• Photoblog

    A Blog used to primarily showcase a collection of photos. A Photoblog will generally use a Skin? optimized for viewing photos. more »
  • Topic

    A Topic in a Forum is the equivalent of a Post in a Blog or more generally an Item in a Collection. A Topic is typically created by User asking a question and awaiting Replies. more »
  • Reply

    A synonym for Comment. In the Blog vocabulary we generally talk about Posts & Comments. In the Forum vocabulary we generally talk about Topics & Replies. more »
  • Comment

    When a Post is published on a Blog, SiteVisitors? as well as SiteUsers? can leave comments on that post (unless the option is turned off). Comments typically appear under the post. more »
  • Skin or evoSkin

    A Skin or evoSkin in b2evolution is what gives its particular look and feel to a Blog or to a Collection of any kind. Some Skins specialize in displaying a Photoblog, a Forum or an Online Manual whereas many Skins are more generic and may work for a wi… more »
  • How to Change the Appearance of my Permalinks

    The default [[Permalink|permalinks]] in b2evolution look something like:<br /> <nowiki>http://www.yoursite.com/blogs/index.php?title=post_title&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&more=1</nowiki> You can change this behavior to something c… more »
  • Blog All

    ‘’The "Blog All" tab was relabeled "List" beginning in version 2.0, and blog aggregation took a new approach that does not involve a Blog All pre-installed page. See List if you are using version 2.0 or higher.'’… more »
  • Desktop Blogging Tools

    An ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is a plugin that implements methods to prevent/fight back at spam. Creating an ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is the same as [[CreatingPlugin|creating a "normal" plugin]]. This pag… more »
  • CVS

    Overview b2evolution is developed in a central CVS? repository at [http://sf.net SourceForge.Net]. This allows users to grab any version of b2evolution they want, including the latest development version. The normal way of obtaining b2evolution is thr… more »
  • Creating an Antispam Plugin

    An ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is a plugin that implements methods to prevent/fight back at spam. Creating an ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is the same as [[CreatingPlugin|creating a "normal" plugin]]. This pag… more »
  • Introducing Stub Files

    ‘’b2evolution version 2.4 - See also files 1.x?‘’ In a nutshell A stub file is used to anchor a particular blog in a particular location of your website. For example, if you want your blog about beer to be located at http://… more »
  • Upgrade Skin from 0.9.2 to 1.8

    If you have a personalized skin that worked well with the 0.9.2 ([http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/evocms/b2evolution-0.9.2-2006-05-22.zip?download Sparkle]) release, this guide will show you what you need to do in order to make your skin work with th… more »
  • Changing title & description in the BackOffice

    Your blog’s title and description can be changed in the BackOffice. To do this, go to Blogs > [Blog Name] > General. On this tab you will find several options you can edit for your blog. Title: The title of your blog is what appears in sear… more »
  • Using a different skin and editing parameters

    Skins allow you to customize the appearance of your blog. You can change your skin in the BackOffice under the Blogs > [Blog Name] > Skin tab. There are two sections in this tab: "Skins for this blog" and "Manage skins." The… more »
  • Editing Widgets

    Widgets are small applications that can be inserted into your blog. You can edit widgets in the BackOffice using the Blogs > [Blog Name] > Widgets tab. The widgets tab lists containers that represent different areas of your blog, such as the head… more »
  • Back-office

    The Back Office, also called the Admin Interface is the part of b2evolution you can access under /admin.php. It can only be accessed by Logged-in Users with appropriate permissions. See: Back-office Reference more »
  • Front Office

    The Front Office is the part of b2evolution that is immediately visible to SiteVisitors? when they arrive on the site. The Front Office typically has a customized look & feel provided through a Skin or evoSkin. Accessing the front office typically… more »
  • Using Plugins

    Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your blog. more »
  • How to set up Google Analytics

    Generate your tracking code snippet The Google Analytics documentation about how to generate your tracking code snippet can be found here: http://support.google.com/analytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1008080 The code snippet will look somethin… more »
  • Timeouts

    This section contains two fields that you can set to change your timeout settings. Reload-page timeout This is where you change the timeout settings in reloading your blog’s pages. You can change both the minutes and the seconds settings but the… more »
  • Styling widgets

    b2evolution has a method to automagically apply styles to each widget you might select for any given container. Your skin needs to use a special class caller in order to get the automagic classes to happen. After that, your style sheet needs to say what… more »
  • Restoring a database backup

    A database backup is typically an SQL file with a name like b2evo_db.sql or b2evo_db.sql.gz. Th .gz at the end means the file is compressed with gzip. If you want to restore such a backup on your existing or a new server, there are several ways: I… more »
  • Moderating the Visibility of Posts & Comments

    Moderators or any User with sufficient permissions will see two moderation buttons at the bottom of each Post or Comment they can moderate that modify visibility. more »
  • About different Collection types

    There are four types of blogs that you can use on a domain that has b2evolution installed on it. more »
  • About Plugins

    One of b2evolution’s design goals was to not require plugins for most common situations, in order to avoid PluginHell?. For example, advanced features such as SEO options and Website Analytics are already integrated into the back office. This is… more »
  • About Customization

    You can control every aspect of your blog’s functionality and appearance through several levels on customization: Backoffice settings Widgets Skins / Themes Skin parameters Plugins Customizing or Developing your own skins We… more »
  • I made a change but my blog is not updated

    By default, b2evolution saves a cached version of all your public blog pages and only refreshed that cache every 10 minutes. This is very handy in case one of your blog posts gets very popular, as it allows you web server to serve the page really quick… more »
  • Anonymous User

    A Site Visitor that is not logged in (yet), either because he has no user account (yet) or because he chose not to log in (yet). more »
  • How to change your Profile Picture

    In addition to being able upload a new profile picture through the Identity tab of your profile located on the main user screen, you can also navigate to the Profile Picture tab, as well. more »
  • Default User Group Settings

    The default permissions for each group can be modified on the User Groups Tab by clicking on the group name. New groups can also be created by clicking on the "Add group" link. more »