• Mailing List

    A Mailing List would be a list to which many Users are subscribed and whenever an authorized User posts to the Mailing List, all subscribers would receive the message. b2evolution allows something similar, but doesn’t call it a "Mailing… more »
  • Subscriber

    A Subscriber is a User who has subscribed to any of the following: Update Notifications on a specific Collection Update Notifications on a specific Post a Newsletter an Email Sequence more »
  • Recipient

    An email Recipient is an individual User who will receive an email: as part of an Email Campaign as part of an Email Sequence or because they are subscribed to updates on a Collection or a Post or who will receive any other type of email Notification… more »
  • Email Campaign

    An Email Campaign is one individual email message that is sent to a set of Recipients. This is almost like sending "bulk emails". However, with the "Campaigns" feature, each recipient may (and probably will) receive the email with… more »
  • Email Sequence

    An email sequence is a series of email templates that will be sent out in sequence to a Subscriber of the sequence. The delay between consecutive emails (Steps) in the Sequence can vary (typically a few days). Each Subscriber will receive the emails in… more »
  • Notification

    An email Notification will be sent out when a specific event occurs and a User has subscribed to these particular type of Notification. Notifications can be of different kinds, see: disp = subs. For example notifications are sent out when a User… more »
  • Newsletter Subscription

    A Newsletter Subscription is a particular kind of Subscription that happens when a User has subscribed to a Newsletter. more »
  • Update Subscription

    An Update Subscription is a particular kind of Subscription that happens when a User has subscribed to updates on a Post or a whole Collection. more »
  • Subscription

    A Subscription exists when a Subscriber has subscribed to any of the following: Updates on a Collection Updates on a Post A Newsletter more »
  • Newsletter Issue

    When a User/Subscriber is subscribed to a Newsletter, he will receive all future Issues of this Newsletter. more »
  • Update Notification

    An Update Notification is a type of Notification that will be sent whenever there is a new Post or a new Comment and a User/Subscriber has subscribed to these notifications. Users/Subscribers can manage their subscriptions through their User Profile. more »
  • SMTP

    SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol used to communicate between mail servers on the internet. When b2evolution or PHP wants to send an email to a Recipient, it needs to contact a mail server (preferably directly the destination… more »
  • disp = pwdchange

    This Disp displays a form where the current User can change his password. This Disp also has an equivalent in the Back-Office; see: Password Tab. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin you are using doesn’t completely… more »
  • API

    API means Application Programming Interface. It describes a set of rules that allows 2 pieces of software to work together. In b2evolution, there are several types of APIs: The External APIs / Web Services that allows external and/or remote applications… more »
  • Where do I sign up to get my Blog?

    You typically do not need to signup for anything to use b2evolution. b2evolution is software you can download for free and install on your own web server. See System requirements for more information about web server requirements. If you don’t… more »
  • Do I need to provide my own website design?

    Yes and no, it all depends on your preferences. Yes, if you want to put your own design on your website and no if you?re fine with free and pre-installed evoskins and if you want to download additional skins from the b2evolution Skin Directory. Even… more »
  • About Online Manuals

    b2evolution can manage interactive online manuals just like the one you are looking at right now. Main features: Similar to a Wiki but with added hierarchical structure Unlimited nesting of Chapters & Sub-chapters Easy linking between pag… more »
  • About Plugins

    One of b2evolution’s design goals was to not require plugins for most common situations, in order to avoid PluginHell?. For example, advanced features such as SEO options and Website Analytics are already integrated into the back office. This is… more »
  • Moving to Another Folder

    Moving b2evolution to a different folder on you server is extremely easy. Suppose you were on http://mydomain.com/b2evolution/ and you now want to be on http://mydomain.com/blog/ or even http://mydomain.com/. All you need to do is move your files on the… more »
  • Category

    Synonym for Section or Chapter. All Posts are placed into one or several Categories. A main category is always required. Additional categories are called "Extra categories". Categories can be organized into hierarchies of Sub Categories with… more »
  • Using Grunt

    Grunt is a very powerful command line tool for processing files on your development machine. For example, it can compile a .less file into .css, then concatenate several .css files into a .bundle.css file, then minify (compress) that bundle into a… more »
  • Logging-in on multiple domains

    If you have a Multi Domain Setup, at some point you might want to log-in on several of your domains at once. First you have to remember that if you log in on www.microsoft.com, the cookie that remembers your session there will never be sent to… more »
  • Troubleshooting Cookie Issues

    Short answer: your $baseurl is not configured properly. (Or you are not using the same URL to connect.) more »
  • [file:] Short Tag

    will show an icon to open the attached file having ID 123. This is a built-in feature of b2evolution. to be implemented: Proper placement This tag renders into a link (<a>) and can be placed almost anywhere. more »
  • [audio:] Short Tag

    Built-in feature [audio:123] will insert the attached file having ID 123 by using an audio player, using the first audio player plugin available. When you attach an audio file to a post and then click on the green (+) icon, a tag like [audio:123] will… more »
  • Using Multiple Domains

    Set up your webserver If you are using [http://b2evolution.net/web-hosting/top-quality-best-webhosting.php shared hosting], check that your hosting plan allows multiple domains and set those up as "Domain Aliases". If your are using a [http:… more »
  • Setting up a multidomain test environment

    This man page refers to b2evolution "phoenix" First, when testing a single domain, you should always use localhost and not the IP address of your machine, nor the windows name of your machine. Trust our experience that cookies may act weird on the IP… more »
  • Developer Setup

    ‘’b2evolution version 2.4′’ Desktop blogging clients allow you to post to your blog from a regular Windows or Mac application. That means you don’t have to log in into your admin interface to blog. These clients require t… more »
  • disp = userprefs

    This Disp is used to display an interface where the current User can change his preferences(s). The settings that the user is allowed to change are controlled through User Settings > Profiles. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin… more »
  • disp = profile

    This Disp is used to display a form where the current User can edit the basics of his user profile. The settings that the user is allowed to change are controlled through User Settings > Profiles and User fields. This, of course, only applies as long… more »