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b2evolution 5.0.2 (alpha) released

Posted on March 15, 2013 by Francois Planque in New releases

b2evolution version 5-0-2 alpha has been released.

Download here »

Why another alpha release?

Well, because quite a few people are running 5.0 on productions servers now, and we wanted to give everyone an updated version that is as stable and as efficient as possible.

If it is production grade software, why keep it an alpha then?

Well, because with a stable release people expect long term support (like we do for version 4.1 for example). In this case we will ask everyone who uses the current version to upgrade to the next release as soon as it comes out for continued support.

Even with a beta, people have some expectations about stable specs and documentations which we cannot provide quite yet. For example we are still working heavily on the skinning specs for version 5 and skins developped for the current alpha releases may very well need to be adapted before they can run on the final release.

We are still not done with a list of features but we are making some progress on that too. We expect to update the related page in the new manual soon. In the meantime you can get a preview of the feature list here: http://www.stateoftheevolution.com/new-features-b2evolution-v5 ...


Comment from: Francois Planque [Member]

Feature list is not final yet but you can get a preview here: http://www.stateoftheevolution.com/new-features-b2evolution-v5

04/20/13 @ 03:24
Comment from: Michael Loeffler [Member]

I’ve started a new blog with 5.0.3 and have some questions or perhaps bug-reports.
Where is the best place to put them in?

Here, in the forum, or somewhere else?

(Problem with inline image in the ‘more’ area, language mixup error message in the email section).

BR Michael

06/10/13 @ 15:14
Comment from: Francois Planque [Member]

All technical issues should be discussed in the forums.

06/10/13 @ 16:09