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b2evolution 4.1.4 (stable) released

Posted on April 6, 2012 by Francois Planque in New releases

b2evolution version 4.1.4-stable has been released.

Download here »

This upgrade is recommended for all users.

On the download page, you will also find a file containing only changed files since version 4.1.3. This may make upgrade easier if you are currently running a customized version of v 4.1.3.

Changes include:

  • Now supports PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed: Allow HD YouTube video code in Videoplug plugin.
  • Fixed: Properly quote complex jQuery selectors.
  • Fixed: Do not allow user session timeout values lower than $crumb_expires.
  • Fixed: Demo mode restrictions.
  • Fixed: Remove SQL and JS injection opportunities.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


Comment from: Daniel Hahler [Visitor]
Daniel Hahler

Here is the diff to the last version:


04/09/12 @ 18:46
Comment from: Rune Hellem [Visitor]
Rune Hellem

Upgraded from 4.1.2 to 4.1.4 in less than 10 minutes. Rock solid as always! Thanks for all the good work!

04/17/12 @ 20:09
Comment from: bruno [Visitor]

Impossible d’installer la dernière version sous php 5.4.3 et wamp dernière version httpd 2.4.2 (64 bits)

06/28/12 @ 18:46