LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is a protocol typically used for accessing an existing user database, stored in an LDAP server. This is useful when b2evolution is used in an enterprise where hundreds/thousands of user accounts…

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LDAP Integration (Category)
In order to test LDAP functionality you may use the LDAP Directory Server from the Apache Directory Project. Note: the Apache Directory Server currently doesn’t install properly on Mac OS X El Capitan. Installing the Server You may download the…

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More than a blog, more than a CMS, more than a Forum... b2evolution is a Content + Community Management System.

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Using b2evolution on an intranet isn’t much different from a regular internet installation. However, in some cases there might be specifics, which we will list below. During Setup The installer screen has a checkbox for intranet installs. Make…

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Below is the list of all plugin Hooks as of b2evolution 6.7.8. For more information about each method, look at the source code: in the "test plugin" class (greatly enhanced in v6.7.8) in the Plugin class itself. Plugin information (settings,…

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