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Backups included
Good price
No SSD disks
Blocked outgoing pings
Limited storage & email
Bad support of b2evolution
This plan may be used if you are using an external email service (e-g Gmail) and don't have too many photos/videos on your site. Quality & features of BlueHost have degraded lately.

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Selected hosting package: Basic
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 4.95 /mo$ 59.40
24 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 94.80
36 Month Contract$ 2.95 /mo$ 106.20

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BlueHost details & alternatives

BlueHostA2 Hosting
Hosting Company
Package NameBasicLite
Positives Backups included
Good price
Excellent platform technology
Choice of datacenter
Very transparent website
Negatives No SSD disks
Blocked outgoing pings
Limited storage & email
Bad support of b2evolution
Automatic daily backups not included (available as upgrade)
SummaryThis plan may be used if you are using an external email service (e-g Gmail) and don't have too many photos/videos on your site. Quality & features of BlueHost have degraded lately.This plan is downright excellent with one exception: you'll have to rely on manual backups or upgrade to get automated backups. Active b2evolution support.
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Pricing breakdown
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 2.95$ 2.99
1 Month (Trial) N/A$ 10.99
Monthly for 12 mo $ 4.95$ 6.99
Monthly for 24 mo $ 3.95$ 4.39
Monthly for 36 mo $ 2.95$ 2.99
Renewal Price (1 mo) N/A$ 10.99
Renewal Price (12 mo) $ 8.99$ 8.99
Renewal Price (24 mo) $ 8.49$ 7.99
Renewal Price (36 mo) $ 7.99$ 7.99
Renewal Price Max $ 8.99$ 9.99
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30 daysAnytime!
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com Free$ 14.95 /yr
.com Renewal $ 15.99 /yr$ 14.95 /yr
.com Privacy $ 14.88 /yr$ 9.95 /yr
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space 50 GBUnlimited
SSD Disk
Sites per Account 11
Alias/Parked Domains 525
Subdomains 255
Max DBs 205
Free SSL
Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew
SSH Access
Cron Jobs
Included backups (Nightly)
Courtesy Backups
Backup Upgrade$35.88 /yr
Site Backup & Restore Pro
Upgrade to higher plan
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accounts525
Email aliasesN/AUnlimited
Email Storage100 MBUnlimited
Network Features
Dedicated IP$ 5.99 /mo$ 4.00 /mo
Datacenters in USA22
Datacenters in Europenone1
Datacenters in Asianone1
Green energy
CO2 offset by
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
Domain only

Domain only
Auto-Installer Mojo MarketplaceSoftaculous
Hosting Company
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Advanced b2evo supportN/A
Shared OSLinux 3.10Linux
PHP 7.0 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 (Choose Your Version)
Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2 (switch as you wish)
PERL 5.10
Node.js (no tech support)
MySQL 5.6 5.6
PostgreSQL 9.6


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49 ratings
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Comment from: Member

I have had nothing put problems with Bluehost - the tech service is ill informed and often condescending. They don’t like b2evolution and don’t hesitate to let you know. On shared servers, they don’t support the php extensions that make b2evo more efficient and run faster. A default install of b2evo 6.11.3 could not upload the antispam database. They would not take responsibility for this even though I had 3 other identical versions running on other servers. If you want a headache and to waste your time they are the ones. I said, “adios” yesterday!

Comment from: Lars Visitor


We have used Bluehost for some 10 years and since then Bluehost have tripled the prices for old accounts. I will start looking for a new host asap.
Their tech support has been good over the years, though.

Comment from: Karen R Clark Visitor

Karen R Clark

Some disappointing changes have occurred in Bluehosts customer service, email handling, and pricing. I have been with Bluehost for several years and even have fond memories from a few years back of my pretty much hanging out- via telephone- while their tech support folks fixed an issue. More recently, I discovered that some pretty important business and tax related emails from my web account were not being received, nor recorded. I used their Chat support and got nowhere.
This all caused me to reevaluate what I am actually getting from Bluehost. As it turns out, not much.

Comment from: Don M. Visitor

Don M.

I have used Bluehost for almost 6 years now and never had a problem at all until this renewal period. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why they don’t seem to want to keep existing customers.

They have more than tripled their price for this renewal. The best I could get offered was $10.99/month yet they still advertise $3.49/month for new accounts. Last renewal, I called and they offered me close to but not the exact advertised rate for another 3 years. This time, the person was very rude, basically said the price you see is what you get. They didn’t want to talk about how long I’d been a customer, nor did they seem to care that I was planning to leave because the cost more than tripled.

So… 2 stars from me. Based solely on the cost more than tripling, I’d give them a ZERO, but since the service, support etc from my past 6 years was really good, I gave them 2 stars.

Bye bye Bluehost!

Comment from: Rahul Visitor


Bluehost is good. Though bluehost provides a little less uptime, they are best when it comes to customer supporrt.

Comment from: Anna Visitor


I have been with bluehost for 3 years..and this year (my annual bill is coming up) I realized that the price has gone up considerably. The only reason I give them -1 star is because of the pricing. I would think that if they wanted to keep their customers..they would up the price so much.

Besides this..the help I received was excellent whenever I had questions, they would let you know when your site might be done..because they do maintenance, which is informative. Even though they let me know, my site has never been down personally. I currently have the Shared account with them, which works perfectly for my freelance website I designed myself.

I have enjoyed having my website being hosted by them, however; I think this year I will be looking for a slightly less expensive web host before this month ends.

Nonetheless, I would recommend this web hosting service to anyone who is either starting out or can afford to stay with them every year. It was definitely a good start to host my website with them while it lasted.

Comment from: Nguyen Bui Visitor

Nguyen Bui

Bluehost used to be very good, but not today, they even didnot support me properly. They have many customers and maybe dont care about us anymore, bye bye bluhost for next renewal. Anyone can recommend a well supported hodting for me, please!

Comment from: Marla Visitor


I am finished with Blue Host. Very poor customer service with one person telling me one thing and another person telling me something totally different. When I was over billed at one point by $30, they were completely inflexible about refunding my money. I would never use them again and highly recommend you go somewhere else.

Comment from: Tamer Visitor


Bluehost is really expensive regarding the services they supply. I am going to change my hosting plan to another company and right now looking for a new company.

Comment from: Ahmet Soykan Visitor

Ahmet Soykan

Bluehost is my current hosting company and let me tell you few things to potential customers. First of all the prices will be triple price to your starting fees. Secondly, your website will be frequently down for various reasons (updates, local network problems, hacker attacks etc) The customer service is looking like very interested in your problems but there is no solution to any problem you ask to them even the third party solutions on cpanel.

I am quite unhappy with the services I had in previous and will definitely change it to another hosting company.

Comment from: Dianix Visitor


They are not upfront about their costs… even when you talk to someone in pre-sales!

I wanted to transfer (from iPage) to bluehost and started a chat session to ask everything before I moved everything over. I was told by the person from live chat that they would gladly “help” me to migrate everything from my current webhost to bluehost; I am not a website expert and therefore was glad that they would offer to help me to migrate everything. After I signed up and went through the process, I suddenly saw an option for them to “help” me migrate with a cost of $99!! Why was this not mentioned by the live chat person??? At least tell me that your “help” costs $99 so that I can make an informed decision. Needless to say, I immediately requested my money back!

Comment from: Chris Laird Visitor

Chris Laird

I had a wesite on Blue Host for 4 years but the first time I had a support question I never got anything but a useless email that were obviously pre-canned form letters in reply. After trying to get some help for about two weeks I gave up. I’m done with Blue Host. I was paying more for service that wasn’t there when I needed it.

Comment from: Hamtaro Visitor


Can only say good things about BlueHost customer service. I created a WordPress site for a client and had to contact their customer service throughout the development process and was very impressed. They are very professional, and know their stuff. Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using BlueHost.

Comment from: Henry Anderson Visitor

Henry Anderson

This hosting not good. If they found your site have a good search engine ranking or in top 20 for the keywords from their SEO client they will deactivate or down your server with many reasons like bandwidth excess, mysqyl resources excessive amount, spam scripts and more…I suggest to look for servers and transfer before you encounter this problem…

Comment from: Mike Visitor


My first bill with Bluehost was 69.40. The next one was 107.40. I contacted them via their site, asking for an explanation. It’s been about 30 days and I am still waiting. I hear it is common practice for them to ignore some communications. When my paid period ends, I am definitely moving. If you care about customer service, this is not the company for you. They have great tools but suck at customer service.

Comment from: Mark Smith Visitor

Mark Smith

On 5 Nov 2011 my on line accounts were attacked in an attempt to steal my identity and get into my bank accounts. The hacker first got into my Blue Host account and then used the recover password process to intercept the emails and then hack the next account.

It took 5 hours for Blue Host to lock down this account. During those 5 hours I emailed, used the on-line chat for assistance, sent my ID (credit card and drivers license) 7 times by email and once by fax. I was told “all of the supervisors are busy, it will be several hours before they can help you.” That my account was actively being hacked was made very clear but for 5 hours no one listened. Finally I got the right person on the phone and all was resolved in 5 mins. In total 27 accounts were hacked, all of which were fixed easily once I identified the site. Only Blue Host made this difficult and in fact exaggerated the problem because hacking was on-going while they sat on their hands.

Litigation is pending.

Comment from: Ryan Visitor


I like blue host there quality is service is stellar and there up time has always been good for me.

Comment from: Dennis Azevedo Visitor

Dennis Azevedo

I’ve been using BlueHost for about two years now and have hosted other sites through them as well as my own. I have rarely had to use their customer service but when I did they were very helpful and friendly. I recommend BlueHost to all my contacts.

Comment from: William Schaepe Visitor

William Schaepe

I do web design and development and use Bluehost for my web site and for all of my client’s web sites. They are the best. They have 24/7 support and someone is always there to help you with issues, even at 2AM Sunday morning. They have a lot of great free open-source add ons and offer tremondous price/functionality/performance. I am very happy with their service.

Comment from: Ryan DeGraw Visitor

Ryan DeGraw

A recent chat I had with Bluehost Support:

sbonnell [12:17:22 PM]: Welcome to our real-time sales chat! How can I help you today? Please note that I am chatting with several other customers as well, so my responses may be delayed.

Ryan DeGraw [12:17:22 PM]: If I need more than 100 MySQL Databases what is the price structure like?

sbonnell [12:18:08 PM]: we don’t offer any more than that

[12:18:12 PM]: that’s the limit

Ryan DeGraw [12:18:26 PM]: ok

Comment from: Joshua Giblette Visitor

Joshua Giblette

I’ve been with bluehost since last year and couldn’t be happier. I switched over godaddy and it has been worth it. Even with Bluehost just recently raising their prices..they’re worth it. With everything from fast/reliable tech support to 0 down time. The control panel is wonderful as well, with being able to set up databases with no waiting time and being to install online applications, ie. wordpress or magento, with just a few clicks and need to upload new version they are right at your finger tips in the control panel.

Plain and simple they are #1 in my book, as long as they keep doing what they are doing I will be with them forever. I also refer all of my clients to them as well.

Comment from: Steven Warburton Visitor

Steven Warburton

Wow, about the worse customer service and management practices you will ever find. Although they sell unlimited everything don’t count on getting that without BlueHost’s tech team picking on you. I had about 12 simple cron jobs set and then suddenly they suspended my account saying I was using too many processes. The catch was they out right refused to tell me which process was causing a problem, so I had to shut most of my cron jobs and just guess. Then a few months later they decide to shut all 20 of my websites down leaving me and my businesses dark, my customers screaming, and BlueHost did this with any warning. When I called to inquire WHY they shut me down I was told my sites were using too many processes and that my account was canceled! I got no warning, no explanation or chance to fix the problem, no second chance. I would not recommend BlueHost at all, especially if you are running a business; hobby sites they’re probably OK. Run from this host provider…

Comment from: Tom Visitor


I’ve been with them for a lot of years and they have had a few bumps here and there but I have to agree with them having some of the best tech support out there. In almost all cases a phone call has been promptly answered and the issue gets fixed fast. The one case where they couldn’t fix it fast at least they could explain what was going on and had an idea of when they hoped it would be fixed (there was a driver issue with a new piece of hardware they’d installed and they needed an updated driver so rather than wait they just bought new hardware and ate the cost on the “old” new hardware.) Anyhow I just bought another site with them since they’ve got a deal going on right now which makes them even cheaper than they were at 6.95. You can get hosting now for 3.95 which is amazingly cheap.

Comment from: Rob Visitor


I cannot transfer my italian domain to them. does not recognize their NameServers.
ASked for help or explanation and never responded.

Comment from: Justeem Visitor


This hosting provider seams very worthy. But how to decide and to gowith this one instead of anonher one.
Reviews are all the same. For me, each of hosting provider have their own problems and alll of the big ones and old ones are serious enough to offer good or excellent services.

Comment from: Craig A Visitor

Craig A

Excellent host with great uptime.

But I’ve deducted a star because, as Sean mentioned above, the customer service can be appauling. I host multiple domains too, and asking for help when the automated addon domain tool doesn’t work is a joke.

Submit a ticket, wait a day, get a standard reply that demonstrates that they haven’t actually read your initial problem, reply, wait a day, get a puzzled newbie who refers is to a ‘level 2′ tech, wait a day… etc….

However, what they lack in ticket replying skills they more than make up for in live customer service online chat. My customer service ticket had gone on for 5 days, so I tried the live customer support chat and the problem was fixed in 5 minutes.

So 4 out of 5.

Comment from: b Visitor


I sent a support ticket and its not been answered for more than 1.5 days and counting. It was regarding their Ruby on Rails, which is broken.

They call they provide RoR ruby on rails, but it’s broken.

It’s effecting my business and I was supposed to give the client’s a demo on the application i was developing.

Comment from: Brett Visitor


I have been with BH for three years. The customer support is awesome. I especially like the cpanel with the many freebies that can be found there. For everything you get for the $6.95 a month (requires a full year to be prepaid) you can’t beet them. I’d be surprised to find better.

Comment from: Ed Navis Visitor

Ed Navis

James C and his friends at Bluehost raise the bar on customer service and usability. These people are - without a doubt - the best at what they do. If their competitors did half as well, they could consider themselves fortunate. Bluehost is in a league of its own.

Comment from: Robin Visitor


I don’t normally bother submitting reviews for . . . anything at all, really, but I will for Not only have they been generally excellent, but they’ve solved a couple of very strange database problems I had with an open source bulletin board I’d installed. I’d definitely say they went above and beyond the call and/or above what is generally expected in the web hosting industry, and on more than one occasion . . . in terms of friendliness, patience, general knowledge level, and really and truly providing technical support on products and problems NOT of their creation. Yes, that’s right. They did NOT create the bulletin board, they did NOT cause what went wrong with it, it was NOT their contractual responsibility to give a **** about the fact I was having the problem, but they were willing to spend a significant amount of time with me on the phone fixing it ANYWAY. Shocking, I know. And all this for a profoundly reasonable price.

I do absolutely know from previous experience from previous webhosts that much of the tech support out there should be described as “tech support,” with sarcasm, an eyeroll, and finger quotes. If not significantly stronger language indicating severe disgust. With other webhosts that charged significantly more, it was my experience that IF you could actually manage to get anyone on the phone or find an email address to which you could send a question, you’d get nothing but:

- machine-generated responses having nothing whatsoever to do with your actual problem
- someone chomping at the bit to pass the buck (but only to someone and/or a department of someones you’ll never actually be able to communicate with)
- someone insisting within seconds that their technical support doesn’t cover your issue
- NO . . . RESPONSE . . . EVER . . . (for tech support via email)

(For the LACK of support above, I’m looking at you, Earthlink web hosting and Whatever you do, do NOT go with them. Their websites claim all kinds of 24/7 availability and general competency nonsense, but nonsense is all it is. Offer to give them money, you’ll have all kinds of instantly available help. Attempt to describe a problem, you’ll waste an afternoon or two before concluding there is no one in the entire company willing to even momentarily entertain the idea of helping you. You’ll only be amazed at how little their technical support actually covers. Or amazed if you can find anything it actually might.)

All that was dramatically different with, and they didn’t even leave me on hold that long!

I solemnly swear on my very own eyeballs that I’m not affiliated with in any way. Other than being their customer and hoping lots of other people sign up so their prices stay low and I can continue being a happy customer at my same rate, I have no other motivation posting this. If bluehost has the features you’re looking for in a webhost, I severely doubt you’d be sorry if you went with them. Rather, totally the opposite. Thank you, and goodnight.

Comment from: Synthaetica Visitor


i’ve been online since 1992 and managing domains since 1994. BlueHost is hands-down the best host i have ever had the pleasure of working with. they host 15 of my domains, and i heartily recommend them to anyone needing responsible, reliable hosting with responsive, knowledgeable customer service and technical support personnel. if you’re not hosting with them, i believe you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. you simply can’t beat the price of one meal a month for the level of service they provide.

Comment from: Brian Nelson Visitor

Brian Nelson

I have been with for over 2 years. Fantastic service. To start with the price was competitively low but now they are relaatively lower with more storage, unlimited domains and more bandwidth than you can image. When I stated with Bluehost they gave 10 GB which was 10 times more than my previous host and at half the price with 5 add on domains. Now they have 600 GB with unlimited domains and awesome bandwidth. But the most important thing is the friendly 24/7 service all in English by people who understand. When they can’t answer your question they get the answer from a higher tech level employee. I like their hold system. They tell you how many are ahead of you. The employee never says I have others waiting so we have to hurry. Call me to veryify or link to Bluehost at Brian Nelson 713-467-3025.

Comment from: Ed Wisniewski Visitor

Ed Wisniewski

Have 2 years of experience with Bluehost. No operational problems, good response times. Change from PHP4 to PHP5 required a server change (now hosts both on same server) complete in about 1/2 hour. When I called for this service, got person, no waiting, and change made immediately. :D

Comment from: Tim Straight Visitor

Tim Straight

;D I have had two accounts with Bluehost for almost five years now and have had nothing short of excellent service from them. They always respond to email or telephone requests for service rapidly and expertly. I honestly can find NOTHING negative to say about Bluhost, it’s engineer/techs, or it’s service. They’re ‘Five Star’ all the way!

Comment from: Tony Visitor


Awesome servers, excellent customer service, excellent quality, there is no other better hosting other than bluehost. Highly recommended.

Comment from: James Visitor


I’ve been with BlueHost for about a year and a half now, after several years with another host. Just a few glitches here and there. Responses to requests/questions, etc. have been excellent. Highly recommended.

Comment from: Rim Bahaa El-Dine Visitor

Rim Bahaa El-Dine

Before dealing with BlueHost, I had a domain with a very known web hosting company, and for not to talk too much, BLUEHOST IS THE BEST WEBHOSTING COMPANY, In more than 4 monthes now, I didn’t have a single problem, not to mention that I got my site ready in less than 1 hour after registering, their instant help (IM) are very friendly and helpful, I would like to give them excellent vote but I will be back to give it after 1 year of hosting my web site with them, I really look forward to deal with them for years and years… Thank you so Much BlueHost :)

Comment from: Mark Visitor


I am using Bluehost Services for three months now and I am very satisfied of their services. I don’t say that their servers don’t encounter some technical problems but as soon I called them (and I am not living in US) they always replied giving me the proper solution for the matter.

Comment from: Tim Visitor


I just placed an order and in 5 minutes the NEW domain is in the NetSol’s whois report. Then just for the heck of it I typed in the newly purchased domain as and the BlueHost welcome message showed up. In-effing-credible. I expected to wait for up to a business day, or authorization or whatever, but this is - wow; I wonder how it’s possible that everything is so fast? :| Now let’t see how stable they are. Cheers!

Comment from: Angel Visitor


I have heard many good aspects about blue host, i think this is the best than the other hosting like green host, IPOWERWEB etc.

Comment from: c.hill Visitor


I’ve been with BH since 2002 and I am very happy with their services and products. I recommend BH to friends and clients.

Comment from: KB Visitor


Ive been with BH now for almost three years, got 4 domains (and growing) hosted with them. My sites have had at the very least a 99% UPTIME for that entire period..everytime Ive had a need to call support, they were quicker to pick up than I expected and always helpful. They also have instant Chat/im support on many subjects which can be quite convienent as well. As far as ease of use..the admin cp, is consideribly less complicated than jumping around here and there to get where you wanna be…all controls on one central cp page.
No, they arent perfect, but then, no one is…and its damned hard to beat the price and service of BlueHost.

Comment from: Member


BlueHost’s site hasn’t changed a ounce for years. Ok maybe they have updated the specs…

But anyway, what I like about them: they’re rock solid, and time proven!

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