Downloading: 6.7.0-alpha

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


NOTE: we do NOT recommend that you use production servers with this release. Also for testing, it is recommended to use a fresh install.

If you're running version 5.1.0 or later, feel free to use the Auto-Upgrade Procedure for a quick and automated upgrade.

In any case, all the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.


  • Version 6.7.x requires an .htaccess file with additional rewrite rules compared to version 6.6.x. If you upgrade, make sure you properly deploy the included sample.htaccess file. Otherwise the REST API will not work.


In addition to features of the 6.6.x versions:

  • General features
    • REST API - See also the bundled demo in /rest-api-demo/
    • Quick Polls feature (see Blog B front page for an example)
    • Collection > Features > User Directory tab to configure which columns appear in the User Directory
    • Enhanced meta-comments handling, including in front-office
    • Meta comments & workflow properties are now shown in the front office
  • Back-office
    • Latest meta-comments are now shown on collection dashboard
    • Meta-comments now have their own sub-tab in Collection > Comments
    • Feature to extract tags from post (will recognize existing tags in post text and associate them with the post).
    • Enhanced scheduled tasks management
    • Enhanced feature to elevate comments into posts
    • Ability to create ZIP archives directly in the File Manager.
    • Better support of renderers in comments, private messages and email campaigns
  • Extended Permissions
    • Support for multiple groups per user: one primary group and multiple secondary groups. Secondary groups can be used to give additional access/advanced permissions to some collections.
    • "Members only" collections can no longer receive "Public" nor "Community" contents. The maximum allowed is now "Members".
    • "Private" collections are even more restricted can no longer receive "Members" nor "Review" contents. The maximum allowed is now "Private".
    • Comments are further restricted by the visibility status of their parent post.
    • "Private" posts & comments can now be seen by admins/content moderators as well as the collection owner in addition to the post/comment author/owner.
  • Rendering
  • Widgets
  • Newsletters / Campaigns & Email management
    • Support for Renderers in newsletter composition
    • The demo contents show an example of a newsletter using Markdown
    • The Short Links Plugin easily allows to insert links to articles into a newsletter
    • Emails are being sent in chunks (50 by default) in order not to overload/spam the outgoing SMTP server
    • Allow to grab Returned Emails in a specific IMAP Folder (not necessarily INBOX)
    • New config variable $email_send_simulate_only (use this when working with a DB from a live site on a development machine)
  • UI
    • Ui cleanup in several sections
    • Inlined fields in Forms
    • Enhanced error messages in forms
  • Technical / Behind the scenes
    • Using Grunt Autoprefixer to handle browser compatibility with CSS
    • Cleaned up LESS files.
    • Strengthened upgrade script. Note: If you interrupted a previous upgrade before it completed, you MUST restore a clean backup. Continuing to run with a half upgraded DB is plain DB abuse. If you do this, we don't promise anything. However, the upgrade script now does more attempts than ever before to help you recover if you feed it a previously abused database.