Downloading: 5.0.7-stable

Non-exhaustive list of changes since version 5.0.6

  • Added database maintenance tools to:
    • Remove orphan file roots.
    • Recreate autogenerated excerpts.
  • Disabled smart view counting by default because it’s a performance hog.
  • Added "Agent Name" column to the hit log.
  • Fixed star rating for anonymous users.
  • Fixed search referrer counting.
  • Instrumented code for APM with New Relic.
  • Fixed detection of iPad to display a tablet skin vs a mobile skin.
  • Enhanced WordPress XML importer.
  • Embedded email logs now obfuscate sensitive contents (password reset links, unsubscribe keys, etc.)
  • Fixed "cat=" filters with minus signs for excluding cats.
  • Strengthened code resize pictures right after upload.
  • Cleaned up the Touch skin.
  • Support for videos in the Photos skin.
  • Enhanced Category List Widget.
  • Fixed escaping in RSS feeds.
  • Fixed escaping in auto-generated excerpts.
  • Improved the way Post/Item filters are displayed when multiple search filters are applied.
  • Security enhancements.
  • Small fixes.