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InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

Unlimited Disk Space
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InMotion Hosting

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Comment from: ahmed mokhtar [Visitor]
5 stars
ahmed mokhtar

i’m a member of inmotion hosting , and it’s great quality company and has a great service team

01/05/15 @ 11:50
Comment from: Tricia Simpson [Visitor]  
3 stars
Tricia Simpson

Wow. I too am surprised at the inmotion comments. I cancelled with them effective today. Let me first say. Their technical support is far and beyond excellent with knowledge. However, you can speak greek to me and it will be impressive. Most importantly it was site, needs and user friendly also that was important. By far was the worst experience for me. Instead of walking me through the process, they used the most technical mumbo jumbo that you would need a scholar major with computer technology to understand. Trying to get them to understand the way they spoke they might have as well went to the barn to told instruct their animals to perform the task of setting up a web site. Not a user friendly site at all in my humble opinion. When trying to get a point across it was difficult for them to understand an issue because of this. So while they are there jolly on the spot, for all those who understand the computer lingo I would top rate them. For the common person. Wayyyy too technical.

11/03/14 @ 13:19
Comment from: Akanksha [Visitor]

They provide fantastic customer service round the clock and also the site’s response time is also very fast. Their prices are also very reasonable.All in all it is good.

09/30/14 @ 13:32
Comment from: Derek K. [Visitor]  
Derek K.

When I first moved our website over to InMotion about 18 months ago everything went smoothly… I had been running it on my own servers but didn’t want to hassle with potential power outages, network issues, etc. Since moving it over, I’ve had “massive DOS” attacks (according to InMotion) which made them take down the website until I “fixed” it. How the heck can I fix DOS attacks? Then, yesterday I received an email stating that our website experienced huge “usage” spikes which caused the processor to spike… this from a server that has about 3000 unique visitors a month with about 300,000 page hits (not much download activity), and only serves information. I found that email interesting since they said I would be better served on a VPS or a dedicated server - obviously a much more expensive option.

I told them that I will be taking my business elsewhere if they continue to be “unfriendly” toward small business accounts.

06/03/14 @ 23:35
Comment from: Bill Tierney [Visitor]
4 stars
Bill Tierney

I had some trouble getting my smartphone to set up my email from Inmotionhosting. The service rep replicated my situation with a similar phone at his location, figured out the problem, then got back to me with the solution. Problem solved. I am quite satisfied.

01/10/14 @ 16:14
Comment from: Cristina [Visitor]  
5 stars

FANTASTIC!!! The InMotion assistance was great, I’m really enthusiast about them!
I’m not american so my english is poor, but they’ve helped me with kindness, calm, and great care. Their chat is a useful instrument to receive help 24/7, I’m really surprise by their quickness, in my country it’s not like this, my problem was solved in few minutes by them!
Thank You, five stars are due, even 10!!!

01/10/14 @ 10:34
Comment from: Albert [Visitor]
5 stars

InMotion…using them for my second website . The second one looks as good as the first one I did in January 2011. Their SiteBuilder is very good for the novice or somewhat experienced user. Prices are very good with “up time” as good or better than most of the competition. Support? None better. I always get fast responses without canned answers to my problem. I am never directed to view some video to see if I can figure out my own solutions. Only after they fix my issue will they offer some areas to review. Overall; excellent value with great support.

01/10/14 @ 04:49
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
5 stars

I have been using InMotion Hosting services for over five years now. I have 15 plus domains and have recommended them to many friends and colleagues. In that time I have experienced virtually no downtime (on shared server). Also, their servers are very responsive to well designed and scripted websites.

Every time I use their chat or phone support system, I get an immediate response, a knowledgeable staff member and prompt, concise service. In this technological age with so much national and international outsourcing in the support field, it is very refreshing to get this caliber of service.

I would venture to guess that I have used their support service upwards of twenty times and have never had an issue. Normally its something very simple on my end. Every once in a while, it’s a little more technical and takes a little longer with more steps, but we work cooperatively to resolve the issue.

I can also remember a few times where the support staffers sent me links to information to better my sites functionality and further my education on certain subjects. That is far above par in my book.

So thank you for all the effort you have put into creating a great support program and staff! Keep up the great work.

And to Mr Nisbet: Not everyone is as smart as you appear to be. sometimes we need some help.

01/10/14 @ 03:17
Comment from: Peter Nisbet [Visitor]
Peter Nisbet

I am bit confused with all these great reviews for InMotion. The vast majority are about the company’s great support. If the service is so great, why the need to use support? Either things are going wrong or the package is not sufficiently intuitive, and is difficult to set up - which is it I wonder?

Sometime great reviews like this can have a negative effect, so I am still looking for a good, solid hosting service that is not Hostgator.


09/09/13 @ 12:42
Comment from: Nitin [Visitor]  

Inmotionhosting claim 99.9% uptime on share hosting on sale page, but after buying plan I got 16 times down time in a weak.

When I complaint the issue with website monitor report they said to upgrade VPS for better uptime, their is no uptime guarantee on shared hosting plan.

When you buy shared hosting on inmotion, you will get good service for 3 month, after they will send you a “Server shift” email and transfer to another server where you will have downtime

03/12/13 @ 18:57