Web Hosting Matrix (Data + Advice)

We made this page for our users. We want you to have as much info as possible when choosing a webhost to install b2evolution CMS (and/or possibly other software) to run your website. Some will look for price, some will look for features, some will look for service. We ambition to give you a full 360° view of the hosting landscape below.

On this page, we expand the raw data of our web hosting comparison with our advice. We analyzed all the data we collected in the light of our 15+ years of experience with developing b2evolution CMS, which led us to installing & maintaining numerous personal & business websites on many different webhosts, including the ones below. We have also moved sites from one host to another on a regular basis.

We have set our standards on data collection very high. Due to the extreme depth of the data we research for each webhost and the time it takes to keep this data up to date, we are starting with a comparison of 15 major web hosting companies. We ambition to add more over time. (Bookmark this page! :)

Web hosting offers compared with facts and advice

This table expands the raw table with additional lines which appear on yellow background.

A2 HostingInMotion HostingGreenGeeksHost PapaHostGatorBlueHostKnownHostSiteGroundNameCheap
Hosting Company
Package NameLiteLaunchEcoSiteStarterHatchlingBasicSH-1StartUpStellar Plus
Positives Excellent platform technology
Choice of datacenter
Very transparent website
Backups included
3-month money back guarantee
Eco Friendly
Excellent price if you prefer to pay month-to-month
Can run 2 separate websites on 1 account
Uses green energy
Specific b2evolution support
Weekly off-site backups included
Interesting renewal prices
Backups included
Good price
Reasonable renewal prices
Backups included
Green energy
Choice of data center
Excellent renewal prices
Negatives Automatic daily backups not included (available as upgrade) Ubergeeks will miss a few things (Node.js, SFTP). A few missing features for geeks No SSD drives
No SSH (only on VPS)
No SSD disk
Extra cost for daily backups
No alias domains for your site
No SSD disks
Blocked outgoing pings
Limited storage & email
Bad support of b2evolution
Insufficient disk space Domain Privacy price is absolutely excessive
Insufficient storage
Only one site per account
SSH access is jailed
Limited backups
SSL not really free
Issues with mod_security
SummaryThis plan is downright excellent with one exception: you'll have to rely on manual backups or upgrade to get automated backups. Active b2evolution support.A very well rounded plan for small sites, including business sites. Can be used long term.Overall an excellent plan and with the distinction of being the most eco-friendly. Probably also the best choice if you prefer to pay month-to-month (no contract).This plan includes active b2evolution support and uses green energy. Also interesting for serving the Canadian market (proximity).This plan will suit you if you want to host a single domain website and you don't need privacy on your domain name.This plan may be used if you are using an external email service (e-g Gmail) and don't have too many photos/videos on your site. Quality & features of BlueHost have degraded lately.Not rated yet.Not rated yet.
Register your domain elsewhere.
Not rated yet.
Seems better suited for domains than for hosting.
Check out the offer on the webhost's siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit site
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 2.99$ 4.99$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 2.78$ 2.95$ 3.47$ 3.99$ 2.39
1 Month (Trial) $ 10.99N/A$ 10.95N/A$ 7.66N/A$ 6.71$ 19.99$ 4.88
Monthly for 12 mo $ 6.99$ 6.99$ 4.95$ 5.95$ 5.37$ 4.95$ 6.71$ 3.99$ 2.65
Monthly for 24 mo $ 4.39$ 5.99$ 3.95$ 4.95$ 3.98$ 3.95$ 4.92N/A$ 2.39
Monthly for 36 mo $ 2.99$ 4.99$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 2.80$ 2.95$ 3.47N/AN/A
Renewal Price (1 mo) $ 10.99N/A$ 9.95N/A$ 10.95N/A$ 6.71$ 18.90$ 4.88
Renewal Price (12 mo) $ 8.99$ 8.99$ 9.95$ 9.99$ 8.95$ 8.99$ 6.71$ 47.40$ 4.41
Renewal Price (24 mo) $ 7.99$ 7.99$ 9.95$ 8.99$ 7.95$ 8.49$ 6.71$ 94.80N/A
Renewal Price (36 mo) $ 7.99N/A$ 9.95$ 7.99$ 6.95$ 7.99$ 6.71$ 142.20N/A
Renewal Price Max $ 9.99$ 8.99$ 9.95$ 9.99$ 10.95$ 8.99$ 6.71$ 11.95$ 4.88
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rate now
Money Back
Anytime!90 days30 days30 days45 days30 days30 days30 days30 days
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com $ 14.95 /yrFreeFreeFree$ 12.95 /yrFree$ 13.95 /yr$ 15.95 /yr$ 10.98 /yr
.com Renewal $ 14.95 /yr$ 15.99 /yr$ 13.95 /yr$ 16.99 /yr$ 12.95 /yr$ 15.99 /yr$ 13.95 /yr$ 15.95 /yr$ 12.98 /yr
.com Privacy $ 9.95 /yr$ 12.99 /yr$ 9.95 /yr$ 9.99 /yr$ 14.95 /yr$ 14.88 /yrFree$ 24.00 /yrFree
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited100 GBUnlimited50 GB5 GB10 GBUnlimited
SSD Disk
Sites per Account 12Unlimited21151Unlimited
Alias/Parked Domains 256Unlimited0055UnlimitedUnlimited
Subdomains 525Unlimited25Unlimited25UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max DBs 52Unlimited25Unlimited20UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSL
Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Auto renew

Let's Encrypt

Only 1st year is free
SSH Access
Cron Jobs
Included backups (daily) (Nighlty) Weekly
Off-Site Data Backups
Courtesy Backups
2 daily + 1 weekly retained
30 retained

Twice a week
Backup UpgradeUpgrade to higher plan$19.95 /yr
or upgrade
$2/mo for daily backups$35.88 /yr
Site Backup & Restore Pro
no daily backups available
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accounts25UnlimitedUnlimited100Unlimited5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email aliasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedN/AUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email StorageUnlimitedUnlimited250 MB500 MBUnlimited100 MBUnlimited2 000 MB10 000 MB
Network Features
Dedicated IP$ 4.00 /mo$ 4.00 /mo$ 4.00 /mo$ 4.00 /mo$ 5.99 /moN/A$ 2.00 /mo
Datacenters in USA224122311
Datacenters in Europe1none1nonenonenone121
Datacenters in Asia1nonenonenonenonenonenone1none
Green energy
CO2 offset by Carbonfund.org

U.S. EPA Green Power Partner
(300% offset)

100% renewable Green Tag energy

90% sustainable energy
Water cooled data centers
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
Domain only

full site +
Panel settings / email

full site

full site

1 full site
or 1 full cPanel

Domain only

Full site

Full site

full site
Auto-InstallerSoftaculousSoftaculous Softaculous
& Fantastico

QuickInstall Mojo Marketplace Softaculous Softaculous Softaculous
Hosting Company
Control PanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanel (2FA)
Advanced b2evo supportN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Shared OSLinuxLinuxLinux Secure vFSCloudLinuxLinuxLinux 3.10CloudLinuxLinuxCloudLinux
PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 (Choose Your Version) 7 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 5.6 & 7.0 (Choose your version) 5 & 7 7.0 5.6, 7.1 & 7.2 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 5.2-5.6, 7.0-7.2
Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2 (switch as you wish) 2.4 & 2.7 2.4 & 2.6
PERL 5.10 5.8
Node.js (no tech support)
Ruby 2.3
MySQL 5.6 MariaDB 5.6 5.6 5.6
MariaDB 10
PostgreSQL 9.6 8.4 8.4
Git 2.6