Tag: "7.1.0"

  • The file /conf/_social.php sets the configuration of social network providers available to b2evo users. Though configuration for some common social network providers is already defined in this file by default, you will still need to supply the API key +… more »
  • After logging in as admin, you’ll notice a subtle change at the top of your browser as a new toolbar appears: the evoBar: Note: This is what you see as admin. Other users may see fewer options or no evoBar at all. See User Group permissions.. In… more »
  • Built-in Feature / Renderer Plugin This "short tag" allows displaying a Content Block within the content of any Item/Post or even another Content Block. It has an alias Short Tag. IMPORTANT: is actually processed by the Include Content Block… more »
  • This form is used to create or edit an Item Tag. more »
  • This panel displays the backup folder and the backups that already exist on the server. more »