Downloading: 6.6.0-stable

Also available on GitHub.


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If you're running version 5.1.0 or later, feel free to use the Auto-Upgrade Procedure for a quick and automated upgrade.

In any case, all the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.


  • If you have been using previous v6 beta versions, you should delete the boostrap_* skin folders before installing this version. Otherwise you will have old files interfering with the new ones.
  • Many root files are no longer needed in this version and should ideally be deleted from your web server.
  • You should use the provided tool to convert your database to UTF-8. Please check Upgrade to b2evolution version 6.x for instructions.


In addition to what's been introduced in 6.5.0-stable:

  • Allow moving widgets to empty containers.
  • Allow redirecting to a specific page after user login.
  • Extended Post Types:
    • Added per-type permission management;
    • Possibility to enable/disable each type for each collection, in order to avoid clutter.
  • Improved User Avatars widget.
  • Skins:
    • Skins API cleanup (no more "fake" fallback .main templates)
    • Improved Bootstrap Gallery skin
    • Added Menu container to Main skin
    • Ability to decide which containers are shown/hidden in case login is required before accessing collection contents
  • Better defaults/sample contents at install.
  • Better profile picture crop tool.
  • UI cleanup.
  • Post edit screen allows to show or hide the quick "Publish!" button.
  • If a default messaging collection is set up, it will automatically be used for private message notification emails.
  • Bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed PHP version compatibility issues.
    • Fixed deleting users.
  • Installer:
    • New automation features in the installer (allows to more easily auto-install b2evolution on hosting platforms)
    • New installs now allow to register by default (many people did not understand why they had to enable this manually)
    • Blog A is now a classic blog and Blog B a more advanced setup.