Downloading: 6.9.3-stable

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


All the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.


b2evolution now supports facebook videos

In addition to features of 6.9.2-beta:

  • Font-office:
    • Enhanced search results scoring.
    • Removed "User:" field from comment forms for logged-in users.
    • Users will no longer be able to report other users having a user level higher than their own.
  • Back-office:
    • Enhanced details in IP Range Editing.
    • Enhanced User Interface details in various places.
    • Faster display of the system status page.
    • Improved navigation between Front-Office and Manual View.
    • Enhanced performance in Goal Hits filtering.
  • Forum management features:
    • Ability to merge or append a forum topic with/to another.
    • Allow refreshing the "Content last updated" timestamp for posts. Useful after deleting spam, so that old posts (that got spammed) don't appear as new.
  • Plugins:
  • Installer:
    • The installer will now create sample private messages by default in order for new users to more easily see how this feature works.
    • New custom fields predefined for: Soundcloud, Yelp, Paypal, 500px, Amazon, Instagram, Vimeo.
  • Technical stuff:
    • Added browser hints to better handle input field on touch devices.
    • $reserved_logins configuration variable to prevent users from using reserved word such as admin, webmaster, etc.
    • more *.main.php files supported in custom skins.
    • The XHTML validator will now accept data-*="..." tags in post content.
    • Updated the FineUploader script which now has client-side validation of supported file types and file size.
    • Improved WordPress import
  • Bug Fixes.