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InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer
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$ 3.49/mo
5 stars

InMotion Hosting

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Comment from: Bill Tierney [Visitor]
4 stars
Bill Tierney

I had some trouble getting my smartphone to set up my email from Inmotionhosting. The service rep replicated my situation with a similar phone at his location, figured out the problem, then got back to me with the solution. Problem solved. I am quite satisfied.

01/10/14 @ 16:14
Comment from: Cristina [Visitor]  
5 stars

FANTASTIC!!! The InMotion assistance was great, I’m really enthusiast about them!
I’m not american so my english is poor, but they’ve helped me with kindness, calm, and great care. Their chat is a useful instrument to receive help 24/7, I’m really surprise by their quickness, in my country it’s not like this, my problem was solved in few minutes by them!
Thank You, five stars are due, even 10!!!

01/10/14 @ 10:34
Comment from: Albert [Visitor]
5 stars

InMotion…using them for my second website . The second one looks as good as the first one I did in January 2011. Their SiteBuilder is very good for the novice or somewhat experienced user. Prices are very good with “up time” as good or better than most of the competition. Support? None better. I always get fast responses without canned answers to my problem. I am never directed to view some video to see if I can figure out my own solutions. Only after they fix my issue will they offer some areas to review. Overall; excellent value with great support.

01/10/14 @ 04:49
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
5 stars

I have been using InMotion Hosting services for over five years now. I have 15 plus domains and have recommended them to many friends and colleagues. In that time I have experienced virtually no downtime (on shared server). Also, their servers are very responsive to well designed and scripted websites.

Every time I use their chat or phone support system, I get an immediate response, a knowledgeable staff member and prompt, concise service. In this technological age with so much national and international outsourcing in the support field, it is very refreshing to get this caliber of service.

I would venture to guess that I have used their support service upwards of twenty times and have never had an issue. Normally its something very simple on my end. Every once in a while, it’s a little more technical and takes a little longer with more steps, but we work cooperatively to resolve the issue.

I can also remember a few times where the support staffers sent me links to information to better my sites functionality and further my education on certain subjects. That is far above par in my book.

So thank you for all the effort you have put into creating a great support program and staff! Keep up the great work.

And to Mr Nisbet: Not everyone is as smart as you appear to be. sometimes we need some help.

01/10/14 @ 03:17
Comment from: Peter Nisbet [Visitor]
Peter Nisbet

I am bit confused with all these great reviews for InMotion. The vast majority are about the company’s great support. If the service is so great, why the need to use support? Either things are going wrong or the package is not sufficiently intuitive, and is difficult to set up - which is it I wonder?

Sometime great reviews like this can have a negative effect, so I am still looking for a good, solid hosting service that is not Hostgator.


09/09/13 @ 12:42
Comment from: Nitin [Visitor]  

Inmotionhosting claim 99.9% uptime on share hosting on sale page, but after buying plan I got 16 times down time in a weak.

When I complaint the issue with website monitor report they said to upgrade VPS for better uptime, their is no uptime guarantee on shared hosting plan.

When you buy shared hosting on inmotion, you will get good service for 3 month, after they will send you a “Server shift” email and transfer to another server where you will have downtime

03/12/13 @ 18:57
Comment from: Masudur [Visitor]
5 stars

I am very pleased with the quality of service received from Inmotion,Customer service is excellent. Much appreciated.

12/12/12 @ 18:11
Comment from: Bill Rowland [Visitor]
5 stars
Bill Rowland

My experience has been wonderful, all of the reps have been filled with great customer focus and service. So far I have not had any issues with the move. It was funny, I needed to chat with my old company about the authorization number. I started a chat with my old company and was waiting, had a question from InMotion and started a chat with them. I was done chatting with InMotion before the rep was ready from my old company. Now InMotion has service!! Thank you InMotion.

12/12/12 @ 15:50
Comment from: Alex Campean [Visitor]  
5 stars
Alex Campean

Fast and technically competent support. Resolved issue in less than a minute.

12/09/12 @ 18:04
Comment from: Tony Sorrentino [Visitor]
5 stars
Tony Sorrentino

Good job getting my website back up.

12/09/12 @ 14:37
Comment from: jennifer [Visitor]
5 stars

InMotion Hosting is great! Their support team is quick to respond and they explain things in terms that even a non-techie like me can understand.

12/06/12 @ 01:45
Comment from: Liza [Visitor]
5 stars

InMotion’s technical support is excellent! The techs are friendly, but more importantly, they’re knowledgeable. Good tech support is very difficult to find and InMotion’s support is a large reason that I continue to recommend them. Another bonus is that phone wait time is short.

12/05/12 @ 19:01
Comment from: Matthew [Visitor]
5 stars

I spent a lot of time researching our new hosting service. Ended up selecting InMotion. Currently moving our old site to InMotion and had a few questions for Tech Support. Used the chat option and found the process to be very fast and very efficient. The technicians were very helpful and 100% accurate with their advice. Also, the servers at InMotion are very fast (FTP, mySql, PHP, Web). Very happy so far.

12/03/12 @ 01:28
Comment from: Durga Walker [Visitor]
5 stars
Durga Walker

I’ve been doing business with InMotion Hosting on and off for the last seven years, when my husband and I first started building personal websites and calling constantly for help from Europe. The tech support at this company is superb. Every single person I’ve talked to has been respectful, helpful and excellent. Thanks, guys. You’ve put up with all my inane questions and understood everything I tried to explain. I can’t even imagine using another firm.

12/01/12 @ 03:08
Comment from: Joe Stenhouse [Visitor]
2 stars
Joe Stenhouse

In Motion Hosting’s User Interface is horrible. It’s lacking the most basic of function such as a proper DOMAIN CONTROL. They have admitted to me many times that it is lacking. If I want to request a transfer I have to email them requesting this lol? Even to purchase an SSL you have to EMAIL THEM? It’s ridiculous. They ask you to send an email with your original account password in the email? This is the most basic of NO NO’s in password security and they have been getting away with it for a long time. Why do I use them? I use them because their servers are blazing fast.

11/27/12 @ 06:34
Comment from: Ben Vaughn [Visitor]  
5 stars
Ben Vaughn

I am new to inMotion, so this review is for rather limited exposure to this hosting company.

I am very happy with inMotion as a server. I was primarily looking for a speedier server than what I had previously on a shared hosting service. I am actually encouraged by the fact that they are not the cheapest deal on the block. They also limit the amount of sites you can host in your account, which I view as a plus.

The speed of my Drupal site has been markedly increased here at inMotion.

As for the numerous times I have inquired of the support department, they get a 10, 5 stars and a thumbs up.

Now, I do reserve the right to complain later on if they give me basis to do so. But so far I have no complaint. They are what I had hoped for, and in so being, have actually exceeded my expectations.


09/13/12 @ 22:31
Comment from: Nimmi [Visitor]  
5 stars

Great Tech Support:

I am a developer. I had few questions and some doubts
about cURL.

I contact Technical support using live chat.

An expert call John Paul B came to help me.
Wow! he knows what is he talking about.

He answered to all my questions and explain everything
very clearly.

I was amazed by his knowledge.

Some of my clients use different Hosting services.
I will ask them to change to inmoton.

Thanks John Paul B

09/13/12 @ 19:02
Comment from: Steven Braun [Visitor]
5 stars
Steven Braun

I have a VPS with 50+ sites on it and so having a good tech support is essential. Im not a server guy. I started to get some sites popping on and offline and got a quick, helpful response when I called. I spoke to Yuriy S and he found out quickly that I have 1.4 Million inodes on the server. He fixed it while I was on the phone and the sites all came back.

This is my general experience when calling support for help with Inmotionhosting. I cannot say that about others I have used like FatCow and Dreamhost. I also got the same great service when I was on a shared server.

Keep up the Great work.

09/07/12 @ 22:21
Comment from: Roger Maycock [Visitor]
5 stars
Roger Maycock

Inmotion Hosting has been terrific for our business. Uptime is very high (as one would expect) and customer service has been very cordial and responsive. Their design services division just completed our new website and, again, we are very pleased.

Roger Maycock, MountainCrest Communications

09/07/12 @ 00:16
Comment from: Hardy [Visitor]
5 stars

I found InMotionHosting through a rating firm about four years ago after several bad experiences with other hosting firms’ VPS services. Since then, downtimes have been minimal, and telephone/chat service has been excellent. I run several Drupal sites (6.x and 7.x), and staff have always been patient in resolving server-side issues with modules (such APS support). Recently, Jason Hong helped me find a rapid solution to an .htaccess issue. Saved me a lot of time. Kudos to an excellent staff team!

09/05/12 @ 21:21
Comment from: Maggie Lukowski [Visitor]
5 stars
Maggie Lukowski

I would like to send appreciation to Edward M and Tim E who helped us with questions about purchasing a new domain and information about the additional security coverage. They also sent us information on how to add our new domain to the existing domain and answered questions when we called back on this process and helped us with a few other questions in different areas. I will continue to recommend Inmotion to my friends. Their support staff is easy to talk to, especially considering we are novices; and they made us feel very comfortable.

09/05/12 @ 20:10
Comment from: Gary Silverstein [Visitor]
5 stars
Gary Silverstein

I have been with inmotionhosting for many years and have several of my own domains hosted by them. They have always stepped up to the plate when there have been any questions or problems. They are the best host I have placed a domain on and their uptime has been phenomenal. Tech support has always been top-notch and always willing to help. I am not a professional web-master, but they helped me get started with a WordPress blog hosted on my website, and have helped and coached me through email setup and any questions, and been very attentive at follow-up. I recommend inmotionhosting to anyone wanting to get great hosting for their website!

09/05/12 @ 07:38
Comment from: DJ [Visitor]
5 stars

I had a couple of questions and asked them through their online chat support. NO waiting and I connected up with a real person - NOT some cue. As soon as I asked the questions they were right back at me with the answers - the CORRECT answers! These people take ownership and pride in their work. Job well done people!!

09/05/12 @ 05:59
Comment from: Elisabeth [Visitor]  
5 stars

I am very happy with Inmotionhosting. Their customer service is amazing and they always do their best to help.

For those wondering if they are worth the extra bucks, Absolutely yes! There is nothing like excellent customer support.

09/05/12 @ 05:30
Comment from: Rebecca Burrell [Visitor]
5 stars
Rebecca Burrell

In Motion consistently has the best tech support I’ve ever encountered. With one button click, I was instantly chatting with a friendly, knowledgeable real live person, and two minutes later, I hung up with my problem solved. (Not only that, but it was a third party tool I was trying to install - I’m pretty sure most other companies would’ve told me it wasn’t their problem.)

Very happy customer! Recommend them without a single reservation.

09/05/12 @ 05:13
Comment from: Joe Jobson [Visitor]
3 stars
Joe Jobson

Looks like the reviews were written by the IMotion Staff, Thats a shame, i now have to look else where.

08/25/12 @ 16:36
Comment from: sabah [Visitor]  
3 stars

Reading from the beginning of the reviews it sounds like the company is posting comments to give himself better reviews. Also majority of the reviews are about customer service .. those that sound real are those who are complaining about the company or asking question. I was looking for reviews of the website its self but since there are so many useless reviews I would have to look else where. My the way in most comments people posted about yahoo, and other web hosters, calling them crap or stating that they are no good is not going to sway a college grad.

08/13/12 @ 15:49
Comment from: Claude Malagoli [Visitor]
5 stars
Claude Malagoli

I’ve been with Inmotion hosting for a number of years now.
Their services and Products are second to none.
Everytime I have contacted live customer support, I have been
treated with the best of care and patience. My queries have always
been answered without fail.
I would absolutely recommend Inmotion Hosting for all your
Internet/business related needs. They are the real deal.

07/23/12 @ 06:52
Comment from: LMF [Visitor]
5 stars

We have a dedicated server with InMotion and without question they have the best tech support I have ever experienced from an online organization. They are fast (always) thorough, and pleasant. Outstanding!

07/19/12 @ 17:57
Comment from: John Montgomery [Visitor]
5 stars
John Montgomery

I’ve been very pleased with InMotion Hosting. I’ve had my website with them for 3 years and I"ve never had any problems. The 24/7 suppor team is fantastic. They are very knowledgeable and quick with helping with my requests.

07/19/12 @ 02:27
Comment from: Kamran J [Visitor]
5 stars
Kamran J

When I was online chatting the service department of Inmotion hosting, I was pleasantly surprised by detailed helped I received. Just want to say thank you and keep up the good work.

07/18/12 @ 22:07
Comment from: CrewAtlanta [Visitor]
5 stars

We’ve been with InMotion since May 2010. Kudos to Patrick M., Hsin C., and Mark S. for going above and beyond what we all expect of customer service these days. Collectively, you have all been an invaluable part of my company’s success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

07/18/12 @ 20:55
Comment from: Sunny [Visitor]
5 stars

Zach H. was helpful. Greatly appreciate his help.

07/18/12 @ 19:48
Comment from: Veronica [Visitor]
5 stars

I called this morning to trouble shoot my email acct and I spoke with Zach. He was pleasant and has great customer service skills. Not once did I feel like he was rushing me along just to get me off the phone, he attempted to resolve my issue and even offered to send an email regarding my options to resolve my concern. His attitude towards helping me was more than just another customer calling or its his job to help, he had a genuine concern and he was funny and easy to talk to. It reminded me of an old saying…. “Customer service is not a department, its an attitude”. Fantastic Service!!

07/18/12 @ 19:42
Comment from: James [Visitor]
5 stars

Zach H. and Jason Hong from InMotion provided me top-notch customer service. Thanks guys!

07/18/12 @ 19:26
Comment from: Johann [Visitor]
5 stars

I had recently had to change a service registered on my server. The change was time sensitive and had to occur during a certain timeframe. Contact was kept throughout via email and Inmotions live support chat service. I had some issues to clarify before commencing, which was all explained carefully. As i am at a time difference with Inmotion, being based in another country, we scheduled a server change which was suitable for my local time.

No noticeable interuption of service was experienced on the server, even though a timeframe of upto 24 hours was requested to allow for changes.

I’ve been a customer with inmotion for a number of years and am very satisfied with the service and quick response in their support.

07/15/12 @ 20:28
Comment from: Francie Dillon [Visitor]  
5 stars
Francie Dillon

Thanks to Mark S at InMotion - I was able to get right to the heart of the matter which was, working on my project. I was having difficulty reading the instructions and although I knew I eventually could “do it” I decided to call customer support. My wait time was less then 6 minutes - and Mark was as gracious as could be. He offered to send the written support materials, but when I asked if he’d just be willing to walk me through the process since we were on the phone - without hesitation said “yes".

What Mark didn’t know was that I have a slight neurological disability that makes, sometimes, following written directions difficult. Because of his ready “yes” reply - It relieved me of the frustrating need to explain why I need the additional help.

Every experience I’ve had up to date with Inmotion has been terrific! You might find other hosting sites less expensive - but the customer service has been priceless!!

07/13/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: Oldfella [Visitor]
5 stars

I am a supper dummy when it comes to understanding the innards of computer contraptions and related jargon, but I have an excuse, I am over 90 years young. I had my website with another host, a mistake to be sure. The folks here at InMotion are the friendliest bunch in the net, and are willing to offer just about any assistance needed to get you over the bumps. I have a small website which keeps my brain working, it helps to stay active, keeps you young - we are a friendly bunch, come see us, you hear? - http://www.progunforums.com/

Pete (The Oldfella)

07/13/12 @ 18:57
Comment from: Charles Feilding [Visitor]
5 stars
Charles Feilding

I am a retail customer of yours already so I already knew you guys were good and I finally persuaded my boss to move to your Elite servers. He signed up yesterday and told me I had 2 days to move three servers to one with no interruption of services (he doesn’t write code or understand servers).

Of course there are many changes between servers and your staff were brilliant, going above an beyond the call of duty to get me up and running. I still have a long way to go but I can honetly say without your service guys I could not have got this far.

Now to get him to sign up for 2 more Elites.
I am afraid you will be hearing from me again..

Best regards


07/13/12 @ 18:55
Comment from: JoshuaM [Visitor]
5 stars

We use IMH for our business websites and I must say they are very flexible and reliable. In my previous experience with web hosts, support was not a priority. To me, I like to speak to a human when I have a question. Keep up the good work, and you will continue to get great reviews.

07/13/12 @ 18:51
Comment from: Charles Vogan [Visitor]
5 stars
Charles Vogan

I just signed up with InMotion, put three websites up in a week, and the service has been terrific. Your team is much more knowledgeable and very much faster on its service than the two servers I just left. I’m glad I made this decision; keep up the good work!

07/12/12 @ 02:30
Comment from: Devin DeLapp [Visitor]
5 stars
Devin DeLapp

InMotion Hosting has great customer service! They have made it very easy to migrate from our prior hosting company (DotEasy). I have recommended them to several people and will continue to do so.

07/12/12 @ 00:39
Comment from: k [Visitor]
5 stars

Website hacked!! David was a calm help. He explained some, worked on correcting some, and sent me links to continue making sure this is fixed and doesn’t happen again. Thanks David for the time you spent and for stopping the “panic of the unknown” by giving me some understanding and direction. k

07/07/12 @ 18:29
Comment from: Kelly [Visitor]
5 stars

The tech support I received from Zach was excellent. He was courteous, caring and listened well. He was able to work with me to find a resolution and he followed up with an email.

07/05/12 @ 20:30
Comment from: Bdwords [Visitor]
5 stars

Now I know another reason why I chose inMotion! Awesome, fast service! Thanks y’all.

07/04/12 @ 02:30
Comment from: Susan [Visitor]

I just wanted to say that both John Paul, and Matthew have been very easy to deal with today to help me sort my problems.
They are fast, polite, and got to the heart of the problem instantly.

I do love you guys!

07/03/12 @ 22:12
Comment from: PRS [Visitor]
3 stars

This is a company to avoid if you want to do file exchange with clients via FTP using their server space. Their terms of service stipulate that files must be associated with the website(s) you’re hosting with them. How bizarre. I’m one unhappy customer in search of another hosting company that actually has a reasonable – no, strike that – “normal” policy with respect to FTP file exchange.

06/18/12 @ 04:07
Comment from: John Sasmick [Visitor]
4 stars
John Sasmick

I had a problem with their servers version of MySql. So I submitted a support ticket, and they quickly and happily gave me a quick solution. I definitely would recommend them because of their excellent customer service.

06/13/12 @ 04:15
Comment from: Luise [Visitor]
1 stars

Very disappointed with Inmotion Hosting service; at the beginning everything was going well but for the last 8 month their service has degraded to a crowded low quality hosting. We believe they are overselling and their server can’t cope with the demand. Although we are paying for a business account many times it does not delivered even an average service. Our site is repeatedly down and when you contact support the only thing they tells you is, that the server where you account is hold is experiencing some problem and they are trying to sort it out. Last time our site was down for 13 hours, not good for business, is it? - We are definitely changing hosting company.

05/31/12 @ 13:49
Comment from: Ahmed [Visitor]
5 stars

Inmotinohosting is the best i’ve been with for over a year no problems at all. Great customer support 24/7.inmotionhosting rocks.

05/25/12 @ 01:30
Comment from: John Gordon [Visitor]
1 stars
John Gordon

Really horrendous support when trying to cancel an account. Face it, most webhosts are nearly the same (hostgator, webhostingpad, godaddy, etc. etc.). I’m a professional IT tech and haven’t encountered such a time-wasting customer care dept since trying to help people cancel their AOL accounts in the 1990s.

Phone calls to customer care just started by asking us why we wanted to cancel. Even though we had all the security confirmation info they wouldn’t cancel it on the phone or via chat. They sent an email again asking why we wanted to cancel.

I’ve moved webhosts and registrars for years hither and yon and never encountered such a run around.

Regarding hold times on the phone for tech support, “less than 1 minute” is not true. Every time I called tech support, I was on hold at least 5-10 minutes then transferring and re-explaining took another 3-5 minutes. I had to repeat this several times.

Also, their own control panel interface is really bad, e.g., you can’t turn off Domain Privacy manually, only by canceling the account. The interface pails compared to even the average Control Panel interfaces used by most average or better hosts.

Basically, any average or better webhosting service provides links for self-management, with many hosts (even garbage Yahoo) even including links to get authorization codes for transferring registrars.

One of their customer care agents hung up on us after we complained and I asked to speak with the owner (after all, I own my business and so does my client and InMotionHosting wasted 2 hours of our time, why shouldn’t I waste 5 minutes of his or her time by venting?).

Also, the customer care department isn’t even an option on the phone menu.

05/24/12 @ 20:57

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