Downloading: 6.6.8-stable

Also available on GitHub.


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If you're running version 5.1.0 or later, feel free to use the Auto-Upgrade Procedure for a quick and automated upgrade.

In any case, all the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.


  • If you have been using previous v6 beta versions, you should delete the boostrap_* skin folders before installing this version. Otherwise you will have old files interfering with the new ones.
  • Many root files are no longer needed in this version and should ideally be deleted from your web server.
  • You should use the provided tool to convert your database to UTF-8. Please check Upgrade to b2evolution version 6.x for instructions.


In addition to features of version 6.6.7-stable:

  • Front-office:
    • Better cropping tool.
    • Enhanced Organization Members widget (better layout, more display and ordering options, don't display non-accepted members...)
    • Performance optimizations, including cases where many collections are aggregated.
    • Added bozo-validator to some front office forms.
  • Back-office:
    • Fix quick upload when no attachments on a post yet.
    • New collection setting to control locale of new posts
    • Removed unused "Large site logo (URL)" in Site settings
    • Enhanced existing test-content creation tools
    • Added new tool to create sample collections.
    • Fixes to sending email though SMTP.
  • Small visual cleanups.
    • Small visual cleanups.
  • Plugins:
    • Extended Youtube plugin to recognize more URLs
    • Better compatibility for twitter plugin
  • Technical:
    • Enhanced Automated Install
    • A few more skin params for skin developers to control skin displays
    • Partial PHP 7 support
    • Allow to load Font Awesome without a CDN
    • Better detection of APC (Cache).
    • Default install now uses better defaultsso as not to fail where .htaccess is not properly supported
  • Many Small Bug fixes.
  • Updated code comments in quite a few places.
  • Updated language packs