can check easily.

So really, as the site owner, what I can use, and see is great. But the opposite is not necessary true. As a customer, they only see the content, and it’s not visually appealing.

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1) Free Open Source
As Benjamin before, “Easy deployment, control". Add something on the web quickly.

2) Tuning the skins themes like I’ve learned during webdesign course on Wordpress, CSS
I think it’s not so easy with B2E ? (not spent enough time to discover 100% possibilites…)
+ Statistics : exclude an IP from the start ;)

Thx for your work :) B2E is pretty cool :)