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InMotion VPS

« InMotion Hosting’s Virtual Private Servers are a great alternative to dedicated servers and perfect for those who need more than what a shared account can offer. They have everything necessary to be a complete separate server, including optional root level access.

ALL Packages include a minimum of: Free SSDs, Free Backups, SSH Access, 4GB RAM, 60GB Storage, 2 TB of Bandwidth, and Free cPanel License »

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Comment from: Tim Auld - Minnesota Web Studio [Visitor]  
Tim Auld - Minnesota Web Studio
5 stars

I have had a VPS with Inmotion Hosting for over 2 years. I recently upgraded to their new VPS model that is built on SSD. I have had a very good experience with Inmotion Hosting. The thing that sets them apart from all the rest is the quality of their tech support. When I need their help I use the online chat and their tech people are incredible responsive and have alway been able to fix whatever issue I come up with very quickly. I, like most people who are doing web development and hosting websites for my clients, am constantly looking around the hosting providers to see what is new, perhaps cheaper, but still provides the level of service that I need. I keep coming back to Inmotion Hosting and will be staying with them.

02/14/15 @ 18:19
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Very happy

09/21/13 @ 17:27
Comment from: Patrick [Visitor]
1 stars

Like Doug, they shut downed my VPS twice because I had some spike in traffic. No notice, no email, nothing.

Since the half 2011, something has changed and they are very weird. I had 3 downtime over 12 hours in 2012.

I really think to change. The only positive thing is their support is 24/24h.

10/05/12 @ 01:19
Comment from: Blazej Cichy [Visitor]
Blazej Cichy
1 stars

Unfortunately, I had a very similar experience to one expressed by Doug. Inmotion suspended my account due to spammers abusing one of my tell-a-friend scripts. When I offered to take the script off the site, they said it was too late and the only solution provided was to upgrade to their VPS service, which is significantly more money that a shared “business” solution. The only alternative was to move my business elsewhere, which I chose to do. Very disappointing, and despite the name they sell their service at, it is NOT a business class solution!

03/09/12 @ 19:29
Comment from: Doug Mewis [Visitor]  
Doug Mewis
1 stars

My experience with inmotion has been poor to fair at best from the get-go. It started out where they set the INODES so low that my files got corrupted and I had to reinstall all my websites at least twice.

On more than one occassion, they billed early and then shut off the server connection before the account was even due. They tend to bill when they please instead of on set dates.

The security is lacking. Inmotion hosting management servers were hacked and all the websites on their servers were recently defaced.

They do not contact you when there is a problem with your account. Instead, they shut your service down and wait for you to contact them. I had this problem with inmotion when I had spammers abusing a forum I had up. Instead of contacting me when resources spiked, they shut my account down.

10/28/11 @ 01:02

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