Downloading: 6.9.2-beta

Also available on GitHub.


In addition to features of 6.9.1-beta:

  • New evobar structure;
  • Added sorting/display options for search results -- see Search Results Panel;
  • Allow to auto-subscribe members to notifications on a collection -- see Subscriptions Panel;
  • Widgets:
  • Plugins:
  • Post Editing:
    • Support for new short tags: [coll:name], [coll:shortname];
    • Support for link tags refering to a custom field: [link:url_field], [link:url_field]title[/link], [link:url_field:.class1.class2]title[/link], [link:url_field:.btn.btn-info]Click me![/link], [parent:link:url_field:.btn.btn-info]Click me![/link]
    • Allow direct access to fields in other posts: [parent:field:field_name] (already existed) extended with: [item:123:field:field_name] and [item:item-slug:field:field_name]
    • Support for Content Block with short tags like: [include:123] or [include:slug].
    • Better error validation on custom fields in post edit form;
  • Back-Office:
    • Tool to resize images that are already uploaded in the media server;
    • Enhanced IP Range management tool allows to delete conflicting ranges when adding larger ranges that superseed smaller ones;
    • Enhanced country list management;
    • Enhanced setting of Font face + Size + Weight in skins;
    • Require user to make an explicit choice as whether to create demo contents or not when he creates a new collection;
    • Enhanced wordpress importer;
    • Attaching non image/video/audio files will automatically position them as "attachment"
  • No more comment form by default on Standalone Pages
  • API
    • Cleanup of the REST API or RESTful API;
    • Ajax/API calls from front office (such a loading the comment form) will now be retried 2 times in case of timeout.
  • System level changes:
    • More https support in various places;
    • Security fixes;
    • Translation updates;
    • I18n optimization by de-duplicating near duplicates in translatable strings;
    • Enhanced mysqli usage;
    • Code refactoring;
  • UI fixes;
  • Bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed numbering of meta-comments in case of nested comments;
    • Fixed Register Form when Page Cache is active;
  • HTML validation fixes;