Downloading: 6.7.5-stable

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


All the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.


  • Version 6.7.x requires an .htaccess file with additional rewrite rules compared to version 6.6.x. If you upgrade, make sure you properly deploy the included sample.htaccess file. Otherwise the REST API will not work.
  • Enhanced user admin screen



In addition to features of 6.7.4-stable:

  • Changes visible to front-office users:
    • Removed built-in Flash audio player. Audio file playback is now supported by Video/Audio player plugins.
    • b2evolution will now automatically change the status of all posts & comments which have a visibility status that exceeds the access permission of their main collection.
    • Improvements to the Forums skin, including Responsive display and Workflow display modes.
    • Cleaned up "Close my account" screen.
  • Widgets & Plugins:
    • HTML5 MediaelementJS Plugin can now handle audio files (instead of previous Flash audio player). Also applies to podcasts.
    • Universal Item List widget will now display a "read more" link even if an Excerpt is displayed (not just if a Teaser is displayed).
    • Better default styles for the "About Author" widget.
  • Back-Office Settings:
  • Technical / behind the scenes:
    • Display speed improvements.
    • Added thumbprints to CSS & JS files used by skins & plugins. This way, updating a skin or a plugin should not require users to force reload of cached CSS & JS files.
    • Inform when login hashing was unsuccessful.
    • Enhanced compatibility with PHP 7.0.8.
    • Exclude _cache folder from backups by default.
    • Simplified $cookie_session config variable, because it didn't solve any problem to make it so complicated. Limitations are explained here: Logging-in on multiple domains
    • Simplified advanced.php config file a little bit.
    • Support for video podcasts.
    • Bug fixes.