• Global Site Settings

    Site Code This will be displayed in the back office breadcrumbs and can help you identify which site you're working on if you have several sites to maintain. Max length = 20. Prefilled with $instance_name by default. Site color Hex color code. Used for… more »
  • Image / Attachment Positions

    When images or other files are attached to a post, they can be assigned to different positions: Positions Reference Teaser The image will be displayed before the Teaser of the post. Clicking on the image will zoom it. Teaser-Permalink The image will be… more »
  • [pagebreak] Short Tag

    This tag allows to have multi-page posts. This used to be really popular in the days when CPM ad banners were cluttering the pages and site editors wanted to generate as many page views as possible. More recently, splitting article over multiple pages… more »