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b2evolution 4.1.7 (stable) & 5.0.3 (beta) released

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Francois Planque in New releases

We have released two new versions this week-end:

  • Version 4.1.7-stable for those who want to run the latest stable version with maximum security and stability;
  • Version 5.0.3-beta for those who want the latest & greatest features at the expense of maybe a few minor bugs ;)

Download here ยป

Important security upgrade!

We strongly recommend you upgrade to either one of these releases in order to keep your system secure against the latest potential vulnerabilities that have been detected.

Is version 5.0.3-beta stable enough to run on production?

We think it is. We are running it on this site ourselves. It may have a few more bugs than 4.1.7 but nothing major... and it has sooo many new features! It's becoming really hard to roll without it ;)


Comment from: Hypocrite [Visitor]

I get this message when upgrading to 4.1.7:
Version 5.0.3-beta-5-2013-04-28 is available for download. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade.

Isn’t this an unnecessary notification if 4.1.7 is still stable?

04/29/13 @ 08:15
Comment from: Francois Planque [Member]

Sorry, that notification was wrong, it should be fixed by now.

4.1.7 is the latest stable version indeed.

04/29/13 @ 15:37
Comment from: Francois Planque [Member]

You can check out v 4.1.7 as well as the working notification on http://demo.b2evolution.net/

04/30/13 @ 02:05