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« We specialize in offering linux and windows web hosting with whm / cpanel and Plesk control panels respectively. Offering the cheapest yet reliable, secure and quality hosting, our plans are targetted for personal, small, medium and large businesses. »


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Comment from: donal Visitor


I am happy to do business with webhost.uk.net My experience has been different than some of the negative reviews here. I have always found their prices to be as good as I can find, the services I received over four years has always been reliable. Whenever I look for a lower price somewhere else, I haven’t found it. And the support team is available 24/7 to answer all my silly questions, and they have always responded positively and resolved my issue. Even though I think some of the questions I ask are stupid, they don’t seem to mind. I recommend the business 100%!

09/06/16 @ 12:46

Comment from: maya Visitor


Excellent Web Hosting provider, using them from more than 5 years service and support as been top class Highly recommended.

26/03/16 @ 10:15

Comment from: Martin Visitor


Don’t bother with this company. They sound cheap but they are total rubbish. Server issues, quotas kept on changing, they lost my payment twice and shut down my account twice.
Their system upgrades are always late and no explanation given.
Their support was supposed to be English but when I had a support staff looking at my website the incoming IP address was from Bangalore. There English names are mostly fake.
Basically a scam.

29/09/15 @ 10:41

Comment from: John Parsons Visitor

John Parsons

Hosting my site is fine but the security problems and poor service are frustrationg as hell. I agree with other comments. The support team has a poor grasp of technical matters (not to mention English). My emails are lost, junked, thrown out as Spam and my site turns up in Spamhouse and MXtoolbox and other sites as dodgy. Extremely difficult to conduct a business. Very cheap but you know what they say. “If you pay peanuts…". My advice is to stay away from the monkeys.

23/12/13 @ 18:07

Comment from: Kerry Visitor


Avoid at all costs.

This company is running a scam they take your money then they implement a firewall that blocks your ip and your visitors ip. When you tell them the problem they say they have fixed the issue but daily the problem remains and they only unblock your ip from the firewall while your visitors remain blocked…

The guy who runs the company has a business registered in India and has employed people from there I suspect who have been instructed to 24/7 “support” but to never actually fix the issue…

This company needs to be reported to trading standards and domain website regulators…

12/10/13 @ 21:39

Comment from: Andy Black Visitor

Andy Black


I host 5 sites with this company and here is my experience…

My websites go down intermittently overnight (at least 3 times per week) and nobody can tell me why, they just say ‘is back up now’.

Clearly not from the UK, as support tickets are responded to by generic English names at 2-3am e.g. Daniel Smith, Nathan Lee. Also, responses are in broken English.

‘Tech Support’ do not seem to know what they are doing and do not understand what I am saying. Explanations never given when a problem occurs, just that ‘Your website is back online’ (Yes, I could have told you that.)

Uptime guarantees are broken every month and my requests for a refund/disount are ignored. My ecommerce store was offline for days when I asked them to add an SSL certificate.

All bad reviews listed here are 100% correct. The worst customer service. Terrible company. Do not approach this company. Avoid like the plague!!

02/10/13 @ 13:07

Comment from: S Cooper Visitor

S Cooper

Stay away from this company! My websites have been unavailable constantly. Recently, all my email accounts hosted with this company also disappeared !!
The worst customer service. Terrible company. Do not approach this company.

24/06/13 @ 19:36

Comment from: Artamon Visitor


We have been a customer of WebHost.uk.net for over 3 years now. Probably the most qualified support team I have encountered in my career. They help us manage our SSL certificates, upgrade modules, and keep our system up to date. They helped me install the latest version of PHP at 4AM GMT Sunday Morning! Our team couldn’t ask for more.

that is why we trust them with our business.

11/05/13 @ 07:49

Comment from: Bryan Visitor


Averaging about 5 serious problems a month, every month. Parts of the webpage not accessible, email authentication issues, extremely long waits for online tech support. It was bad after the initial grace period and has become a lot lot worse since then.

I don’t think the servers can handle the load and the skill level of tech support is dependant on who is in at the time.

It is worth ignoring the names of the tech support people that deal with the problems as they are never the same people … it is just a pool of names they use. I have found this out several times when I have “reminded” them they had just asked for (and received) the same information in email.

Just searching for another site and this time within the UK - going to lose over a years credit and so wished I had not signed up for 2 years.

03/02/13 @ 13:11

Comment from: Dan Visitor


awful!! avoid at all costs..the live chat ‘tech support’ do not have a clue what they are talking about, not do they look at your account and consider previous issues, you have to explain the whole thing again. They are not UK based if they are, none of them are British as their English is very simple and causes lots of misunderstandings. Website was down for over a week recently due to one of their servers crashing! Same problems over and over again, no apologies. Will be moving asap.

10/10/12 @ 13:07

Comment from: Sam Visitor


I have been using WebhostUK LTD for more than 4 years now they are fantastic in support , question are answered fast most of my issues are resolved directly on chat.. I can high recommend them for someone looking for UK Web Hosting.

11/09/12 @ 14:52

Comment from: vxmark Visitor


This the worst host provider I have ever seen. Stay away.
My site continuously kept loosing connection with mysql. 4-8 times a day and would not reconnect until I contacted support to have them restart the mysql service. I have an ecommerce account, so not one of their cheap packages.
There is no telling how many times it went down that I didn’t catch, or how long it was down until I did catch it down. 99% uptime is a joke with this company.
This continued for over 4 weeks. it then took me 2 weeks to find another host and get my site relocated.
I prepaid for a year and doubt I will see a refund so it will become a test host now for other software. thats all it’s good for.
If you want headaches, this is the company for you.

23/08/12 @ 17:27

Comment from: dan Visitor


At first I thought they were great, quick very helpful, but after a couple of years I found them to be, not only useless, and I believe misleading as I don’t think they are UK based, but also they are just plain annoying in their ignorance. They never acknowledge any responsability for issues or even offer simple apologies when things go tits up and repeatadly waste your time failing to correctly answer simple questions. Avoid.

14/07/12 @ 12:33

Comment from: David Casey Visitor

David Casey

As hosting sometimes has its challenges, I have found Webhost great for their customer service and being on hand to help you through any difficulties. Their live chat is excellent as it not only goves you great service but piece of mind too.


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