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b2evolution 4.1.5 (stable) released

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Francois Planque in New releases

b2evolution version 4.1.5-stable has been released.

Download here »

This is a maintenance upgrade recommended for all users in order to get best stability for their web site.

On the download page, you will also find a file containing only changed files since version 4.1.4. This may make upgrade easier if you are currently running a customized version of v 4.1.4.

Note: there was a bug in the upgrade script that has been fixed in the 4.1.5b release. If you already have installed version 4.1.5, there is no need to get the "b" release.

Changes include:

  • Use UTF-8 as internal b2evolution charset in PHP 5.4.
  • Added a little entropy to throw off spambots.
  • Added demo of the Sidebar Links widget to Blog B.
  • Fixed: Properly extract keywords from Google Image searches.
  • Fixed: An error occurred on cache invalidation if the system doesn't have blogs.
  • Fixed: An error occurred on saving skin settings if there were empty containers.
  • Fixed: Tags from pages, podcasts and intro posts will not show in Tag Cloud widget.
  • Fixed: Display of line numbers in Code highlight plugin.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


Comment from: sam [Visitor]  

Bonjour, Compliments pour ce blog superbe.
J’ai interdit les commentaires sur mon blog, et quand je suis loggé, que je clique sur ‘Commentaires’, ca m’indique bien que je peux pas laisser de commentaires.
Mais si je me delogge et que je rafraichis la page, tous les posts apparaissent avec une zone en dessous pour laisser un commentaire, indiquant qu’il faut etre loggé pour laisser un commentaire.
Cette zone ne devrait pas être visible lorsque le blog est configuré pour ne pas laisser de commentaire.
Est ce un bug? Ou est ce que c’est une subtilité de configuration que je n’ai pas vu ?

07/28/12 @ 17:24
Comment from: Keith [Visitor]

Hm. I’m getting a notice that dummy_fields isn’t defined. When I try to upgrade the database (/blogs/install/), I get the following error:
MySQL error!

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘), (2, “last_invalidation_timestamp", ), (3, “last_invalidation_timestamp", )’ at line 1(Errno=1064)

Your query: Invalidate blogs’s page caches

REPLACE INTO evo_coll_settings ( cset_coll_ID, cset_name, cset_value )

VALUES (1, “last_invalidation_timestamp", ), (2, “last_invalidation_timestamp", ), (3, “last_invalidation_timestamp", )

07/30/12 @ 23:48
Comment from: Francois Planque [Member]

@Sam Vous avez probablement une ancienne page dans le cache de pages de b2. Ca expire en 20 minutes maxi.

@Keith we’ll check. What version are you running. Does your install ZIP file say “4.1.5b” with a “b"?

08/01/12 @ 15:21