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12 Month Contract$ 4.95 /mo$ 59.40
24 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 94.80
36 Month Contract$ 2.95 /mo$ 106.20

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Comment from: Lars Visitor


We have used Bluehost for some 10 years and since then Bluehost have tripled the prices for old accounts. I will start looking for a new host asap.
Their tech support has been good over the years, though.

2017-05-25 @ 17:10

Comment from: Don M. Visitor

Don M.

I have used Bluehost for almost 6 years now and never had a problem at all until this renewal period. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why they don’t seem to want to keep existing customers.

They have more than tripled their price for this renewal. The best I could get offered was $10.99/month yet they still advertise $3.49/month for new accounts. Last renewal, I called and they offered me close to but not the exact advertised rate for another 3 years. This time, the person was very rude, basically said the price you see is what you get. They didn’t want to talk about how long I’d been a customer, nor did they seem to care that I was planning to leave because the cost more than tripled.

So… 2 stars from me. Based solely on the cost more than tripling, I’d give them a ZERO, but since the service, support etc from my past 6 years was really good, I gave them 2 stars.

Bye bye Bluehost!

2016-05-06 @ 16:57

Comment from: Anna Visitor


I have been with bluehost for 3 years..and this year (my annual bill is coming up) I realized that the price has gone up considerably. The only reason I give them -1 star is because of the pricing. I would think that if they wanted to keep their customers..they would up the price so much.

Besides this..the help I received was excellent whenever I had questions, they would let you know when your site might be done..because they do maintenance, which is informative. Even though they let me know, my site has never been down personally. I currently have the Shared account with them, which works perfectly for my freelance website I designed myself.

I have enjoyed having my website being hosted by them, however; I think this year I will be looking for a slightly less expensive web host before this month ends.

Nonetheless, I would recommend this web hosting service to anyone who is either starting out or can afford to stay with them every year. It was definitely a good start to host my website with them while it lasted.

2015-03-16 @ 04:00

Comment from: Tamer Visitor


Bluehost is really expensive regarding the services they supply. I am going to change my hosting plan to another company and right now looking for a new company.

2013-09-14 @ 00:50

Comment from: Ahmet Soykan Visitor

Ahmet Soykan

Bluehost is my current hosting company and let me tell you few things to potential customers. First of all the prices will be triple price to your starting fees. Secondly, your website will be frequently down for various reasons (updates, local network problems, hacker attacks etc) The customer service is looking like very interested in your problems but there is no solution to any problem you ask to them even the third party solutions on cpanel.

I am quite unhappy with the services I had in previous and will definitely change it to another hosting company.

2013-09-14 @ 00:45

Comment from: Dianix Visitor


They are not upfront about their costs… even when you talk to someone in pre-sales!

I wanted to transfer (from iPage) to bluehost and started a chat session to ask everything before I moved everything over. I was told by the person from live chat that they would gladly “help” me to migrate everything from my current webhost to bluehost; I am not a website expert and therefore was glad that they would offer to help me to migrate everything. After I signed up and went through the process, I suddenly saw an option for them to “help” me migrate with a cost of $99!! Why was this not mentioned by the live chat person??? At least tell me that your “help” costs $99 so that I can make an informed decision. Needless to say, I immediately requested my money back!

2013-09-11 @ 01:25

Comment from: Hamtaro Visitor


Can only say good things about BlueHost customer service. I created a WordPress site for a client and had to contact their customer service throughout the development process and was very impressed. They are very professional, and know their stuff. Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using BlueHost.

2013-01-13 @ 08:01

Comment from: Dennis Azevedo Visitor

Dennis Azevedo

I’ve been using BlueHost for about two years now and have hosted other sites through them as well as my own. I have rarely had to use their customer service but when I did they were very helpful and friendly. I recommend BlueHost to all my contacts.

2010-04-30 @ 22:19

Comment from: Eric Gooch Visitor

Eric Gooch

I’ve been using BlueHost for years with my site, have never had any issues. When I had questions, they answered them promptly.

2010-03-05 @ 04:31

Comment from: William Schaepe Visitor

William Schaepe

I do web design and development and use Bluehost for my web site and for all of my client’s web sites. They are the best. They have 24/7 support and someone is always there to help you with issues, even at 2AM Sunday morning. They have a lot of great free open-source add ons and offer tremondous price/functionality/performance. I am very happy with their service.

2009-07-25 @ 17:01

Comment from: Frank Galvan Visitor

Frank Galvan

I work for and have accounts on both the company i work for and Blue Hosting, they are great.

2009-07-24 @ 21:54

Comment from: Robert L. Bacon Visitor

Robert L. Bacon

I used Blue Host when setting up my sight and have found their customer service staff to be excellent in both response and competence.

2009-06-10 @ 20:56

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