• Image / Attachment Positions

    When images or other files are attached to a post, they can be assigned to different positions: Positions Reference Teaser The image will be displayed before the Teaser of the post. Clicking on the image will zoom it. Teaser-Permalink The image will be… more »
  • [teaserbreak] Short Tag

    This short tag allows to mark the separation between the Teaser of a post and the body of the post. In many views, b2evolution will display only the Teaser of a post and a "Read more" or "Full story" link will appear at the position… more »
  • [pagebreak] Short Tag

    This tag allows to have multi-page posts. This used to be really popular in the days when CPM ad banners were cluttering the pages and site editors wanted to generate as many page views as possible. More recently, splitting article over multiple pages… more »
  • The In-skin Edit Screen

    The In-skin Edit Screen is the easiest way to edit content but it may not be available in the Evo Skin you are currently using. more »
  • disp = edit

    This Disp is used to display the in-skin edit form for a Post. This is also used for creating new posts directly in the skin. This only works if In-skin editing is activated in In-skin Action Settings. This is especially useful in Forum collections… more »
  • Changing the type of a post

    1. Initiating a post/item type change In b2evolution 6.6+, changing the type of a post has important consequence, since each Post Type can have a different behavior as well as different fields. There are several ways to initiate a post type change:… more »
  • Plugin API for item settings

    Each plugin may set its own settings for the items. These settings will be stored in the database and can be requested any time, when the Item object is available. How to set a custom setting: PHP$Item->set_setting( 'setting_name', $setti… more »
  • My users do not have access to the files section / upload

    There are several permissions involved: The user needs to be in a group that has at least View permissions for "Files" (to browse files) or Add/Upload permissions for uploading (see the Users & Groups tab) Additionally, the user needs to… more »
  • Adding Videos

    Because of the size of video files, best practices recommend you actually upload them to specialized video publishing/sharing services such as YouTube or others. more »
  • Html Validator

    In the /blogs folder there should be a file called .htaccess. This file optimizes the way the Apache web server works with b2evolution. more »
  • Managing Item Slugs

    If you want to edit the slugs associated to any item directly on its edition form, please do the following: Open the Expert Edit Screen for the item. Go to section advanced properties. Locate the field URL title "slug". On this fi… more »
  • Front & Back-office Edit Screens

    b2evolution has 3 different screens for editing a Post or Item. more »
  • Creating Posts From Files

    In the file manager you can select multiple files and then select "Make multiple posts (1 per image)" and click "Go!". more »
  • Intro and Featured Posts

    Intro posts and featured posts both appear before regular posts on skins that support this feature (typically b2evolution 3.0+). more »
  • Manual view

    What is the Manual? The ‘Manual’ is a Collection optimized to be used as an online manual, book or guide. (This should be used with a manual skin) more »
  • Workflow view

    Using the "Workflow features" in a collection you will be able to add aditional information to its items with the idea to help on information management processes, making this more visible to your users. The information that could be add to ea… more »
  • Collection General Parameters

    Title: Will be displayed on top of the blog. Short name: Will be used in selection menus and throughout the admin interface. URL "filename": "slug" used to uniquely identify this blog in URLs. Also used as default media folder.… more »
  • Working with Results Tables

    Now that we have meet the backoffice, you will notice there are several lists of different sort of things. more »
  • About Widgets

    In the right margin of the Blogs you can see how we can display different widgets. In this case we show our Blog Title and Tagline, along with Search, Categories, and Advertisement widgets. You are able to customize these any way you need to best suit… more »
  • Other uses of collections

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: b2evolution supports multiple blogs. The idea is that you will be blogging about a variety of different subjects that will not be of interest to the same groups of readers. Multiple blogs allow you… more »
  • Meta Comments Panel

    This panel allows you to see the Meta Comments for the current post. more »
  • Changing your Profile

    On the Home Page of your blogs, you can see all of your personal settings. Clicking Edit my profile will send you your User profile where you can edit your Profile information, your Profile Picture, Password, and Preferences. more »
  • Chicago admin skin preferences

    This preferences will be available in the Advanced preferences tab only if the Chicago admin skin is selected. . Show evobar. Let you show / hide the evobar. . Show breadcrumbs path. Let you to show / hide the breadcrumbs path. Note: if you hide uncheck… more »
  • Comments/Feedback Area

    When comments are enabled, you will see something like this under each post: Note that comments can be disabled at the Post level, the Post Type level or the Collection level. Meta comments Meta comments are a private discussion between editors and… more »
  • Feedback options

    In this section, you can setup who can leave comments on your posts by configuring the Comment posting by option. You will have the same choices that you had on the Comment viewing by option, except for the Moderators & Admins which is replaced by… more »
  • Collection Member

    A Logged In User can be declared to be a Member of a Collection through the Advanced Permissions system. See List of Permissions. Being a Collection Member may allow him to see contents that non-members may not see. more »
  • System Admin Permissions

    This section controls access to various Back Office options, including Users & Groups, settings, email management and skin files. more »
  • Moving comments to a different post

    Sometimes, you will need to manually move comments made in a particular post to a different one. There could be many reasons that require this kind of actions, maybe you are merging two posts and do not want to lose the comments that have been already… more »
  • Wordpress to b2evolution tags

    This table lists wordpress tags and their equivalent b2evolution TemplateTags. Because these tags evolve frequently, please feel free to edit or report any discrepancies. <table border="1"> <tr valign="middle" style=&q… more »
  • Content Moderator

    To be able to moderate content a User must be given Advanced Permissions like this: he must be allowed to edit Posts or Comments other than his own he must also be allowed to create Posts or Comments on at least two different Visibility Statuses from… more »